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The Sun and Moon in an Earth sign… Hello double Taurus!

However, Saturn and Jupiter are squaring the Sun and Moon — sweet and sour sauce sitting in our world. That square in astro-jargon says: We are not in an easy time.

I think so many of us thought COVID would have passed by now. Sure, we are not on lockdown — that’s true — but there is still so much mystery scaring us.

While we are supposed to be steeped in a delicious Taurus sky describing the yum yum factor, I do not feel it. I feel sad.

I have so much to give thanks for. I am sure if you are reading this, you do too! You have a computer, love in your home, running water, and everything you need. We are in the one percentile — we are surely blessed.

For me, I have a whole new team in my company. I have never felt more secure in my business life. Yes, the double-Earth energy is here; however, there is an overlay of sadness hanging around.

I just arrived back in Boulder. I had no idea why I felt so heavy until I thought… ‘oh my God, an atrocity just occurred here a month ago.’ Ten people were killed in my town. How could that not affect the zeitgeist?

What a downer. Look around: summer is arriving. Real estate in north America is booming. Cyberspace is overpopulated. It’s like Madison Square Garden, only none of us have to find out seat.

Back to double Taurus. How dare we forget to smell the flowers, take off our shoes, and remember what’s important.

If I mention those in India, those in hospital beds who cannot see their loved ones, the lack of oxygen in their hospitals, the number of refugees looking for a home on this planet… we’re back to being sad again.

The sweetness of the double Taurus sky reminds us that the simple pleasures are what matter most in life. May we never take for granted the smell of coffee, a rose, or the top of a baby’s head. And yet, I walk around feeling sad.

Duality rules supreme in this universe. This new moon asks us to go inside and stand away from sweet OR sour.

I had this thought in my mind arrive yesterday: Enlightenment has no preference for happy or sad; it’s indifferent to the outer experience.

During this new moon, let’s try this prayer…
Help me to accept what is.
Give me the peace of simplicity, regardless of the outer world.
Let the sadness and the sweetness be mixed together to create wisdom.

The wisdom of the Buddha (who as we know is a Taurus) said that meditation is the answer to all the questions that create suffering.

The meditation of this week is: Allow me to accept what is.

I’m not very good at this. It’s a practice. I’m determined to fall in love with this place, no matter what.

Pain, pleasure, sadness, joy… Alone together, all that duality will hopefully produce the perfect combo to create sweet and sour sauce, allowing us to find acceptance of what is.

In true double Taurus fashion, indulging in some chocolate, the warmth of a hug, or the comfort of your favorite slippers is going to have to be enough.

Jupiter and Saturn squaring the Sun and Moon surely suggests discomfort.

I’d love to know if you’re experiencing it — let me know in the comments below.



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  •' Julie says:

    Totally feelin’ it. Totally.

  •' MJ says:

    This is exactly what I am feeling. The past few days I have been filled with gratitude and sadness although my life is filled with love, creativity and comfort. I thought it was just me. Thanks for the explanation. Sun in Virgo, Cap Rising, Gemini Moon with a stellium in the 8th house od Scorpio. I’m feeling it!

  •' Faith says:

    I work in Boulder, and am reminded of that tragedy on a daily basis. It is heartbreaking.

    I’m definitely feeling the duality and the discomfort. I’m ending a marriage after a decade together. It’s my decision, and I’m looking forward to the opportunities to come and the direction that the Universe has me currently pointed in, but I can’t help but feel sad as well. Sunday was also the 10th anniversary of my dad’s death. (Lots of tens in my life at the moment.) I know he’s still with me; I get messages from him all the time. And, yet, I can’t help but feel sad. Definitely feeling the duality.

  •' Kalah Dandilion Landgraf says:

    So many things are happening for everybody around me, good and bad, but the baad is just there yo help us see what needs change or adjusting. My whole life needs adjusting and things are a little chaotic for me to the point i had tp leave home. But it is all for good reason and positive growth even though it was messy getting here. I love you Debra! Thank you for all that you do 🙏🏻

  •' Dana Lynn says:

    Yes definitely feeling the deep currents of sadness, helplessness and hopelessness and Not just mine, but a collective felt sense of many. I was just having a couple conversations yesterday about learning and being called to accepting what is no matter it sadness, sorrow, pain, joy, love!!!

