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The Sun is in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus. Yum yum.

This full moon is all about having an appetite for love, passion running through your veins, and wanting someone with all that you are. Remember that feeling of falling in love?

And then there is the opposite, when you are so mad and so hurt. The very person you once loved has betrayed you. These two opposite feelings come from Scorpio and Taurus.

Scorpio passion shows up this full moon…and then its opposite Taurus (the Sun and Moon are always opposite during a full moon) is saying: Slow down. be nice. Don’t get so angry. Can’t we hold it together?

People get scared when they hear the astrological name Scorpio. I don’t. I adore Scorpios. I see their passion, I feel their desire, I sense their intensity, I match it — and then some.

You have to do the same. There’s no namby pamby, no sorta-kinda for Scorpio…deep eye contact and direct action, coupled with the kind flavor of Taurus — and you have a winner. You have to address the dark and the light to find truth.

What part of us shies away from depth? What part of us denies our shadow? We pretend to be spiritual, even though we all know if I push the right button, you’ll react and reject.

I had the strangest experience with a Scorpio friend. We were sharing a room in a very rustic setting. I asked her if I she was done with her bubbling energy drink that we both had just made…she said yes. Before I poured it out, I decided to finish her drink. She reacted: How dare you?! I never said I was done. It’s not yours! You can imagine that I was taken aback. I had no intention of stealing her remaining fizzy drink, but for some reason it triggered her badly.

Anyone who knows a Scorpio knows their fuse is quick and hard. Before it escalated, my observer kicked on. I knew we were headed for a fight. I walked away. I decided to take the high road. So when I returned,  I quickly said: “I am so sorry. Please forgive me. I had no desire to upset you.”

She was on the defense, calling me out, and I was unsure of what was making her so upset. I wasn’t really getting any of what was happening, and I felt I was being judged and attacked. I did the unfamiliar. I came back at her again –with my soft belly. “I am so sorry for whatever this is…” I replied.

Just then, someone knocked on the door, providing us with the perfect exit: “Oh, look who’s here. I have to go. I’ll be right back.” Off I went for a visit.

When I returned, the fire had gone out.  It was quiet on the war front, though we never cleared it entirely. I relied on my Taurus energy (the opposite of Scorpio) to calm the situation down. To not get angry.

I am sure if you asked her, she would say: Debra too was all upset. She probably felt I matched her and argued, but that is because when you upset someone, they cannot see the forest through the trees. Honestly I did the Taurus thing: remained calm knowing that later we could talk about what actually happened.

This is this full moon’s request: to apply heavy doses of calm during the storm.

I applied my practice of choosing peace, kindness, and calm whenever there is an upset. I have learned this skill. Because of my chart, I know that If I have to match someone, you bet I will. I can fight with the best of them (said the moon in Aries), but I don’t want to. This is my contribution to peace on Earth: to abstain from reactions…so NOT easy.

This full moon begs the question: what matters more: peace and calm or being right and pissed off?

With every encounter — both good and bad — you have the means to be the healing agent. It may not work, and this full moon can get us all riled up. Let it be known that there is always a way to change the narrative when you learn about Scorpio and Taurus.

The energies are up. Can you calm them down? It’s a practice.

Comment below and let me know how you do during this full moon…I am so curious to hear.


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