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Full Moon in Capricorn, Sun in Cancer

What a perfect dancing partner. Cancer is soft and considerate, always paying attention to what you want, and then the Capricorn shows up as a Full Moon personality, the one who gets shit done, whatever it takes. These are both Cardinal signs, meaning they cannot sit idle or not do what they say they will. Softly (Cancer) will get the job done (Capricorn).

I need your help to understand: is it an age thing that I notice more and more people changing their minds and remaining noncommittal? Saying one thing and then poof, they change? Or not following through as I would have expected? I don’t want to talk about millennials or any generation as if they are “bad.” I am an Astrologer and my job is to love all the flavors. But is it an age thing? Or are we all getting a bit lazy with taking the high road of human nature?

Starting something and then not. Studying and then stopping right when it gets boring, off to the next topic. SO not the behavior of this Full Moon. Capricorn does not tolerate “sort of.” And not sure if you knew, but Pluto has returned back to Capricorn for its last visit in our lifetimes.

Pluto is a collective indicator of the kind of change that affects us all. Pluto carries a strong energy and has zero tolerance for mediocrity. The last 15 years Pluto screamed at the government in front of us: stop faking it. Show up. The screaming worked: so much of our faith has leaked out over the last decade, the US government cannot say that they, or any government, has our vote of confidence. You would think by now we’d know what is true or untrue about conspiracy theories but there is this profound question about who’s in charge.

If a baby were born under this Full Moon they would have two planets in Capricorn, one at the very last degree suggesting a maturity of Capricorn the leader – a Full Moon in Capricorn brings easy access to an assertive nature.

Capricorn and Cancer are both the ones who exemplify what matters most. And that includes: friendship, loyal devotion to each other, a bonded family, and a sense of safety and security.

I have friends who have been with me since I was very young. You only need one or two people in your world that you can truly trust. A personality type that is trustworthy, well, until they get bitten too many times or have enough drama to discolor their faith in human nature.

I am familiar with this one because my dad had this upside down – he was a Capricorn with a Full Moon in Cancer. Lucky me, I had the blessing of being role modeled deep loyalty and devotion. So from my ancestors (something this Full Moon energy just loves) I carry that flavor. If I give you my word – you got it. If we break up, it doesn’t matter: I will not stop loving you.

Can I ask you which side of the tale are you on? Do you use your word as gold, so that every transaction you do with your words means you will be honorable – or do you slip, are your words more likely to come and then go? Do you change so easily? Have you given up on the old fashioned values that I am describing?

For the first time in over 240 years, Pluto will be staying in Aquarius for its almost 20-year stay in a sign. During this time, we will change old-fashioned notions of reality.

I want you to know: you can count on me and my team, and my school. We are the real thing. We do Cancer – take care of our students, and we do Capricorn – expect their commitment to give their best. Come study with us.

Simple Astrology brought to you by a 6-week program that is solid, real and trustworthy. If you have been flirting with the thought of studying YOU…this Full Moon wants you to dance with YOU and get a solid commitment from you.

Come get to know yourself deeply, thoroughly – so this Full Moon in Capricorn you can say, “I did it! A full commitment.” Jump in. Class will start the week of Sept 10th…there is time to save, to prepare.

In the meantime enjoy this Full Moon of serious fulfillment to your purpose and your word. And let me know on which side of the story you land.


