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An All Inclusive Community-Based Astrology University By Debra Silverman Astrology - Join Free Now


Finally, a place to commune with other Astro-Maniacs!
Astro-Ma·ni·ac/ˈ astrō-mānēˌak/
An obsessive enthusiast of EVERYTHING Star & Cosmos related.

This is where we all come together and enjoy a never-ending study of Astrology (The Debra Silverman Way). Better know as: how to have compassion for the human condition and a mind that is never bored.

Can you imagine going to school to study the most interesting topics: YOU and the STARS! Now you can!


What Is The Star University?

A constellation of University-Level Astrology education programs, for beginners and advanced students alike, with a foundation in Psychology & Elemental Wisdom.

It’s a new look at the ancient science of the stars. It allows you to once again look at the most interesting topic in the world: the universe and how it influences everything, especially YOU!

Now Featuring The BRAND NEW Continual Stars Program: Bite-size low-cost elective Astrology courses for beginners & advanced students to supplement and kick-start their never-ending Astrology studies taught by Debra Silverman and her trained Applied Astrology Mentors. (enrollment begins in June 2021)

What Else Will Be Included In The Star University?

The Star Library: The Star University Online Campus Library, a virtual library containing all the resources you need to support your Astrological Studies. (available to new & old members in May 2021) 

The Progressed Moon Guide: Understanding Your Progressed Moon Cycles. Every 2.5 years, your Progressed Moon moves into a different sign, influencing the flavor of that time period in your life. Everything Changes. What Season Are You In? (available to new & old members in May 2021)

Tell Me A Story: Shed your story…create a new one. Tell Me A Story (TMAS) is both a writing class and a spiritual practice that identifies what element you got stuck in and how to activate the observer’s wisdom to detach that sticky story and update it into a healing tale. (current classes are LIVE & enrollment  for June is coming soon)

Applied Astrology: Applied Astrology is an interactive online program designed to help you quickly learn astrology and apply it – without the confusion or the complicated lingo you’ll find in most books + courses. (enrollment for Level 3 begins in April 2021 & Level 1 enrollment begins in September 2021)

Not Sure Where to Begin?

Join our free community!

This is a place where everyone fits in! 

Within our online Star University campus is a FREE all-inclusive community where everyone is welcome!

We come together to fall in love with our fate and discover how to have compassion for ourselves and others! Regardless of what level Astrology knowledge you have there is a place for you inside.

Once you join you will be amongst the first to know when all our programs open! The first one begins in June! 

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