"God Created Man Because
S/he Loves Stories."
– Elie Wiesel

Dear Reader,

The world is in a kerfuffle (I love that word), this project has emerged through my heart from the heavens to help soothe your suffering.

If you are here on this page, you are ready to claim the wisdom it can activate for you...

We are living in really unusual times... way beyond ordinary. Almost like a science fiction/horror film you would immediately turn the channel away from to avoid the heebie-jeebie parts; it’s so frightening. There is so much fear on our planet.

They say love and wisdom dissolve the power of fear and trauma. Sounds good… how do we get there?

Where is the wisdom stashed in these times of chaos? It appears to be hidden—I sincerely believe it lives inside YOU.

To soothe and calm us down, I’m proud to say this course is the medicine for just that. It is my way of showing you how to facilitate a safe space inside your psyche.

After 45+ years of working as a psychotherapist, I can confidently tell you that philosophy simply does not work. We have to address the pain body. Especially right now, during these times.

In this class, you tell your story to clean it up and address the pain body through the lens of each of the 4 elements, and then here comes your soul reminding you of your witness, your Observer, your calm voice... and the healing begins.

Tell us your story, then turn on your Observer and find access to the part of you that remembers what you were supposed to learn.

You will remember the lessons that you were assigned.

You will access your own voice.

And voila—the magic appears! It’s always been there. You just need community, good questions, listening skills and a guide.

See you inside,


Who Is This Therapeutic Class For?

Whether you are new to our community or you have been through any part of our Applied Astrology School, this therapeutic writing course is a necessary part of the healing journey and different then any other course we offer.

It's a particularly valuable process if you are looking to deepen your self-healing journey while building your listening skillset for the betterment of all your relationships -- especially if you work with others or want to be a facilitator, teacher or an Astrologer.

TMAS guides us speak, write, and hear your narrative as it is. Say it out loud. Then, with helpful guidance from a trained mentor (me or one of my amazing TMAS facilitators), you can find your wisdom and power. Honestly, it’s just a thought away.

We have to catch the never-ending culprit: your gremlin, your saboteur, your negative mind robbing you of your personal power. We are born with a design fault—it's the human condition. We automatically revert to insecurity...at least most of us do, without even knowing it.

"I am not wise..."
"I am not safe..."
"I am not good at most things..."
"I’m not lovable..."

...says every human ego. The ego operating system has a self-esteem issue built in right at the start.

Upgrade your operating system by joining us in this intimate online therapeutic experience, with a community that will assist you in accessing the voice of your higher self.

Where everyone gets to access their soul, with a pen in hand, an open mind, and a friend standing by!

Learn how to answer the questions that spark a new way of being and free you from the stories of the past...

What is my story?

What is the broken record that I can't turn off?

How can I re-frame that story from the soul's point of view?

The 4 Elements carry the wisdom we are all waiting for and...

The voice of your wisdom is waiting in the wings.


Access to Debra's Signature
Storytelling Healing Process

In each class, you'll be held in a supportive container with Malika Semper. She will lead you through Debra's Signature Therapeutic Storytelling process, grounded in the healing wisdom of the 4 Elements. The class structure includes a prompt, a 10-minute writing and then the sharing of what you have written.

It's 6 total classes, including an opening, 4 elementally themed classes and then a closing.

At the end of every TMAS nobody wants to leave and you'll feel like you did went you first met your best friend, as though you were home and felt so safe to talk about anything. In fact, you WILL have met a new friend, your Observer, your higher self.

Here's what you get:

Join our interactive online class that hosts all of the projects, prompts, videos and interactive sessions for the program.

Learn from Debra as she guides you through Tell Me A Story using deep and meaningful video sessions.

Each week you'll get new exercises from Debra. These inspiring exercises reveal what your unconscious mind has left behind.

Join Malika and your new intimate community in live group sessions! There is something to be said about sharing in a safe environment and really being heard.

You are never alone during this process. Your fellow classmates and Malika will be with you every step of the way. Plus you will be given a writing buddy.

The Class Breakdown

There is NO Astrology in this course. It is just based on your story and Debra's proven psychological model of the elements, applied to where you are right now.

In this class you do NOT have to be a writer, and you do NOT have to feel suddenly courageous about sharing your story. TMAS is cultivated to create intimacy, safety and healing, which leads to you suddenly feeling very easy and safe.

We'll start with the basics and work our way into an evolving progression allowing you to tell your story from the dark to the light, unearthing the wisdom within you...

MODULE 1: What We Left Behind
Your emotional body (Water) is waiting to be felt: In this module you'll deep dive into your story. Before we can heal it, we have to hear it. No filter, no edits, just the truth.

MODULE 2: Air Conditioning
Your mind (Air) wants nothing more than to change the story and start again: After you've told your story the patterns become obvious the patterns become obvious. Everyone has a broken record in their psyche, to heal, you become aware before you change it.

MODULE 3: When The Tires Hit The Road
Your Earth self needs purpose: The right questions posed, in the right setting and your higher self will emerge. There is wisdom waiting in the wings. But first you have to acknowledge what you have been through.

MODULE 4: Transformation City
Your passion and fun (Fire) is dying to come back to life: Transformation always stands next to our ability to let go without judgement. This class will activate your fire and the ability to burn what no longer serves you.


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📅 AUGUST 2024

Mon, July 29: 9:00am - 10:00am PT - Opening

Wed, July 31: 9:00am - 10:30am PT - Water

Fri, Aug 2: 9:00am - 10:30am PT - Air

Mon, Aug 5: 9:00am - 10:30am PT- Earth

Wed, Aug 7: 9:00am - 10:30am PT - Fire

Fri, Aug 8: 9:00am - 10:00am PT - Closing

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Meet Your Facilitators

Debra Silverman is part Astrologer, part psychologist, part comedian and ALL REAL.

She helps people turn to their own inner observer, to see the things they say and do in a totally objective way.

Over the past 47+ years of private practice, Debra has helped thousands of individuals achieve emotional health and wisdom based on their unique personality and the four elements: water, air, earth, and fire.

Debra’s mothering approach to understanding people has earned her international fame and admiration.

Malika lives in beautiful Southern Oregon with her family.

She is a Certified Intuitive Counselor, Certified Astrologer and Applied Astrology Mentor. Her love for Astrology started 24 years ago, and she has been studying it ever since.

Malika is passionate about waking you up to the possibilities this life holds for you, and sharing tools to take those first steps to start your journey. Her greatest joys come from laughter, her children, and sharing insights with people through the eyes of the stars.