  •' Noëlle says:

    Hello Debra, Thank you for sharing your sweet self here. This prayer;
    “Help me to accept what is.
    Give me the peace of simplicity, regardless of the outer world.
    Let the sadness and the sweetness be mixed together to create wisdom.”
    This is the sap and sweet balm our souls need at this time.
    Bless your heart for doing the work you do. You’re not alone in it. We stand together in our star suits – one by one and together – making this world a better place to be.
    We do it by feeling and being gentle with ourselves amidst whatever we find within so as to create more peace in our own minds, hearts and souls. In so doing, our vibrations heal ourselves and others around.
    Thank you for being you, Debra. Your sharing who you are and doing all you do to teach and run your business, helps make this world/ Universe/ Multiverse a better place.

  •' Jeanne Walsh says:

    Hey Debra, I had no idea you lived in Boulder. I too live in Boulder and lost a dear friend, Suzanne, in the KS massacre. It is very heavy to lose someone from such a vicious attack of murder. It does help me to look up at the stars, planets,moon,sun for guidance, comfort . Thanks for your daily insight, I so appreciate it.
    Do you do any private chart readings? Any workshops in Boulder? Anyone you recommend if you do not do private consultation? Thanks,Jeanne

  •' Deborah Reno says:

    Yes. I feel that sweet and sour. All day long. I was just home in Boulder over the weekend and couldn’t shake the content/melancholy.
    Thank you for making sense and allowing it to be okay.

  •' Aaliyah Jada Carter says:

    Just yesterday, I was watching Queer Eye goes to Tokyo and uncontrollably crying to the softness of what they do for people while my friend is crying about a partner who continues to not commit to her. There was the utmost bitter sweetness in that moment- all of it resonating very much.

  •' Gale says:

    I have so many things to be thankful for. I just moved to Savannah I’m twenty minutes from the beach, I have a wonderful Son and a wonderful husband but I still feel sadness. Doing my yoga every day helps along with my meditation. Everything thing just feels heavy.

  •' Roxanne Victor says:

    Respectfully, rather than just accepting what is and seeing to our own personal comfort, I propose we all use our platforms, the small to the large, to fix the world situation. There are cures, better ways to treat the environment, solutions to poverty, ways to unite rather than control, fostering respect for personal choices.. We only need to switch from coping to doing. This from a Virgo sun, Sagittarius rising, Leo moon. Looking forward to more of Meet the Planets.

  •' Kathy Estocin Foley says:

    Debra, Thank you so much for this post. It is perfect timing for me since I loss Tawny last week.
    Sweet to be with my mom in Sedona for mothers day and sadness over the loss of my friend
    and realizing the fact that her beautiful daughters were experiencing their first of many motherless
    mothers days. The tears have been flowing freely and that is also sweet. Much love and light to you
    sweet Deb. XXOO, Kat

  •' Carolyn says:

    As a sensitive person this helps me to ‘do something’ about the suffering in the world maybe it can help you too.

  •' MaryLou Forester says:

    Yes, Debra, I can imagine how you must feel. I so long for peace, love and happiness in this world 🌎. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone would just sit down and “hash” out their differences!!. And, listen to what the stars and planets have to tell us. Maybe if Astrology was more….out there….most of the population would understand why we act the way we do? Even where I am in Virginia it all seems to be getting closer and closer. I sometimes think what it would be like NOT to be here to see all the turmoil! Wishing you the best

  •' Jordan Crumby says:

    Hi Deb! and welcome back to Boulder 🙂 I was at King Soopers, and it’s been difficult to separate from the sadness of life and just experience it. When you said “Enlightenment has no preference for happy or sad; it is indifferent to the outer experience”, my Capricorn Stellium said “DUH Jordan, you’ve had this under control all along, you just couldn’t see past your watery Scorpio sun pain, to your immense strength.” Thank you earth angel!

