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Spring is all about renewal, so why not make it a time to learn something new? Astrologer Debra Silverman is always on the move and this season is no different, but you can always find her online where she’s enlightening students about everything from the missing element to free will, to the New Moon in Taurus, ready to guide you in your spring awakening.

Plus, Debra has a posse of professionals who offer astrological wisdom via radio shows and even one-on-one readings. From now through May and beyond, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take part in astrological events and interviews.

Where in the World is Debra Silverman?

No matter what time zone Debra Silverman is in, her head is in the planets – and in the stars. In mid-March, she published a newsletter about the new Moon in Pisces and held a webinar about the missing element that focused on the weird, unlovable parts of you that are doorways to growing.

Wait…do you know about her Pinterest boards, her Facebook posts, her Instagram stories and her YouTube videos? Or what about her Twitter feed or all of the places she’s a guest from podcasts to interviews to seminars and more?

Here’s how you can get the most of her amazing communities:

    • Pinterest: She has over 700 pins categorized by the signs of the Zodiac, of course, but also by elements and inspiring boards like Moon Rocks and Cosmic Playground.
    • Facebook: Join the 62,000+ people following along with Debra’s wisdom, instant poems, pictures of her travels and authentic interactions as well as inspired posts and honest answers. There are special groups organized for students in her Applied Astrology course as well as those in the Star Community and you get instant access to a powerful and loving community of astrology practitioners, coaches and friends.
    • Instagram: This is a moment-by-moment peek into the life of Debra…where she is, what her thoughts are, what she cares about, how she relates. Gorgeous imagery…thoughtful insights. What’s not to love?
    • YouTube: There are nearly 22,000 subscribers to Debra’s YouTube channel…why? Because she posts horoscopes several times each WEEK. That’s right. You get a direct connection with Debra in a frequency that can be life-altering…if only you would let it. Thousands watch her videos. Refraining? Not recommended.
    • Twitter: If tweets are your jam…set alert notifications to get Debra’s tweets before they get buried. They include the pulse of each sign, updates and hashtags for all her events, interviews and podcasts and keep you in line with her activities and insights. With thousands of tweets and followers, she offers this: “Debra blends #astrology & #psychology, using the four elements, to help clients understand their life lessons, unique #purpose, strengths, and #challenges.” I mean…

Feeling that FOMO, Yet?

“Fear Of Missing Out” that’s the FOMO most people feel when they first meet Debra. But you don’t have to feel that way! Get connected, get real, get honesty, get transformed. Looking ahead at other events and interviews, Debra will publish several more newsletters about the Moon and various astrological signs. Keep an eye out for:

That’s What Friends Are For

In addition to learning from Debra’s wisdom, you can explore further events and interviews with some of Debra’s colleagues. As noted above, Colette Baron-Reid will host her radio show, “Ask the Oracle,” on April 26th and May 24th via Hay House Radio. If you’re looking for guidance, a message from the Spirit or are merely wondering where your life is heading, make sure to catch one of Colette Baron-Reid’s shows.

No matter what kind of astrological wisdom you’re looking for this spring, Debra Silverman and her friends have the events and interviews to satisfy your curiosity. Contact Debra Silverman today to learn more about changing your life.

Learn more about Debra Silverman Astrology on PinterestFacebookTwitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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