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Taurus Personality Traits: The Definitive Guide

Taurus Personality Traits

Taurus Personality Traits – Debra Silverman Astrology

Welcome to the definitive guide to the Taurus Personality traits.

On this page, we are about to take you on an adventure through the heart and soul of a Taurean.

You will learn everything you need to know about those born a Taurus.

From the dates relevant to the Taurus sign to celebrities who also are fellow Taureans.

And of course, we will cover what makes those who fall under the sign of Taurus such special and unique beings.

Taurus is one of the most recognisable signs of the zodiac. The imagery of the Bull stirs up a variety of feelings to others.

Stong, aggressive and a force be reckoned with is often the views of many of the Taurean sign.

However, in our ultimate guide to Taurus personality traits, we are going to teach you the truth about Taureans.

From their personality to compatibility, we leave no stone unturned in our epic guide.

So please sit back and enjoy our journey through the stars.

What Month Is Taurus

Taurus is one of the most easily recognizable signs of the zodiac.

Born between April 20th and May 20th, the sign of Taurus is represented by the bull.

The sign falls into the element of Earth.

The heart and soul of a Taurean is a beautiful place to spend some time, so let’s investigate this complex and powerful sign.

We’ll look at how to pick out a Taurean in a crowd.

We’ll discover what makes this sign tick and what really drives the bull mad about people and situations!

What Type of Person is a Taurus?

Beautiful, sweet Taurus. We love you so much, if only you could see yourself as we do! This is a frustrating aspect to many typical Taureans – they suffer from a life-long, low-grade, but constant, insecurity. Ruled by Venus, they are typically truly lovely to look at, they have melodic voices and are calm, sensual people to spend time with. However, tell a Taurus just how wonderful they are and be prepared for a look of utter disbelief! As much as we value our beloved Taureans, they’ll readily provide a list of their faults and shortcomings which may surprise you. And don’t think for a moment that they’re fishing for compliments when they tell you how unattractive they feel, they do really suffer from a low sense of self-value.

Taurus is ruled by the element Earth. This, teamed with Venus, gives them a love of all things beautiful and sensuous. They love nature, art, music and food (sometimes they like food a little too much!) They’ll delight in dressing well, in the finest materials and most classical cuts. Their homes reflect their earthy beauty and their lives are usually ordered and well-organized.

In fact, Taurus loves organization. Living in chaos can be dangerous. Taureans want to feel safe and secure. They’ll be able to tell you where their bank statements are and where the guarantee is for the kettle they bought five years ago. Safety and security is a big driving force for many people born under this sign of the zodiac. They appreciate comfort and predictability. Pull the rug from under a Taurean’s feet and they’re not going to take it well.

Material possessions make a Taurus feel secure. If your friend has a stash of cash under their bed and their cupboard filled with wholesale pallets of tinned food, they’re manifesting a typical Taurean trait. Seeking security comes naturally to a Taurean – it’s what makes them tick.

As well as cash, don’t be surprised to find Taurus hoarding gold jewelry. Not only does this sign have an affinity and love for the precious metal – gold is a great investment and Taurus really ‘gets’ this logic. This is why they’ll save rather than spend. If you’re dining out with a Taurus, don’t be surprised if they expect you to pay the bill. They’re too busy saving a rainy day to pay for your lunch! But, this doesn’t mean they’re stingy all the time. If you really need money for something and a Taurus knows this, they’ll be the first to dig into their stash to make sure you get what you must have!

Taureans are comforting people to be around. They exude stability and are sometimes called the ‘tree of the zodiac’. Just like an ancient tree, they’re strong, reliable and can weather many a storm due to their deep roots. The symbol of this zodiac sign is the bull. Like a bull, they are headstrong and have a notoriously bad temper – and have you ever tried to get a bull to do something they don’t want to do?

Taurean’s bull-like stubborn streak is well-known. From early childhood, Taureans know their own minds and won’t be swayed once they’ve dug their heels in. Back to that temper – they’re usually slow-fused people and can put up with a lot. But once a Taurus blows their top, you don’t want to be around!

At their most extreme, their negative traits can come across as boring or mundane. It’s not that life doesn’t excite the bull, they just don’t see the point of rushing around doing everything there is to do when you can focus on one thing and do it really well. Another thing that turns them off is change. Taureans love things that have a routine to them. They are ritualistic and like to repeat patterns – they’ll even repeat the things they say! Change is risky to a Taurean. Why change anything that isn’t broken? With this in mind, think very carefully before you plan a surprise party for a person born in May. Chances are they’ll take one look, turn on their heel and charge for the nearest exit.

