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Taurus new moon… the Sun and Moon are hanging out in the their old slippers, their comfortable t-shirts and those jeans that are stretched out to the nth degree.

I am in love with Taurus (do I say that every month?). Is it because my South Node — which is the only indicator in Astrology that talks about past lives — is in Taurus?  I feel so at home going slow. You can’t tell by looking, but it’s true.

When our world demands we move quickly (which happens ALL the time), we miss the savoring of that sweet chocolate, or the feeling of sitting next to your kid as s/he reads, feeling your love for them, or the time you are in between just standing around enjoying the moment, forgetting to notice the clouds passing by, the comfort of your clothes… this is when there is reason to slow down and feel: Taurus’s specialty.

When I was young, I was embarrassed by my learning disability. I have Mercury in Taurus (Mercury rules how you think), and it had me seeing the world ever so differently. While I could get by and it wasn’t that bad, I always knew my school skill set had some missing ingredients. Numbers would flip, concepts (while they were so interesting on the way in) wouldn’t stick when the test arrived. No matter how hard I studied, I had great challenges in science. My Mercury in Taurus had me feeling insecure for years.

This is the theme of this new moon: where do you feel insecure? What body part, what story, what memory holds you hostage to not being ‘good enough’? Where is your internal dialogue holding you back?

At worst, Taurus gives up and holds tight to a negative self talk. At best, they slow down and seize the moment with full conviction.  They are stubborn and steady, never giving up on their hopes and dreams.

Which one are you?

For me, as the years went by, I found out that what I lacked in left brain skills I had in spades in my right brain. My intuition and appetite for wisdom was never ending. As some of you know, I am an idiot-savant for Astrology. I can remember charts and your stories that come with them long after you leave Level 3 or we finish a session. My Taurus has a memory for what matters most — just not for biology or geometry.

I have changed my inner dialogue and that narrative now. Where I once felt insecure for having what went undiagnosed as a learning disability, now I know that it’s just a small handicap in exchange for other gifts I wouldn’t trade in for the life of me.

What are you carrying that holds you back? Is it that you believe you cannot do relationship, that you cannot lose weight, that you cannot find peace? All of it is changeable when you re-frame the story. That’s what studying Astrology does: it helps you find your strength — while also helping you understanding your weakness without judgement.

During each new moon we have a prayer. The sky is dark and it’s time to go inside. Here is the prayer for this month:
Let me know safety and security from the inside out. Allow me to feel wanted and enough. I am wanted. I am enough. I bring my love to the world and it is then reflected back to me in ways I would never have expected.

Sending you new moon delight from your favorite, learning-disabled Astrologer (who would have known?),


  •' Cathrine m Chartier says:

    Wonderful ! Being a Leo with a Taurus moon and Libra rising… for some reason I can identify with this…
    Thanks for your inspirational posts and wish I could jump aboard a trip…

  •' Terri says:

    This was beautiful! I am anxious for your Stars and Cards to come out! You already have my info but will send again

  •' Susan Pizer says:

    What a great story. Thanks for sharing. I have been following your Astrology for the last couple of years and it has truly helped me reframe my story. Thankyou so much Debra!

  •' Dorothy Harris says:

    Thanks for these wise words Debra, dorothy

  •' Diana says:

    I love you Debra Silverman! You are so awesome!!!

  •' Linda says:

    How very interesting to read this Debra. I see that I too have Taurus in my south node. But where you had trouble in school and are right brained, I am left brained and loved school and learning. But like you with great feelings of insecurity. I definitely need to learn more about myself. Soon, soon it will happen. Thank you for sharing your gift!

  •' Angela Adams says:

    Where have I not felt insecure, of late? That’s probably the most fitting question. I have Mars in Taurus in the 9th house at 26 degrees. However I’m not so sure that that’s where my insecurities are being triggered. My Venus in Capricorn is being hard hit by Saturn, Pluto and the South node.

