Tell Me A Story

Shed your story...create a new one.

The new online program with
Debra Silverman, M.A.
Astrologer & Psychothera

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We all have stories we tell ourselves...

Thoughts create our reality... Metaphysics 101.

Becoming conscious of the stories you tell yourself is the practice of the observer.

The observer is the access point to your enlightenment and freedom. comes Tell Me A Story!

Tell Me A Story is an online program that has been designed based on 40+ years of my therapeutic experience answering the questions:

How do I give you back your power?

What is your story?

What is the broken record you can't turn off?

How can you reframe that story from the soul's point of view?

The 4 Elements carry the wisdom we are all waiting for.

The voice of your wisdom is waiting in the wings.

What You'll Learn

Let's Take A Dive

In this module, we'll start by diving deep into your story. Before we can heal it, we have to hear it. No filter, no edits, just the truth.

Air Conditioning

Now that you've heard yourself tell your story, the patterns become obvious. Everyone has a broken record in their psyche, and in order to heal it, you must first identify it.

When The Tires Hit The Road

There is a part of you that has great wisdom. When asked the right questions in the right setting, your higher self will emerge. You will be amazed at the wisdom that is waiting in the wings.

Transformation City

Now is the time to change our internal and external narrative while activating your observer. Transformation always stands next to our ability to witness without judgment.

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Join us as we help YOU rewrite your story, speak your truth and be held by others who are doing the same!

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