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This full moon requires a howling sound. Feel the energy building. You cannot walk through the door called Scorpio/Taurus full moon without being influenced by depth and delicious. With Halloween nearby it could include a dose of gremlins and demons. If you love Astrology and are reading this blog, you must know how to navigate the darkness.

Here is the good news: there is that gorgeous full moon in Taurus stabilizing and grounding us into safety. This is the combo of Scorpio and Taurus: one is scary, and one is totally safe: the light in the dark.

The themes of Scorpio were with me last week. I just did a workshop with Ann Randolph (who has four planets in Scorpio) called “Write Your Life.” She is an amazing teacher. We wrote out our wounds with an uninhibited abandon. She had us fearlessly laughing, crying, and sharing our depths. No one in the group knew each other and yet our humanity tied us together in mere moments.

This is a Scorpio influence: we all have a story steeped in the unconscious imprints brought to us by our childhood opening—the door of vulnerability.

Taurus on the other hand, as Scorpio’s opposite, asks us to stay grounded, feel safe, slow down and just stabilize whatever is there. Taurus loves solutions and practical means to heal whatever is hurting.

The workshop was during the new moon when I easily touched how much I miss one of my best friends. Judy, my 8th house BFF, passed away five years ago. In one of the writing exercises, Ann gave us a prompt to answer what we had left behind—a natural Scorpio question. I wrote about my dear friend who died from emphysema. Years have gone by and yet I continually miss her.

I shared with the group two writings:

one was on how she died

and two, I challenged myself to consider how she would have told the story of her dying from her voice. I found myself walking into the haunted rooms of her psyche.

“The day I took my last breath, under the influence of morphine and a house filled with hospice workers and friends, I was in a haze. But it did fulfill my secret unconscious death wish.”

No one wants to face death up close and personal…unless you have a strong Scorpio/Taurus influence. There are those of us built for the job. My North Node in Scorpio/my South Node in Taurus has always had me willing to stand in the hard conversations.

I asked her: “Judy are you ready to die?”

She answered: “Part of me is and part of me is not.”

So I asked, “Can I speak to the part of you that is ok with it?”

“No.” she answered.

We stopped there. I wanted to hear her depths but she was not willing to go there.

This full moon begs the question: Are you willing to stabilize the hard topics in your life? Can you bring peace to topics that haunt you? Are you solid enough in your faith—your belief in God—to think about what happens after this life? Maybe not.

Those of us who study Astrology rightly ought to be comfortable with all 12 signs. I have learned so much about Scorpio. I am still learning.

I am considering starting a new program: an online writing class designed as a means for all of us to tell the stories that lurk. To hold space for that which remains secret.  The scary ghosts in our life need tending. Stay tuned…I want nothing more than for all of us to know how to let go of the weight that looms in the back room. To keep space clean. That’s the Taurus part of this full moon: to stabilize and be steady for what is scary.

If only it was safe in this life to share all, and we had a technology to release all of our pain body. Scorpio carries it, but the Taurus in all of us doesn’t know exactly how to release it. The practical skills to not have to carry around history in our soft tender hearts.

I want nothing more than to help us be raw, real, and open with all our humanness—from the vantage point of healing. This is why people go to therapists (Scorpio profession) and Astrologers: to be seen and heard and understand the hard part of this life when the wounds were put in place.

Sending love during this full moon, as always. Oh how I love to go deep.

Look up—the sky is screaming: be real with me. Deep, delicious and real.



  •' Beverly Kane says:

    Love you sister ?

  • Wow, Debra! I too love to go deep. I can feel
    The power… the strength of your intent. I am
    A Taurus who was married to a Scorpio for 18 years. It was quite a ride! I look forward to hearing more about the writing opportunity you will be offering.. Nice work! I am eager to journey with you!

  •' Karen Wilson says:

    I have suffered from depression over my marriage. I have not been able to get a divorce for fear of providing for my children. I regret deeply opening the door and letting him in. He was everything I didn’t want in a husband and yet felt it was all I deserved and was scared to be lonely. I’ve allowed myself to be emotionally manipulated and have tried to protect my children . Now my children are teenagers and I have been struggling with their rudeness to the point of abandoning them all. I can relate to the adult missing people. They ran away. I find encouragement from your posts and analyzing my chart. I appreciate your help with looking at choices and figuring out how to move beyond regrets to gain peace with myself. Thanks and much love and respect.

  •' Nancy says:

    Thank you Debra . I have this very opposition in my chart as well. I feel compelled to learn more hold space and let go. I would love to take your new class .
    Sat Nam Nancy

  •' Kathryn says:

    I’ve recently started a shamanic apprenticeship program and the tools we are learning help us to tap into those dark stories that live as samskaras in the body and release them. It is quite amazing to see the transformation and how it doesn’t have to involve re-injuring ourselves that can come from over-talking about the situation.

  •' Peggy says:

    Awesome, the concept of writing prompts to go deeper, to clear, and clean back rooms and hear the dust bunny voices hiding under the bed sounds delicious. ..