  • Thanks Debra. Love this prayer!
    What a way to herald in the next lunar cycle.

  •' Kathleen says:

    Wow my Mercury is in Taurus too. Is that why I couldn’t for the life of me get Algebra? Sometime it takes me a while to grasp things but when I get it I get it 🙂

  •' Irene says:

    This is wild to read because of Me. Without sharing back specifics … Wow !!
    THANK YOU for sharing on your knowledge of self and astrology because,
    Okay, so Taurus is someone celestial for me to get to know better and I will enjoy doing this 🙂 .
    Also I must find my birth-time. I have it somewhere. So that, I can find out more of my chart specifics. And then there’s the nodes … lots to learn.
    Happy Wonderful Cozy chocolately new moon 🙂 !

  •' Lina says:

    Thanks so much!

  • You are truly an amazing human being! I feel insecure about my inability to retain anything to do with numbers. I’m highly intuitive and always have been since I was a little girl.
    I’m still that little girl trying to find my way in a crazy chaotic world. Pisces sun, Leo rising, moon in Scorpio. I’m not good at remembering planetary alignments or planets for that matter. LOL! Thank you for being so REAL! Peace and Love to you!

  •' Jenilee Quirion says:

    Thank you so much for this , as I am struggling also with learning disabilities , I am also with numbers but also with understanding certain things . But yes I have so many other beautiful qualities that I do not struggle with . My negative insecurities are trying to get the best of me but I am doing well on pushing then away and replacing it with positive thoughts .this was nice to read and see somebody that is doing well and they also have a disability like I do . You gave me even more hope today. I am not gonna be insecure about my disabilities and start focusing on my strength. I am reborn I am learning to live a total different way . This last mont with libra , kicked my butt into action everything I was procrastinating on and really wanted to change , well it pusher me and now I am headed in the right direction . It’s to keep me focused and positive. My insecurities of not being smart or good enough are trying to come back out for me but I know I am good enough and smart enough to change my life and put it in the right direction . Thank you so very much , one day soon when I get the job I am going for I will then be able to afford to get into your astrology class because you are amazing and I am so intrigued with learning astrology . Thank you so much for everything

  •' WADHAMS Emily says:

    I love the prayer for this month..I am a Taurus
    thank you,Debra

  •' Jakie says:

    your column on the Taurus new moon went straight to my heart. I’m getting a new horse next week and my head has been full of hold-backs. I love the question you posed: What are you carrying that holds you back? Thank you for your story and for the tools to move ahead.

  •' Pat Schultz says:

    I recently turned 68. 68 years a Pisces-Aries cusp…lots of energy, humor, strength, fortitude, AND insecurity…not fitting ‘in’, uncomfortable in crowds, small groups, and in my own skin. As a teen, and as an adult, I’ve kept to myself behind a wall, living a single life except for 4 years in a marital disaster. This year, the day before my birthday, I stumbled upon several articles which triggered major self discovery. I believe I am one of the 20% of the population believed to be EMPATHS. I cried as I checked off every characteristic behavior. I have been ‘too much’, ‘complicated’, ‘high maintenance’ to both friends and family. I over-think, over-give, over-love…rather than dealing, I remove myself from any uncomfortable situation both before and during. I cried because I realized I’m not broken or crazy…I just don’t absorb life like 80% of the population. Being a FIRE sign hasn’t made it easy but at least I’m NOW aware of my weak links and can stop beating my ego to a pulp. I’ve always loved astrology. It provides a link between who I am and reality!

  •' Lorraine says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Debra! As an older woman I can attest to the fact that it’s never too late to allow an insight to burst forth! It happened to me again this morning. Insight, release – insight, release – repeat, repeat, repeat… We never have to stop learning and growing from the inside out. Beautiful!