  • bluebellcottontail@gmail.com' Sarah says:

    Thank you for this

    I’m a Gemini with my moon sign in Capricorn

    I really feel and get what you’re describing as I’m often in conflict however when something really needs to be sorted out I’m there with bells with ferocity & great passion, the depth of which is often led by the thought of something unjust or unfair happening to someone and I feel I want to support

    But if it’s just for me sometimes I flag and lack the energy and motivation xx

    Thank you 🙏🏻

  • shani.seaflower@gmail.com' shani says:

    Thank you, I am a Cappy with Aquarius rising & I am feeling this big shift as well as the smaller one right now. Would love to study with you 🙂

  • bb.4MyFuture@gmail.com' Robert Brown says:

    I like the way you’re right, and your words they flow like water down a stream. You stand in nature and watch the world flow by within him.
    I have my Taurus, with an aquarius Moon and Rising sign. a Scorpio mid Haven. My father was Aquarius, but I’m a Taurus born in a Scorpio world as my mother, my grandmother, and both ex-wives were Scorpios. My first wife was an arranged marriage with her grandmother to get her out of her father’s house. She was a year and a half younger than me born on the 6th, she set me up with my second wife a year and a half older than me born on the 8th. And I’m a Taurus on the 7th. My second wife never lives of complete being 32 years old. So this time she took me back to Ohio and told me I had to go there to meet the person that would take me where I did not want to go. She did not want to be with me again when she died because she knows what that does to me. She was probably the most psychic woman I’ve ever known.
    I thank you for all your inspiration in living…

  • bjdurham@icloud.com' Barbara DurhM says:

    Cancer with lunar aries and Aquarius rising. I’m enrolled with study you. Not consistent on daily study but committed to myself and the course. A little all over the place for me until I understand the correct structure to follow. I truly am ready for a new chapter and finding exactly what I’m to be doing. Now. I’m so lost and confused and so not aligned for my calling/ career and true self. Help !

  • maureenjohnsonesl@gmail.com' Maureen says:

    I’m a Taurus sun, MC, Taurus, NN, Taurus and a moon solidly in Aquarius. These past few years have sometimes left me feeling as I imagine a shape shifter would. I am this, I am that. I’ve felt so much conflict between solid, sturdy, serving and wanting to just get up and let go in the name of freedom! What I’ve learned, thanks to Debra and all her fabulous astrologers is this; astrology is truth and if you study it an commit to learning what it means to you, you begin to embrace the truth of you in all your glory, pain and divinity. There is an elemental wisdom worth discovering and embracing while we occupy this planet my friends. Go for it, your soul will thank you.

  • msdizie@gmail.com' Kit says:

    I’ll bite: it’s not necessarily an “age thing” in the terms that you are framing it in. It’s more so a collective thing based on experience that has no age attached to it. Astrology in my mind has always lent itself to the ‘concrete’ and not so much the abstract even though it’s there. It doesn’t take into account the current situation of the world, past situations, nurturing, and how exactly that can impact a person and their priorities. The younger generation below yours (which I’m a part of the younger) has had their Sympathetic Nervous System hammered since birth. All we hear from those older than us is we are lazy and slackers (gee sounds like the same lens used to frame Gen X and Boomers years ago) when in reality we seriously need to catch our breath.
    The flip side of this constant fight or flight state we are forced to live in is we are the ones who have put the breaks on saying enough is enough. We understand what “putting on your oxygen mask first” really means at it’s core. We must make ourselves a priority as we can’t do for others if we don’t take care of ourselves first. How can one give if their cup is empty? Why can’t “taking the high road of human nature” mean to put on your mask first? Why must we make commitments to others or the world as a whole when we are emotionally and mentally drained? Does the world and people in general seriously not want us at our best? This isn’t being selfish or lazy or not taking the high road, but instead it’s an adjustment in priorities that is counter to the way pervious generations have lived.

    I encourage you to change the lens of commitment vs noncommittal, for the world of today is vastly different than the world of yesterday.

    • Debra Silverman says:

      Thank you for your response. You just introduced many other topics to the discussion that would be valuable to explore in future posts. Does Astrology take into account the world’s past and present history, for example, it’s a fascinating question. The short answer is yes, it does. I appreciate you sharing your generational perspective and giving me many great ideas for future topics to continue the conversation.

