"God Created Man Because
S/he Loves Stories."
– Elie Wiesel

Without knowing it your story sticks to you like glue. Until... you learn to turn on your observer and ask the most important question:

What I am supposed to be learning?

Tell Me A Story (TMAS) is both a writing class and a spiritual practice that identifies what element you got stuck in and how to activate the observer's wisdom to detach that sticky story and update it into a healing tale.

In 4 short classes you are going to be amazed at the transformational energy that shows up. A small intimate group of 10 people and an opportunity to update your pain body into wisdom. 

You're joining an intimate online experience, and a community that will assist you to access the voice of your higher self. By answering the questions that spark a new story...

What is my story?

What is the broken record that I can't turn off?

How can I re-frame that story from the soul's point of view?

The four elements carry the wisdom we are all waiting for and...

The voice of your wisdom is waiting in the wings.

Tell Me A Story is your exclusive opportunity to work directly with Debra Silverman.
Now enrolling for JUNE 2021

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1 Payment of $997 USD or 2 Monthly Payments of $500 USD

Get Access to Debra's Unique Signature Storytelling Healing Process

In each class, you'll interact closely with the other students and Debra herself as she leads you through her signature storytelling process. The class structure includes a prompt, a 10-minute writing and then the sharing of what you have written.

You do not have to be a writer, you do not have to feel suddenly courageous about sharing your story. Debra has cultivated the class setting to create intimacy, safety and healing, which leads to you suddenly feeling very easy and safe.

At the end of every TMAS nobody wants to leave and you'll feel like you did went you first met your best friend, as though you were home and felt so safe to talk about anything. In fact, you WILL have met a new friend, your observer, your higher self.

Join our interactive online class that hosts all of the projects, prompts, videos and interactive sessions for the program.

Learn from Debra as she guides you through Tell Me A Story using deep and meaningful video sessions.

Each week you'll get new exercises from Debra. These inspiring exercises reveal what your unconscious mind has left behind.

Join Debra and your new community in live group sessions! There is something to be said about sharing in a safe environment and really being heard.

You are never alone during this process. Your fellow classmates and Debra will be with you every step of the way. Plus you will be given a study buddy.

"TMAS was beyond healing. It was everything I needed without knowing it.

A like-minded, intimate group of strangers turned lifelong friends, a deep dive into my own psyche, inner workings and experience, and an invitation to share, to understand the universal themes we all battle with, to feel less alone, and most of all to feel seen, held and heard."
- Krista

Class Breakdown

We'll start with the basics and work our way into an evolving progression allowing you to tell your story from the dark to the light.

MODULE 1: What We Left Behind
In this module you'll deep dive into your story. Before we can heal it, we have to hear it. No filter, no edits, just the truth.

MODULE 2: Air Conditioning
After you've told your story the patterns become obvious the patterns become obvious. Everyone has a broken record in their psyche, to heal, you become aware before you change it.

MODULE 3: When The Tires Hit The Road
The right questions posed, in the right setting and your higher self will emerge. There is wisdom waiting in the wings. But first you have to acknowledge what you have been through.

MODULE 4: Transformation City
Transformation always stands next to our ability to let go without judgement. This class will activate your fire and the ability to burn what no longer serves you.

Join Us!

Join us as we help YOU re-write your story, speak your truth and be held by others who are doing the same!

P.S. Don't be disappointed if we can't fit you in this round. We have limited spaces: ONLY 10 Spots! We aren't sure when it will be offered again, so if you want to sign up we recommend securing your spot ASAP.

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1 Payment of $997 USD or 2 Payments of $500 USD

There are only 10 spots available for June 2021, sign up now to secure your spot!

“This is really an access point of deeper learning about oneself for anyone at any level.” 

"Tell Me a Story was more powerful that I could even imagine… this is truly a transformation tool. The secret is in the simplicity of the subjects and that it's so easy to join the process... You just have to show up for class to get to reap the benefits in the end. Love love love it.” 

"I loved it!! It took me to my edge with writing and I want more. I was excited to join every Sunday and listen to others as well as share. We really do learn about ourselves through other peoples stories as much as by telling our own. It was raw, real, vulnerable, creative and fun!!! I am more confident in sharing my story and am inspired to write more!!"

"It was so right on time in my life, I had been wanting to cultivate a writing practice. I needed the class to focus, to really spend time on some of the elements, and see the stories behind them that were still having an influence on my current situation in life. There was growth and healing that occurred by really taking the time to listen to each one and let them have a voice."

“It showed me the power of owning your story, how healing that is!”

"The support from Debra and the group was great. Everyone was so kind, which is what I needed to be able to share as much as I did. The benefit I got out of it was time to focus on the positive, which helped me delve deep into the practice of being the observer and loving myself as I am."

“I did not believe that a community like this would form out of just a few meetings of roughly 20 participants.” 

Dates & Times

Fri. June 4: 9am-10:00am PT (Intros)
Wed. June 9: 10:30am-12:00pm PT
Fri. June 11: 9am-10:30am PT
Mon. June 14: 9am-10:30am PT
Fri. June 18: 9am-10:30am PT
Mon. June 21: 9am-10:00am PT (Closing)

1 Payment of $997 USD or 2 Payments of $500 USD

There are only 10 spots available, sign up now to secure your spot!