  •' Tess says:

    This is a goody! I too have my S node in Taurus…that sun sign Scorpio that I am….So interesting as I embark on leaving a home I’ve been in and have loved for 29 years…my partner has felt the move for years and has patiently…sort of…waited for me to bust into the unknown again! Shhhh…the ground is shifting again

  •' Noelene says:

    Debra, thank you, you came at the right time. I have hit the brick wall and find myself lost again. I grew up in a dysfunctional family, where my mother left when I was 11 after that I closed down and withdrew within myself. There was always something with me, protecting me, but I was young and didn’t understand and the loneliness and fear grew to a level that I had to do something and because I convinced myself that everyone I loved eventually left me, I believed that I was obviously unlovable. So I made a promise to myself at a very young age that I would never let anyone get close to me again. I would never leave myself vulnerable. But in life’s mocking way, I married a very controlling, manipulating, angry man. And to be fair to him I have always wondered whether he sensed that I didn’t/wouldn’t love him as much as I could. After 45 years, a lot of those very unhappy, I put an end to our marriage and walked away with nothing but my children and grandkids. But I know I haven’t resolved anything and that brick wall is still firmly in place. How can I become the person I know I am, open, honest and loving without the guard watching over me making sure I don’t let anyone in, and, this life rule I am imposing on my darling daughter who doesn’t deserve to have to live by her mother’s fear fuelled rule. My question to you is how can I remove this stick from up my butt and just be me?? I know she’s in there somewhere and is a great person to be around, I meet her every so often and I like her, but I can’t bring myself to trust her and let her loose. Time is running out for me I’m now 69 years old.

  •' Cecile van Duinhoven says:

    Thank you! From a real female Taurus …

  •' Elizabeth says:

    Wow! This message is so beautiful and exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you for sharing your perspective. I will be reflecting on this for the next few weeks and making shifts as I move through the new moon energy — releasing and shedding old patterns so that the new patterns emerge???

  •' joy greenfield says:

    Thank you so much — Love & Light on your path,

  •' Marie J Canavan says:

    Wow!! Being a fellow Taurus I can completely relate to all of this…I have a sneaky suspicion that Mercury reeks havoc in a similar way!!
    It has been a interesting 2019 for me…
    Maybe you could share some light …on the positive side for me??
    4/21/67 6:43pm Boston? ty

  •' Nancy says:

    That finally makes sense to me! Thanks so much for simplifying. Nancy

  • My heart sang reading your words. Thank you so much, Debra.

  •' Stephanie says:

    Thank you, Debra! I am new to your audience. I absolutely love your daily videos.

  •' Kate says:

    The prayer is right in target. Thx.

  •' Sandra Bonney says:

    Dear Debra, I feel very drained at this time as people I know here have asked me for help to guide them through issues they have and I am not totally developed as a astrologer even though I have started astrology for about two years over here. I so want to go further but financially will have to wait to do so. I am relating very well to what you have said about Taurus and today. Just to let you know I am a Aries (29th March). Sun in Fourth House Moon in Fifth House when I was born. Thank you for your videos too, Kind Regards Sandra-Marie

  •' Lindsey says:

    This is true wisdom; life is ying and yang, a balance. If only everyone could see not what is missing, but what is there.

  •' Melanie says:

    Thank you, Debra, you are a guiding light in my daily life. I so enjoy your videos . May you be forever blessed on your path in this life. Thank you, again. SMILE

  •' KarenSue says:

    My Taurus s l o w d o w n …….to tell you what a beautiful imprint you leave on people’s hearts with your (oh so much more than the brilliance of Gemini Sun people) loving kindness & Authentic wisdom 🙂 <3 of the Heavenly Stars….you are LOVED & APPRECIATED Deb and I wanted to remind you that it's ENOUGH !!
    HeartHug, KarenSue

  •' Angie L. says:

    Thank you for the insight you provide – it guides me through my days; and I love seeing you open up to the world in this new way. I am going over your book (I have only one sign in fire and am trying to Understand the best way to handle it) and I am learning to bring love and understanding to my own situations and that is helping me to open up to the world too. Love and light -Angie