  • BrendaKorhn@gmail.com' Brenda Baker Korhn says:

    Thank you for describing this Capricorn, cancer combination. I am a Capricorn and my husband of 56 years a cancer. We had a life together just as you described! My identical twin sister is 9 minutes older, married a Libra. They argue constantly and she is so different than I am in some ways. The only thing I could find so far, is our ascendant is Gemini with hers on a Taurus cusp and mine is on the Cancer cusp. Have you ever done charts on identical twins?

  • Kareyshoward@yahoo.com' Karey says:

    I’m curious why you’re presenting being noncommittal as being, maybe, irresponsible? I’m not sure that’s what you mean, I may be way off base but that’s how I’m perceiving what you’re saying.

    Perhaps it isn’t so much about people being noncommittal as being more willing, or more interested in, trying different things. And then recognizing when something just isn’t feeling right, and feeling comfortable admitting this to themselves and moving on to something else? Perhaps people are just becoming less afraid to “seek” and about their efforts to find those certain things that like them up? Perhaps people aren’t feeling so pushed to “become” a specific “someone”, just to please, others, or fit into a societal pattern? Perhaps people are becoming more comfortable being true to themselves? And if any of these may be true, is it all just part of our growing and learning curve? I’m not saying any of this is true, I’m just feeling that there may be more to this than meets the eye.

    • Debra Silverman says:

      Thank you so much for presenting these valid points. That was exactly the purpose of my question; to hear your different thoughts and points of view. Cancer/Capricorn are two signs described by endurance through time, so a Full Moon in Capricorn (during Cancer season) bears questions about our ability to commit and persist. I appreciate you adding this valuable perspective to the conversation.

  • elizabethjanesavage@gmail.com' Elizabeth Savage says:

    As always, thanks your beautiful writing Deb, and yes I agree about the non committal stuff.. especially with the younger ones.. I have toyed with commitment most of my life when it comes to doing what really matters to me.. am not wasting any more precious time and I’m now putting in the work and chasing down my goals, compelled to succeed in balancing my home life with my work life then putting myself out there to be in service of others, through the magic & wisdom of Astrology 💫 I am 100% committed.. I used to get ‘bored’ with slow processes, I’ve now learned the value in steady and consistent practise.. keeping my head in the stars with my feet firmly grounded in the Earth.. Sun in Gemini, Moon in Capricorn with Taurus Ascendant plus Venus/Mercury in Cancer 🌀🌿🌬️

  • montanadez@hotmail.com' Desire Driskill says:

    I have noticed the same energy. I think you and me grew up in a completely different matrix. Most raised ourselves and some had grandparents that taught us right from wrong. We are evolving and kicking away the past way to be. It takes some growing pains and I also think it confuses us. What direction should we go, should we put our energy into this or that. The world is so crazy and we have access to it all, the true suffering, the true humanity and through us, not media, we see the kindness of cultures we were taught had none. I think its that WE don’t know who to trust, that’s the hesitation. Anyways, I love you and trust you through my gift of discernment! You’re the real deal! My dad would have loved you!

  • Rebecca.schenck@hotmail.com' Bec says:

    Oh man I am REALLY feeling the lack of commitment, responding to texts in a timely manner etc etc…. I am 40 and this is from people my age all the way down to about 20… what is going on? I’ve never experienced this to such a degree in my life! So frustrating!
    Makes me feel devalued 🙁 especially when you’re later in the presence of the same person and they regularly check their phone *hurrumoh-snort emoji*

  • kate@songtogaia.com' Kate Culver says:

    This is my Full Moon. I was born when the Cancer Sun was visited by the Capricorn Moon.
    It’s still weeks until my birthday, but each year THIS is the sky I seek, the ritual of another year.
    Only this time around Pluto is opposite my natal Sun (It was exact in Jan and will be again 7/28 for 6 weeks and lastly in Nov) doing his final goose. What a ride!
    So this Moon is extra special as the imaginal cells finish up their work.
    I thank the stars every day. Thank you Thank you Thank you

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