  •' Kelly says:

    Yes. I felt it big time a few days back. And who bumped me thru it? You did. Your worldwide grin on a YouTube video. So then I tuned back into the universe and was able to be of grace to someone dear in my life who needed it most. Very most. So mahalo nui loa always, Deb. I think Sad is entirely appropriate right now and other nows. And so is gratitude and joy and all those hummingbird moments of intensity and feeling. I just started reading a glorious book: RECAPTURE THE RAPTURE: Rethinking God, Sex, and Death in a World That’s Lost Its Mind by Jamie Wheal.

  •' Trois Montana says:

    Yes, I’m totally feeling all of this. I had tears well up in my eyes reading your beautifully crafted words. It’s like you were reading my emotions these past few days!

  •' Claire says:

    Been sad and tearful for several days. Oddly experienced some exhilaration. Lots of emotion popping and feeling like the other shoes about to drop. I am blessed and hold still, for this too shall pass.

  •' Linda Ferland says:

    Having both Rising & Moon is Taurus I am grounded; but, there have been a few upsets, recently. Good to read uplifting messages from you & wonderful quotes from the Buddha.

  •' Catherine Binswanger says:

    Oh Debra,
    So true as to how I’ve been feeling! Then I feel guilty as you said am so blessed with many gifts of abundance, yet I found my self just sobbing the other night wondering why I just can’t shake this sadness! I was in Denver for almost 12 years both of my children are CU graduates! It never failed to take my breath away driving into Boulder! Meditation last night seems to have lifted me and your pray is what I will keep on repeat throughout my day! Love your videos and your gift . It’s good to know we can heal together ❤️

  •' Lesley Sapper says:

    Thank you for putting into words what I’ve been feeling! his is exactly how I feel! Grateful for what is mine, friends, family and home, but I’m sad. I cry often over what is happening our would, but yet love to see the rose bloom and the birds on the feeder, nature is awesome! This brings me joy. I love the pray and will practice it as I am struggling to accept what is.

  •' Colleen Delaney says:

    That’s beautiful and so poetic because I can say I almost feel guilty at enjoying the small pleasures when we have this huge white elephant in the room that we are just trying to pretend is now “normal”. We are still in a lockdown in my country and people are suffering. This time in our lives has brought out the best in some people and the worst in others. That duality that you speak about.
    I honestly think as a collective we haven’t had the time to deal with our grief over what this “pandemic/plandemic” (stating this terminology as so many have different views on it) has meant for us as a human race. At the end of the day, we have all suffered a trauma and it is going to need to be processed in our psyches. So while counting my blessings, I am sending prayers too that we overcome this, having evolved in the best possible way for our Highest Good and that of our Universe, as souls having a human experience.

  •' Diana says:

    I feel it. All I want to do is stay in bed under the comforter and resting. I dont even have an appetite.
    Allow me to accept what is!

  •' Lindsay Laughlin says:

    This spoke to me so much. I am going through a similar experience. Just having got back home. To a duller reality, I am having a hard time transitioning in. Augh! Your words help and the prayer is awesome. Thank you.

  •' Lina says:

    Debra, I thought you were describing how I’ve been feeling! It’s exactly it! I have been telling myself I have to let go and let God. Acceptance has been my motto for the last 6 years and it really helps. 😉

  • Thank you Debra for this word picture that describes the emotional dichotomy I’m feeling . . . Made my Gratitude list this morning, gardening, and self care . . .this too shall pass 🙏

  •' Sophia says:

    feelin’ this 100%. sending love to everything and everyone today ✨💜✨

  •' Linda Crose-Andersen says:

    I love that! “Allow me to accept what is” So much peace in that statement. I was feeling sad but decided a couple days ago that this is not for my highest good. Faced what was causing it, started working on it and now will accept what is! Beautiful!

  •' Lauren Falwell says:

    Drenched in emotions as of late, sadness, anger, hopelessness, fear. Not knowing which way to turn or who to trust. Looking for answers and finding more questions?? Not sure about much of astrology except my horoscopes have been pretty accurate. Really hoping to understand my charts, soon. 🤦🏻‍♀️😣

  •' Debi says:

    Yes, totally feeling the duality, I’m almost afraid to feel happy
    I will try to accept what is, it just seems to feel like a monumental task.
    Gratitude must be the key. Thank you 🙏🥰💕

  •' Lalaina Castle says:

    We’ve had covid for the last week. After canceling Mother’s Day plans and such, I’m definitely feeling the duality. Such sadness over missing my family and grands, yet so very grateful for all that is .