  •' Dafina says:

    Thank You, Debra, for this beautiful affirmative prayer.
    “let me know safety and security from the inside out”
    that resonated so deeply with me. It is exactly what I’m asking for – when I say multiple times a day “Lord give me strength”

  •' Val says:

    Wow thankyou for this lovely ? it sits well with me. I love to read and was a housing officer for fifteen years. As long as I silent read I’m fine, its reading out loud that I struggle with, I am confident and compitent in most things I do but when I read out load I’m eight years old. I am also a proud stubborn Taurus ?

  •' Gem Maven says:

    Hi, Debra..
    Thanks for sharing info on Mercury in Taurus, which I also have.
    I was a straight “C” student who disliked school intensely. Was afraid of flunking out.
    Found out years later that I have a 139 IQ which is above average.
    Thanks, Mercury in Taurus. 🙁

  •' Julie Mullis says:

    Debra, I love listening to your wisdom! You make me pay attention!
    From a Taurean with moon in Aquarius and Taurus rising

  •' Vanitha says:

    Thank you sooo much . I can now understand how all these years I had just difficult time expressing myself. Letting others know what I feel and think. Sometimes I doubt myself in did I say and do the right thing.
    Over the years I gave become more distant and silent. Then I found I had hidden talents like painting, card reading.. I am comfortable with myself being alone.

  •' Robyn01 says:

    Love your articles.
    I am Gemini Sun, Scorpio moon and also have Mercury in Taurus and a South Node Taurus. Although to my knowledge I don’t have a learning disability ( maybe I actually do haha). Numbers and academia are not my favourite things, so I left school very early and regret that greatly, it is my insecurity despite my achievements. Like many Taurus sun people I have known, I also rebelled against authority. Definitely, my brain works better when there is enough space to slowly work through things. Being verbally bitchy just does not work for me I need more time to think up those quick comments, haha For instance, despite the drawback that mercury retrograde has for me as a Gemini, I appreciate how it slows life down. Personally, I credit those positions with being able to see the long term positions far into the future rather than just the short term implications of situations. Also, I believe it gives a certain stability to the rest of the chart. Unfortunately, those positions don’t seem to come complete with a Sun Taurus style of being lucky at everything. For me whatever I do has to be worked at with exceptional patience and in for the long haul but I usually eventually get to whatever I aim at.

  •' Teresa Marie Latimer says:

    Thank you so much. I see what you mean. I was born June 19th, 1970 in Corning, California, but would like to do both that location and relocation Astrology of my current city Port Angeles, Washington, because I feel some things will show up in my chart that have been difficult to track…my life’s path seems constantly on a higher plane.And with both my sign and rising sign in mercury, I need a little help balancing.Its why I am here.Im highly spiritual and intuitive, but also seem to be constantly on a journey of sorts.I face some blocks and need direction.Seems an awful lot of opposition.The man I write to in another country birthday is in the constellation of Pisces on March 14th, 1989 I think North Africa…between Morocco and Jerusalem…any support would be greatly helpful.My address is Teresa Marie Latimer P.O. Box 452 Port Angeles, Washington, 98362…my Dad died when I was 4, his birthday is April 15th, 1949…having many spiritual experiences…September 23rd, 2017 and the Revelation 12 sign…the[(Virgin)]Woman, the Red Dragon, and the Man-child…my family and I need support.I am highly gifted, but they hold my finances and activities somewhat hostage.I love the man I write to and don’t want him in any danger over our choice.Yes, he is much younger than I am, and in a different place, we have not even gotten to meet personally, Yet.I was wondering if there is anything you could tell me about our charts, but preferrably sent to my P.O.Box as this is VERY personal AND privately intimate to me…thank you for your assistance if you choose to help us…

  •' SHARON D says:

    WOW. Resonating powerfully within my deeply Taurus self.Thank you.

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