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We are moving into a full moon with the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus—Relief.

We can move away from the politics we discussed in the last newsletter (at least in this blog; it’s hard not to think about the election), and talk about what is solid and fixed.

This weekend’s question is: What do we know for sure?

This full moon addresses core topics: love, sex, birth, and death (not necessarily in that order).

You try and tell me what you know is absolute other than sex, birth, love, and death—oh yeah and money, well that’s a Scorpio/Taurus topic, too.

This full moon includes no small talk. Straight to the point (said every Scorpio).

Everything starts with love. Even though you don’t need love to have babies, die, or make money, love is at the center of everything—even hate.

It’s wild to think about, but hate walks hand in hand with love, both sourced from the same longing: to be seen, heard, felt, and noticed.

At the end of a relationship, love shrinks. Here comes Scorpio walking down the dark lanes at night having just sabotaged a love affair and depressed, while the other friend (Taurus) holds steady and loyal, committed to love no matter what as they seek the warm sunlight.

It doesn’t matter which sign you are, everyone (whether conscious or not) lives for love. Hot, lukewarm, even soured—we long for love. It’s how you got into this existence…an orgasm…someone connected with another and had some pleasure.

Love arrives with every baby born. Think back to the moment you first held that brand new little creature in your arms (or your new grandkid, godchild, or any fresh baby)…you melt. I have heard so many grown men say that the moment they saw and held their baby, sweet tears ran down their face, far beyond their control. The moment a mother’s eyes touch the baby’s newborn eyes, unadulterated love flows.

As tender as emotions can be, they surely can hurt too. Love goes both ways. Love and hate. Birth and death. We are moved to tears in love and in death. Scorpio is clearly a Water sign—complicated and deep, until Taurus enters the room.

With Taurus comes simplicity, calm, and comfort. Safety and security. What a great combo: passion and safety, love and gentleness. We need these two flavors to know healthy love. Hello full moon.

I think about how it is Scorpio energy that has a mother lift a car off a child. Power revealed.

In contrast, think about the 2-year-old sister who gently kisses her brand new, day-old baby brother with tender lips ruled by Taurus sweetness.

Scorpio has power and Taurus has soft calm. Friends at best / cruel at worst.

This life comes marinated in sweet and sour sauce, a push/pull game of kindness and pain.

Think of your birth: your mother screaming, your father crying. Sweet and sour.

I see love everywhere; however, I cannot forget the dark, smelly, sticky pain that feeds evil influences hiding in alleys all over this planet. Corruption, Fascism, Slavery—too many words that hurt. The meanness that never tires.

We humans survive on a diet of good and bad, happy and sad, birth and death—it has long pissed me off that these truths never change, that this story has remained constant.

Why is it that the dark defines light? As soon as the dark leaves, we impatiently wait for the Sun to come up again.

Who made this up? Up/down, in/out, black/white—it is so predictable, to me it can become too predictable—even boring. Too bad—this is how this place works, from dawn to dusk EVERY DAY.

I just read the most remarkable book that stirred these kinds of deep thoughts called Writing my Wrongs by Shaka Senghor.

He touched me to my core. He went from evil to light. Spent 17 years in prison and found his way out to love. He redeemed himself. He was in the ‘hole’ (solitary confinement) for four years on and off. He came out, found love, and totally 100 percent changed his life. Even after he fell in love, his marriage had to reshape in the years that followed.

This is the essence of living a Scorpionic life: to make mistakes, to make amends, to apologize with conviction, and to understand forgiveness…all topics that rule the human condition. Thank Goddess for the Taurus energy that softens our cold hearts.

I love this conversation. I love to talk about death, love, sex and money. My chart is full of Scorpio/Taurus energy. This full moon begs the question: can you go deep? Have you healed your wounds? Do you get scared at the thought of death—or birth? Can you forgive?

Gentle Taurus wanted me to come to your house to give you a hug, to touch your fear during these crazy times and remind you of what is absolute: LOVE.

I love making it safe for our humanness to show up in its vulnerability and speak like this.

It’s a choice. It’s all about evolution. Some of us drag our feet, cannot make it out of the dark, and convince ourselves that this life is all about pain, living a lukewarm life. Others leverage their soul’s growth against all else and reach for the stars—nothing less. Hello the best of Scorpio.

Never give up. Read that book. Shaka did it. You can too.

Nothing is unchangeable—says this full moon. NOTHING.



  •' yaffa says:

    Crazy to think I had my first reading with you almost 4 years ago the morning after 2016 elections!! WOW!!

  •' June Pasco says:

    Thank you, Debra, that was the best Blue Moon Halloween treat of all. J

  •' Carmen Wisniewski says:

    Beautifully written Debra. I especially can relate to this post as a Taurus who loves so many Scorpios.