  • Triple earth sign and feel all the emotions through the Taurus Sun, Capricorn Rising, and Virgo Moon lenses. Thankfully, like others said here acceptance is a prevailing force thanks to a long time recovery in a 12 step program. With that said I can also share and thank you for your beautiful prayer.

  •' Vikki says:

    Definitely feeling the sadness~ So much upheaval and uncertainty in my life right now. ….

  • I thought it was going to be smooth sailing lately, only having 4 more weeks of work left. Since then my energy has been all over the place covering for co-workers. Though Ive tried to make the most of it and encourage myself to start each class with a positive approach ( as an elementary tutor/aide ) but doesn’t seem to last very long, My energy feels zapped !
    I know I have choices in life and will continue to look for the positives. ⭐️

  •' Richard Rohde says:

    Its the first time in my life I feel old & have been active all my life.
    Thanks for being you Debra

  •' Alejandra Rodríguez Medina says:

    This is exactly how I’e been feeling these days… Yesterday, I found myself posting a Rumi’s poem on my facebook wall, that speaks of accepting whatever comes to us. I share it with you, in gratitude for your wise and kind words.
    The Guest House
    This being human is a guest house.
    Every morning a new arrival.
    A joy, a depression, a meanness,
    some momentary awareness comes
    as an unexpected visitor.
    Welcome and entertain them all!
    Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,
    who violently sweep your house
    empty of its furniture,
    still, treat each guest honorably.
    He may be clearing you out
    for some new delight.
    The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
    meet them at the door laughing,
    and invite them in.
    Be grateful for whoever comes,
    because each has been sent
    as a guide from beyond.



  •' Grete Anai says:

    Fantastic, Debra! And exactly!
    I just had my Birthday and all you say apply to how I’ve been feeling…. and to the messages and advice I got from the Tarot 🥰
    You say is to unbelievable well! Thank youuu 💥🙏

  •' Gene says:

    Not feeling so much sorrow for myself, but for my country and what I see happening in the world. There is always, however, a silver lining.

    Sometimes I lose interest in astrology because it seems that so much is based on feeling experiences and personal emotions. I am more concerned about mundane astrology and what the future holds. Astrology is not superficial, but I feel we often make it that way by focusing on some little microscopic thing when there is a whole world out there, and specific things happening.

    Deep down inside I think we all realize that some really big things are about to pop, and they may not be pretty. That doesn’t mean we don’t feel good things as well, but the darkness comes before the dawn and that is what we often see, or, shall I say, don’t see.

  •' Nicole says:

    So much discomfort, disharmony & friction in my personal relationships with my family. I am soul tired & feeling fed up 😭

  •' Judy Longstreth says:

    I feel it. The last few days have saddened me. So much going and so many things to try to recover from the losses and changes.

  •' Alle says:

    “Strife & Exhilaration” are my subs in that prayer lol (like my triple fire sun/moon/rising endeavoring to prevail & soaring with gratitude for gifts received while longing to simply settle into the comfort in which my Mars in Taurus wants to nest). Thank you for this, Debra. Very on the nose re global & local external vis a vis personal internal–great advice on centering & simplifying in order to best accomplish tasks & meet needs. Nice to know of the planetary configuration triggers…and your & community here sharing both is so supportive. Not just me <3

  •' Nancy McKay says:

    Oh my gosh yes. I am writing ‘gratefuls’ everyday

  •' Eibh says:

    QUESTION: how do I receive the June planets classes ?
    I only know Zoom, YouTube, email…..I already spent 200 plus
    for class I did use and am unwilling to pop 500$ despite
    my desire to study planets…..
    Please inform ! and I did not receive free Saturn from today

    •' Melinda Janicki says:

      Hi Eibh – if you purchased already the welcome email gives you access to the class zoom links via our online community. The Saturn class will be delivered on May 28th when the cart closes for the planets class. If you have not purchased yet the planets class can be purchased here: If you have further questions you can email our customer support desk at 😃

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