  •' Lyn Kilcoyne says:

    Thank you Debra. I’d love to experience letting go of the deep hurts that haunt us. What a great idea for a new class/journey!
    Happy Full Moon !

  •' Susan Pizer says:

    Such a deep message today Debra. Thankyou for Sharing.
    Much love,
    Susan Pizer

  •' Elaine says:

    I have a Taurus moon and a Scorpio ascendant. I totally get what you’re saying here. I’ve always wondered why I feel obliged to “go deep.” I think my Capricorn sun insists on it as a means of moving ever forward. Somehow for me, going deep also leads to climbing higher.

  •' Atlee says:

    Dear Debra, I’m sitting here in the dark at 4:09am Hawaii Standard Time. Yes. You do go Deep. Thank the Goddess you have the depth & clarity to put to words the whole Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon journey!! All I know is I am 1 degree Aries with Moon & Rising in Cancer.. 3/21/1945. 2:29pm HST. Dunno how it is that I grok you? But, MAHALO ??? for all that you are & all that you give!!! Nighty night & Aloha from Kalaheo, Kaua’i, Atlee ?

  •' EMMA MADDEN says:

    I love this so much! A dear friend, and someone I consider a soul mate just passed after being in hospice, on morphine in his home, w friends and family around. A 10 year battle w ALS. He cultivated and spread so much love through this life. I miss him everyday and have been scouring through so many wonderful memories. I was a direct care giver for him at one point. I always felt a deep connection, one which I believe I let him know, but always felt need not to be said, but felt. His passing has triggered a lot of my own reflection on my willingness to be vulnerable. He showed so much grounding vulnerability throughout his life. I always felt at peace and joyous w him. I see places now where I wasn’t able to be vulnerable in the past, even times when I was with him. I feel for that time of my life and see growth as well as a willingness to keep my heart open moving forwards. In the past, I can see many moments where I closed my heart when I was hurting or uncomfortable. Now I choose vulnerability, and rawness. Now I choose to be present w myself. Now I choose to be who I am always. I love my friend for being a teacher to all these intimate parts of life and I miss his physical presence everyday. Thank you Debra. Scorpio south node, Taurus north node over here. 🙂

  •' Lisa Metzler says:

    Good morning,

    Beautifully written and it definitely needs to be a safe place to share so we can heal.
    Grateful always,

  •' Anthonia says:

    I loved what you wrote Debra, thank you for going deep on this! it is just what i need right now. I am a Scorpio sun with North node in Taurus with my progressed moon just entering Scorpio. Intense things want to be seen inside of me, heal and transform.
    I love that part you wrote: ”If only it was safe in this life to share all, and we had a technology to release all of our pain body. Scorpio carries it, but the Taurus in all of us doesn’t know exactly how to release it. ”
    I am so feeling the same, if only I could share it all and be completely naked!
    I am entering this progressed moon so differently because i did stars and cards and now i am doing level 2 on applied astrology.
    Thank you for sharing !
    Love , Anthonia

  •' Pat says:

    Thank you for this writing this blog. It has hit a very deeply buried emotional loss, I now know it needs to be brought out and made peace with.

  •' Jacki C. Shaw says:

    I’m really beginning to understand why I’m so drawn to you and your teachings. I’m a Taurus sun, Scorpio moon with a Leo rising… need I say more?!?! Thank you for this beautiful piece, I needed it today. ?

  •' AnnMarie DeGrace says:

    My NN in Sagittarius sits all cozy with Sun & Mercury in 8 th house ruled by Scorpio. And my Saturn/Scorpio joins them in that house too.
    All makes sense to me. An online writing venue sounds like a good idea ?

  •' Ginger Mcdevitt says:

    Love it! I’m Taurus North node, Scorpio South node. Taurus sun, mars, moon North node, All in 8 house!! I think crossing over will be great!!
    Peace and blessings Ginger

  •' Anastasie Martin says:

    Will you be creating this online forum for us to write? Would be most lovely. I journal daily & it’s powerful. Could be interesting doing it among others in a save non judgemental envirobnent.

  •' Deanna M kinnon says:

    oh my dear Debra so stoked to read your piece on Taurus moon/SCORPIO…….if ok i tell you a little of myself /my soul….im taurus sun/scorpio ascendant and aries moon born in the midst of a n unforgettable storm 23rd april 1971….i love the darkness just as much as i love life and people i meet along the way….everything in your article resonates within alot of us i bet…it will be a treat if i was able to submit some poetry…..what a good thing it is to have DEBRA in our lives…would be a real buzz to meet in person one fine day…..

  •' Lynette Allen says:

    Thanks for these words Deb . THEY RESONATE! I have been given the GIFT of the deep dive into the dark night of the Soul . It Broke Me Open. I am no longer afraid of the Scorpio Realms . I have been given the gift of a skillset to do exactly what this Taurus Moon/Scorpio Sun is symbolizing. I have learned to place myself in grounded, tranquil environments so that when the shadows are calling for the light, I am in a place where I can do this ‘work’ . When it does arise (and it always does)…I say “Hell Yes!” as I dive into these unknown realms. In celebration of the gift of astrology that allows for the awareness to be in my life on a daily basis!