  •' Jacki C. Shaw says:

    I live the duality that you speak of every day. With my Sun in Taurus and my beautiful Moon in Scorpio. Add to that my Leo Rising which gave birth to my LOVE & Release in Astrology (Aquarius)! Thank you for your guidance and shinning your Light into this interesting time. ???

  •' Deborah L says:

    Beautiful. Thank you. Every month I look forward to your deeply thoughtful, emotional, realistic, and idealistic writing all wrapped into one blog. Acknowledging the contrast and the all that can be found here in this life.

  •' Diane Wilmot says:

    Debra, I am freaking out because my Taurus man seems to be pulling away. I have never had so much in common with anyone! I have never been with a man that is so perfect for me. We both love to fish. We both have pool tables and waterfalls. We love astronomy, photography (he bought me a camera for the trip), astrology, gardening, raising farm animals, helping the elderly, traveling, the same music (both love James Taylor), same foods. We both even have a strong sex drive and are very satisfied that way too.
    He took me to Jackson Hole for a week with two professional photographers! 0He told me he loves me about two months ago, and I tell him the same now. But, he has been hurt by two wives. The last one cheated on him and moved out in January. Divorced her in February. I want him to be sure about us, so said many we need a break. He came back after two weeks just two nights ago and we seemed to be back on track, but he isn’t even reading my message now. He is very busy, but we used to text several times a day and now nothing for days at a time. I love this man, and know Aries and Taurus aren’t the greatest combination, but it seems so perfect. His tarot reading, and our daily horoscopes seem to fit. Any advice?

  •' Shannon says:

    Thanks Debra! This has been the best full moon for me in a long time. As you know – my stellium in T and Moon conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio can be challenging but this one feels pretty good. Seems like the energies have brought me to a peaceful and committed place. Cheers sister!

  •' Lorraine says:

    Thank you for your thoughts. My sun in Scorpio and moon in Taurus, while my ascendant in Aries I’m always evolving with an attitude of gratitude.

  •' PJ says:

    Nothing is unchangeable – nothing. That is awesome Deb. What a gift. Thank you for your kind and promising words. Things feel so unhinged – and this is a seed of hope.

  •' Erica says:

    Your way of words
    Always lease me thinking….hmmmm!!!

  •' Patricia Rabain says:

    Thank you Debra. As you and the crew have already figured out, I am high-strung. To counter this, I have been playing meditation music, since I have been forewarned (1) by my instructors in February & July), by (2) the crazy political scenery; (3) by the observations of friends; (4) by other stuff I read on the internet; and (5) with Moon in Cancer, sometimes I can be a bossy, drama-momma. The meditation music is great ( ). I constantly tell myself, this too shall pass. I tell myself don’t let fear of what might go wrong, poison my existence. The struggles are still there; but I think I manage them better. I’m gettin’ there. I just wanted to thank you for the affirmations. I’m still unpredictable (Uranus next to my Moon); I’m still Aquarian Sun; and my rising, a God-sent, is in Taurus. I just have it more and more under better control, since I know what the low road can do to me. Fear is a terrible thing. I’ve still got a long way to go with that. Take care and be safe. Trisha
    p.s. I’m working on my website, inch-by-inch. Now I got to start writing articles and set up my store. One of my fear factors is writing the articles. Oh well. I could write about fear all day. This too shall pass. Thnak you.

  • Debra,
    This was wonderful and so eloquently written. It gave me many insights. My sun is in Sagittarius and moon is in Scorpio which makes me feel a bit uneasy. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and guidance. Blessings, dorothy in New Zealand

    •' Ploy says:

      Very well-written!! Thank you for speaking my mind. As a person with scorpio sun and taurus full moon, I feel every word while reading.

  •' marjan mondt says:

    Dear Debra

    I think it might not really be a question of a duality after all, although it took me a long time to figure it out. I used the solar system to help me understand. In fact there is the light and then there is us. The light IS, whether we are or not. The dark is the shadows that are cast as and when we move in the light. The shadows are in a fact a confirmation of our existence in the light. We are not made of shadow or light, we are soul-matter, reflecting, basking in the light, and casting a shadow. The light is love supreme. The dark, the shadow is just a clue that something is standing in the light. The shadow is the logical consequence of standing in the light. Not necessarily good or bad, but on its own very difficult to understand to interpret when we do not understand it is connected to matter (either physical or ephemeral). And yet, in us also burns an energy, in that way we are light as well and we can light our fellow humans, if we choose. So I think there is an approach to understanding beyond duality and that for me was a very heartening thing to discover. I wonder whether we are skewed to think in terms of duality as we have a mother and a father. But in fact we forget ourselves in this. It is not about 2, but maybe it is about 3 or about all of us together.

  •' Heidi says:

    I love this article to many truths here and yes it saddens me greatly to see all this ego and anger in the world today where love should be. The age of Aquarius is coming up and just like in the sixties great Revolution and change is going to happen. Let us not be part of the problem let us be part of the solution and shine our light on Humanity❤

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