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Spring: Marching in Like a Lion - Debra Silverman Astrology

Aries and spring will burst forth on the same day this year. Making their grand entrance on the vernal, or spring, equinox on March 20th, the Ram and the season of renewal will herald rebirth and the opportunity for some literal and figurative spring cleaning. The equinox marks the change of seasons and a shift to longer days. As we move collectively into the light, it’s the perfect time to shed anything that no longer serves you and to channel the masculine, assertive, physical energy of Aries to get things done.

Finding Balance

During the vernal equinox, the Sun is directly above the equator and day and night are of equal length. This equinox is always highly anticipated after a long winter and many cultures have festivals or holidays centered around it. The Iranian New Year, or Nowruz, is celebrated on March 20th in conjunction with the equinox. Holi, a Hindi festival known as the “festival of colors,” celebrates the victory of good over evil by tossing colored powders onto each other and dancing in the streets. Easter and Passover, which are both celebrated near the vernal equinox, are holidays focused on rebirth, renewal and liberation. Even the Great Sphinx in Egypt was built so that it directly faces the rising Sun on the vernal equinox.

Aries will come roaring in on March 20th, too, so get ready for bursting, masculine, assertive energy. This Fire sign is all about the warrior and is the part of us that pushes through the bonds of the old narrative to find a new one. People born under this sign refuse to be pushed around and, like a Ram, will not give up until they break down even the toughest obstacle. They love a challenge. This sign’s energy gives us confidence and helps us champion others. During the next month, the planet Uranus will move from Aries towards Taurus and will shake things up, so it’s even more important to channel the Aries qualities of being adventurous, ambitious and enthusiastic to prepare for this next planetary shift. Learn all about Aries.

Like a Bull in a China Shop

In addition to the vernal equinox, this spring will also be significant because the planet Uranus will move into Taurus and stay there for the next eight years. Uranus represents freedom, independence and radical change. It also rules electricity and new technology like smartphones and computers. This slow-moving planet was last in Taurus 80 years ago during the Great Depression and World War II, a time of world-wide upheaval and uncertainty. History often repeats itself, so expect major financial changes that will affect mortgages, currencies, credit cards and taxes. While these changes may seem revolutionary at first – just look at Bitcoin – these new systems will become the norm before long. This post-equinox planetary shift will also see women playing a large role in this transformation. Uranus is all about freedom and shaking up the status quo, so be flexible and expect the unexpected. The people who will thrive during this next phase of Uranus are those who keep moving forward and can adapt to the changing landscape. Uranus in Taurus will free us from imposed values and force us to refocus on our internal compass. Read more about Taurus the Ram.

Before you face the planetary shake-up this spring, focus on the coming vernal equinox and bidding a fond farewell to winter. Think about the millennia of people who came before us to find a magical place (think Stonehenge) to welcome spring and all that the new season promised. Like astrology, the vernal equinox is a marker of time and gives us indicators of what the season is all about. Contact Debra Silverman today to learn about how to make the most of this coming season.

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