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Trevor Hall with Debra Silverman Astrology

Sometimes you meet someone and you feel instant connection.

We all know that feeling, right? I know it sounds trite, yet this is exactly what happened to me when I met Trevor Hall and his wife Emory. They instantly become family. What was so exciting is they both jumped in with a huge interest in astrology. They both knew nothing of it when we started–and are now avid students.

In fact, the songs in Trevor’s latest album, The Fruitful Darkness, include astrological themes in search of understanding and healing. Music is his way of connecting with the divine, so when you hear his voice and style you will sense his spirit. He is an old soul and his music is similar to chanting so it soothes and heals; particularly the new album he wrote as he went through Saturn return. I so encourage you to check him out.

The Fruitful Darkness was inspired from Trevor’s personal experience with Saturn. I was fortunate enough to be invited to see through his eyes, as we together traversed into his chart and its lessons.

Every person goes through a Saturn return at 28, and then again at 58. Yes, everyone must travel through an opening and find out whether you are willing to change or if you will resist. Saturn is not always challenging, but it is surely indication that change is here. Trevor did a powerful job describing Saturn return — including the beauty in it.

Connecting Deeper with the Ancient Science of Astrology

It’s fascinating that so many Millennials — like Trevor Hall — are focused on alternate forms of spirituality—including studying the stars. It seems that Millennials are shying away from traditional religion; they are craving more meaningful wisdom opening the doors to the study of astrology. According to an in-depth article from PBS nearly two-thirds of the Millennial generation believe in God or a universal spirit—they have just walked away from organized religion.

Millennials are breaking away from religious institutions because those institutions exclude our ever-changing world. So many Millennials are exploring mindfulness practices such as yoga, meditation, Reiki and astrology for insights, direction, therapeutic healing and connection. I get it — why be stuck on the old systems when they seem so dated?

I am prejudiced and always want to plug astrology. Why? Because astrology helps us better understand our character and our purpose. Astrology gives us the tools to be ourselves and cultivate authentic relationships, providing a language to distinguish why we do what we do and why we are all so individualistic.

Debra Silverman Astrology

Debra Silverman has over 40 years of professional experience using her psychological spiritual model of astrology to help heal and guide individuals on their life’s journey. By incorporating her Master’s in clinical psychology and the ancient scientific method of astrological charting, Debra can teach you to navigate the highs and lows of your life. The darkness, as Trevor Hall suggests, can be fruitful. Let Debra uncover what is possible for your life. Explore everything Debra has to offer.

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