  • What if we wrote without labeling. What if we rewrote our histories from wisdom. Hindsight is 20/20. Why did it happen? What did we glean? Perhaps in community we will see even more than our simple minds could conceive. How we were served by these experiences.
    Wasn’t it you who told the story about Billy, lived in his car, haunted his sister. His “bad” life was celebrated in heaven. So much we don’t know.
    Forward looking. Nothing to change or fix.

  •' Lynn Constantine says:

    Thank you, as always, Debra, for your straightforward and heartfelt insights. As a quadruple Scorpion (and the offspring two therapists), I completely get the need to dig deeper to unearth, understand and unravel the roots of our pain so we can truly heal. I love your idea of an on-line writing class and not only plan to be a participant, but would be delighted to support you in your efforts to launch this initiative in whatever way I can be of service. P.S. When are you planning to return to Seattle?

  •' Betsy Santos says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart and unconscious Debra! Your warmth, intelligence and humor can always be felt!
    This is especially meaningful for me as a scorpio Sun.
    I have 2 grown sons who are also scorpio, one of which is sun, moon and Venus. Talk about Deep!
    We all get each other, and in silent company, together we are soothed.
    I adore you and am so very grateful for the work you do. I am interested in your upcoming class too.
    Many full moon blessings to All!
    ? Betsy

  •' Donna Fargnoli says:

    As always, beautifully written.
    I would have loved talking to the part of Judy that was ok with death. Having spent time with loved ones that
    Crossed over was life changing.
    You recently recommended the book…The Afterlife of Billy Fingers, in one of your videos…truly amazing.
    Thank you for always addressing the elephant in the room… Namaste, dear lady… Donna ✨?✨

  •' Sari says:

    As a Sun Scorpio with 3 other planets in Scorpio, I discovered long ago that my personal transformation requires written and verbal “past programming and garbage dumping”. From this idea I started a New and Full Moon writing program with my mother. As a widow, she was discovering that she didn’t know herself as well as she thought so she was looking for a method of self-enquiry that was unusual. The moon perspective grew to planetary transit energies in general, especially the challenging ones. After two years she can answer questions, rather than just skim on the surface, and handle herself with others in a way she used to find frightening. Every new moon she takes on a new project. Every full moon she talks about what she has discovered. Any writing class that you start from an astrology perspective promises to be highly fruitful. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  •' Leslee says:

    The light in the dark. This is exactly how I described how I’ve been feeling yesterday. My moon is in Taurus, Pluto in Scorpio and have natal Venus in Sagittarius to top it off!

  • Thank you, Debra. I have my North Node in Scorpio as well. It’s in my 5th house, opposite Mars conjunct my South node in Taurus, house 11. I read somewhere that if a planet conjuncts your South Node, it’s as if it doesn’t exist. This causes me concern, since my Mars is already in Detriment, and Mars rules my 10th house Moon in Aries, and since I’m Cancer Rising, the Moon rules my chart. Your thoughts?

  •' Annah Robinson(on our fb page) says:

    Debra this is so relevant. Thank you for bringing up these hard conversations we need help revisiting the painful past. You are blessing us all and empowering a whole generation to deal with the past so we can be fully healed and help those behind us understand how to step into our destiny cleanly.

  •' Dawn says:

    I would love it if you did a writing class!

  •' Renee says:

    Beautiful, deep & dark.
    I would really appreciate the opportunity to release the fears in the depths of my soul. I feel like they stand up and hover behind me and over me, constantly testing my faith, testing my belief in myself and the universe. It can be kind of scary out there and even more scary in here.

  •' Wink says:

    How real! I woke up this morning early, wrote, wrote, and wrote! Haven’t written for years, at least not about my life. A very emotional day. My history and memories just kept flowing through me. So, I wrote. I really don’t know what to make of it or how I am to let it be. I just know that I have to let go of the past and live in the NOW! Be thankful for what you have. Life is short!
    Thank you Debra,
    Second Saturn return

  •' Cheri says:

    This is fantastic to read. I appreciate how you describe the Scorpio/Taurus dynamic! I am Scorpio sun and Taurus moon married to a Taurus. Understanding this astrology helps me greatly in my life and my love. Thank you!

  •' Diane DeVries says:

    This writing exercise sounds very interesting! When I checked my chart, I also have North Node in Scorpio and South Node in Taurus. So maybe there’s a reason I read this post in my email today…

  •' Jane says:

    Thank you for this insightful article, Debra…it resonated deeply with me. As a Scorpio with a Taurus moon, I recognize this duality within myself. I love the idea of a writing class and believe it would provide a vehicle for a deeply cathartic release as well as an avenue for processing the shadow side. You are a rock star and I value and celebrate your wisdom. Big love, Jane xo

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