Fall in love with yourself, just as you are, in your most natural state

We all have that moment in life; the moment where you spiritually wake up and find your inner purpose. That “ah ha!” moment occurred to Debra Silverman when she was 20 years old and visited an astrologer who changed her life. It was this moment that changed the course of her life which is why she is thrilled to share this practice with you. This is not your average spiritual experience. Whether or not you have been to psychics or other seers in the past, an astrology reading by Debra Silverman will change your life.

What Are Astrological Readings?

Astrological readings are simple. Your path has already been laid out in the stars, and it’s up to skilled astrologists, like Debra Silverman, to decode the messages so that you can find clarity in life. Debra starts with a basic personality assessment based on birthdate, time, and place. This helps her better understand personality issues, relationship patterns, and overall, the answer to your heart’s question: what is my purpose in life?

Different Ways To Seek Guidance Through Astrological Readings

This is the best way to connect with Debra for your preferred time of either 30 or 45 minute sessions. Instead of countless meetings with vague results, Debra only needs one or two sessions to transform your life and awaken your senses. She listens to everything you have to say, and responds with the direct, specific truths about your path.

Ever wondered how the stars play a role within your relationship? Maybe you have heard that certain horoscope signs pair better with others and vice versa. Contact Debra, and let her match your birth charts and see how the planetary energies could help calm your relationship woes.

In times of deep spiritual uncertainty, the 4E process can be both magnetic and transformational with a sacred ritual space is created using the four elements to give you perspective. This is highly recommended for those looking for a spiritual teacher to provide astrological mentorship and insight. 

Why Choose Astrological Readings as a Path of Discovery?

It’s important to understand that the results of astrological readings are rooted in science—since it’s based on dates, times, and places of actual planetary phases—but resonate on a spiritual level. Everything in the reading is based on your birth date, time, and location in the world. You should prepare this information beforehand for more accurate results.

Some of the truth’s Debra will reveal may be hard to hear, but they will set you free should you choose to listen to them. She has been studying this cosmic mystery for almost 40 years, and looks to find quirks that make you, you. With her help decoding your personal astrological journey, you can better understand your relationship cycles, addiction tendencies, problems with money, or uncovering your inner purpose. After hearing what she has to say, the next step to setting yourself free is yours to make.

Don’t Wait for Spiritual Awakening and Guidance

No one is like Debra. She understands that you are special and deserving of every bit of happiness. Contact Debra Silverman today to find more meaning in your life. Book a reading. Attend a course. Be transformed.

 All it takes is one phone call to transform your life.