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How Astrology Can Change Your Life: The Month of Taurus

How Astrology Can Change Your Life: The Month of Taurus - Debra Silverman Astrology

With astrology, you can discover your true purpose in this lifetime and have a clear road map to follow on your path. With the guide of astrology you can make it through the bumpy parts in the road by following the advice of the stars and planets—the one constant in this ever-changing world.

Because most of planet earth is in so much distress during the month of Taurus, there’s a general feeling of unease. Emotional wisdom dictates that no matter what happens, we must be gentle and kind to each other during times like these.

So, how can astrology help you change your life when lately everything—especially change—makes you feel uneasy or out of control? All signs are pointing to finding a way to create a sense of inner calm.

The Month of Taurus: Time To Create Inner Safety And Security

The sun is in Taurus from April 21 to May 21. Taurus is an Earth sign, representing earthy people who like stability, safety and security. Taurus style is to be copasetic—they love to keep everything very simple. They are very routine and ritualistic. Taurus loves when everything is perfectly organized and that happy feeling when all their bills are paid on time. Predictability makes them comfortable—no wild surprises for the Taurus, please!

Unfortunately for Taurus, at the beginning of the Taurus month the moon is Aries, which is all about changing things up. As a collective consciousness we’re all feeling a little unhinged with all the change. In order to feel safe, we’re going to have to take it upon ourselves to create a sense of inner security this year.

The first thing we can do is to get ourselves grounded; being grounded just means being present. You can use the fire energy of Aries to be present and turn your awareness on. Taurus tends to wait for things to happen, but they also love the elements, so maybe now is the time to remember how much fun it is to be on planet earth.

Get out, smell the flowers (and the coffee), savor your favorite delicious foods and all the sensual pleasures and beauty provided by Mother Earth.

You can create a sense of inner calm and safety by being grounded and energized. Love your family, your work and above all remember the pleasure of being in your body and being on earth. Taurus also rules the throat, so now’s the time to speak up—holding things in never works out well for anyone, so be brace and voice your thoughts.

Debra Silverman Astrology: Join Me, Change Your Life

Astrology is powerful…and it’s fun. Wanna know why? Because it’s all about you of course! Many recent developments have made people more aware of a need for change. Books about “spirituality” have never been as popular or commonplace because we are growing as individuals and as a world.

It’s an unfortunate truth that evolution and growth occurs primarily when we learn through mistakes…and as a species, we have a long history of making mistakes. Wouldn’t it be great to change the way we “learn our lessons?” I would love to help people learn, change and grow the easy way, with astrology.

Sure, there are still people who think of astrology as some sort of parlor game, a silliness not to be taken seriously, and definitely not a science. However, not very long ago, psychology had its own stigma and no one wanted to admit they were going to a “shrink.” Remember that?

As a psychologist I know that psychology is good for pathology or problem-solving. However, I also believe that astrology, and the understanding that zodiac signs belong to four elements, achieves something magical. By practicing astrology with me you will learn how to celebrate your individuality and uniqueness. Astrology can help us see potential by offering deep psychological insight and predicting timing and cycles.

As I discuss in my book, The Missing Element astrology helps you become an agent of change—in yourself and therefore the world around you. As a parent, my mission has always been to offer a positive future for my children. My work in astrology is meant to share what I have found that holds wisdom and hope. However, it’s really YOU who has the personal power to make a difference. The power to create change resides inside YOU. I am the catalyst, the guide, that can connect you with that power.

Astrology gives you permission to step into your soul’s purpose and use the gifts you came into this world to share. Astrology changed my life, I’m 100% sure it can change yours.

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