A lot of people naturally lean on Taurus. And Taurus doesn’t mind that. They like to provide stability for those they care for. They don’t need to lean on many people as they trust themselves most in this respect. In fact, Taurus is a nurturer. The people they hold close to their hearts will have someone who constantly watches their back. But, beware of breaking arrangements or not doing exactly what you’d said you’d do. Taurus is likely to be outraged if you promise something and fail to deliver. They like to know exactly what is planned, when and with whom. Let a Taurus down by cancelling something you’ve promised and it’s likely the bull will stamp his feet.

As long as you reward Taurus’s incredible depth of loyalty and authenticity with your own, they will be as sweet as anyone can be. It’s actually hard to get rid of a committed Taurus friend who respects you. Just be aware that they expect the same level of loyalty from you that comes so naturally from their own truly kind and devoted soul.

Who is Taurus Compatible With?

Taureans crave stability, safety and security. They don’t like change and can struggle with people who are constantly on the go. In general, Taureans will find it easy to spend time with other Earth signs – Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus. They are also compatible with Air signs, Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. To see a more detailed description of Taurean compatibility, click here.

Who is Taurus Not Compatible With?

Taurus can find energetic signs challenging. Taureans don’t like being told what to do, so relationships with the naturally bossier signs can be problematical. To see a more detailed description of which signs Taurus clicks with and which signs are a struggle, click here.

What is the Personality of a Taurus Female?

Ok, so you have a Taurus lady in your life. The first thing to remember is that you’re going to need not only deep, but generous pockets. Taurus females are often unashamedly materialistic. Buy her expensive gifts and she’ll see this as a token of your feelings. With this same logic in mind, don’t buy from the bargain bin or get her second best. Taurus loves fine quality and anything else may be taken as an insult!

Another sure way to your Taurus female’s heart is through food and drink. As a sensual sign, she just loves to eat luxurious foods and dine out – just don’t make it somewhere too busy as she doesn’t like crowds. Make her home-cooked food and buy the best ingredients you can. She’ll really appreciate it and will return the favor. If you’re buying chocolates, make sure you get the box that is labelled ‘the luxury collection’ and pay attention to the presentation. Even if you don’t notice how a box of simple chocolates is wrapped, she will!

If you really want to make an impression on a woman born in May, buy her gold jewellery. Something about gold jewellery makes Taurus feel all warm and fluffy inside. It’s most probably the association with security and stability combined with good craftsmanship. Whatever you do, never buy her something that’s fake. She will take it as a personal criticism and a huge disappointment!

Another great gift for your Taurean lady is something beautiful to wear. She likes her clothes just like she likes everything else – expensive, sensual and classical. Don’t give her something outlandish or cheap to wear, she won’t like it. It’s also important you bear in mind that this woman is inherently shy. She doesn’t like crowds and rarely likes being the center of attention – unless it’s your attention in a one-to-one situation.

This woman has a continual internal dialogue which is usually self-critical. Support her, look after her and tell her how beautiful is, even if she acts like she doesn’t want to hear it. The more you can do to balance her internal self-criticism, the happier and more secure she’ll feel

Remember – Taurus is deeply insecure and has a drive to find emotional safety. Be the person that makes her feel beautiful. Don’t let your eyes stray to another female – she’ll never forgive you and she’ll never forget. She needs a lot of reassurance and compliments. If you can make her feel special in this way, she’ll reward you by being the best girlfriend you can imagine.

She’s loyal, attentive and loves to nurture. Taurean women make excellent mothers and pet-owners. They adore having someone or something to look after that depends on them. She delights in making a beautiful home for her family, who see her as the rock in the storm and the glue that holds them all together.

What is the Personality of a Taurus Male?

A Taurus man is like the mighty oak tree standing straight and tall in the middle of the storm. Shelter beneath him and know that he’ll always be there with his strong arms around you. He’s the ultimate provider and is never caught on the hop financially at the end of the month. He’ll know what’s in the bank, what’s coming out of the bank and when. He’s not going to leave himself or his family short, he wouldn’t dream of it.

Taurus man has a love of material possessions and understands the value of saving. In fact, saving makes him feel successful. Ask a Taurus man if he has a secret stash of cash somewhere and he’ll likely look away quickly. Although he’s not going to brag about it, he loves to hoard and nothing pleases him more than hoarding money!

He’s great with numbers, all Taureans are. Numbers are constant and reliable – both qualities that appeal to him. Numbers don’t act differently because they’re in a different mood. Numbers don’t add up differently depending on how you look at them. This pleases Taurus man. He likes to know the order of things and what to expect at every step of the journey. Surprises make him uncomfortable – even good ones. If you can’t predict what’s going to happen, where’s your security in life?

He loves routine and will have rituals that he sticks to. Don’t suggest to him that he might want to change where he keeps his socks or start watching a new TV channel. If that was a better option, he would already have done it. In fact, it’s not unusual to find Taurus man watching re-runs of his favorite series – the routine of repetition makes him feel secure.

Just like all born under this sign, Taurus man has a never-ending quest to find safety and security. He won’t be impressed at all if you change plans or suggest you do something outside of the norm. He’ll always want to eat at the same restaurant, for example. He loves food to the point where he may well end up overweight if he doesn’t apply his strict sense of order to his own eating habits.

Taureans are rarely naturally athletic. Don’t expect to find him muddied up on the football field every weekend or running long distances in the rain. For one, that’s not comfortable for him. Secondly, he’s not all that competitive and would rather do something slow and relaxing to keep fit, hiking is a great idea for him.

Like all Taureans, he suffers from almost persistent low self-esteem. Deep inside, he just doesn’t think he’s good enough. With this in mind, he’s going to need a lot of attention to balance out this natural tendency to self-criticize. Let him know that you appreciate what he does for you and tell him that thing are going well. Otherwise, he’ll never be sure. This may trigger his natural insecurity and a bull with self-doubt is a bull who’ll run away rather than live in a state of emotional confusion.

Good Careers for a Taurus

Both male and female Taureans excel in careers that involve numbers and order. They like to work on absolutes and enjoy paying attention to detail.

They are also good at building and creating. Many exceptional architects are born under this sign as using precision and creativity to build a home is something that really appeals to them.

The Venus ruler of this sign creates individuals who are very often artistically gifted. Taureans are often accomplished artists or musicians. Their affinity with numbers and routine makes them great with percussion instruments. Although they’re artistic, being in front of an audience doesn’t really appeal to them. They’d rather work behind the scenes. Their artistic talents are likely to be in creating something tangible rather than abstract, with this in mind, they make excellent pottery artists or jewellery makers.

Taking a Taurean on Holiday

If you’re holidaying with a Taurus, there are some things to bear in mind to make sure your trip is a success. Firstly, Taurus isn’t really a big fan of crowds and being pushed around. A trip to a theme park with massive queues just isn’t going to appeal to them. Similarly, crowded cities are just not their thing.

Think about holidaying somewhere that is quieter and comfortable. They don’t demand the height of luxury, but they’re not going to settle for poor standards – so choose your hotel with this in mind.

A Taurean will love to spend time on the beach, hiking in the countryside and eating at fine restaurants. They don’t want the high life, they want the good life.

Taurus isn’t a fan of constant movement and rushing around. They also like to have a say, if not be in charge, of daily activities. A coach trip could possibly be their worst nightmare – all that movement, being confined to a tight space and no choice in destination.

The Taurus Child

Children born under this sign can be difficult, especially in their younger years. Unless your Taurean little one really wants to do something, be prepared for them to flat-out refuse! Battles with Taurean children can be frustrating for parents and carers as the notorious Taurus stubborn streak is strong in childhood. The Taurus child is often happy to spend time alone in their room, which may be as messy as hell. They can be possessive with their toys and really don’t take much delight in social activities.

Taurean children might not want to go to a party, they might not even want to visit family and they don’t take naturally to study. Before you become annoyed with your Taurus, remember that they are naturally shy. Activities at school, like reading in front of the class, can seem extremely daunting. Give them time to find their feet, though, and they’ll eventually come out of their shell.

As Taurus child develops, you’ll find that they’ll start to take more interest in school. Once they grasp something practical, there’s no holding them back. They love numbers, structure and practical subjects, like science.

Remember, many people born under this sign struggle with self-confidence. Your Taurus child needs a lot of love, support and encouragement to try new things and truly find their own enormous inner-strength.


So, there you have it our complete look at the lovable Taurus personality.

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