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Your Valentine’s Astrological Reading! Love Will Steer The Stars

Valentine's Astrological Reading with Debra Silverman Astrology

On Valentine’s this year, the 14th and 15th of February, the moon and Jupiter are conjunct in Libra.

I am sure you have looked up at the heavens and wondered what is that bright star next to the moon—go look up, while holding hands with your sweetie and impress her/him that you know the stars. It indicates that the moon—which rules the water on our planet, our tears, our hearts is standing right next to Jupiter which is 300 times the size of earth and represents joy, and abundance in the sign of the romantic: Libra. What a great combo. They call this divine timing.

Libra is the most indecisive sign in the zodiac and where they show up big time is waffling about being in a relationship. “I love him, and I care but…” or “…she is the love of my life—but what about ol’ what’s her name?” or “I loved being single and not having to answer to him, well, then I love being married and connected.”

Half of the Libra wants to be in relationships and to be married, and the other half of us can’t wait to go out to find someone to be passionately in love with again. It is a virtual ping-pong game going on in our brains. When you are single you are alone and when you are partnered you never get time alone.

Talking about whatever’s going on in your relationship is the quickest way to make your relationship become hot and exciting again. When we speak to the unspeakable and bring it to the forefront that freedom and liberation can become an aphrodisiac.

Ask you partner these questions:

  • What do you like about our relationship?
  • What would you change?
  • What do you think hurts me and bothers me?
  • What do I think hurts you?
  • Are we good?
  • Do we need counsel?

I have always said: why don’t we learn about relationships in school, and how to balance a check book and budget? We need one class in money and one in relationship. No one has yet learned how to fight. Our politics say it all: we stand on two sides of the playground and yell at each other. Relationship is the platform to display adulthood and wisdom. In fact, in Astrology the greatest lessons of all are described as Saturn in Libra. This is what we call an exaltation. To learn how to be close to another and be kind, respectful, to grow and most of all to forgive and be forgiven.

Here is the great Valentine conversation of all: speak to your vulnerabilities. Here I will help you:

A list of ways to improve your relationship according to your sign.

Aries: Admit that you’re super independent and that you tend to push people away by not needing anyone.

Taurus: Admit that you are super dependent that you get hurt if are not needed.

Gemini: Admit that you really have a need to communicate and that if your partner is not interested in you, you will flirt elsewhere.

Cancer: You can be insecure and then go off by yourself rather then tell the truth of how much you really do care.

Leo: You need a lot of attention It’s ok to admit that to your partner…ask them: “Can we celebrate me and dress up and be in love again?”

Virgos: You like to be alone. And sometimes your insecurity about not being enough needs attention or an honest conversation. Talk about your vulnerabilities—its sexy.

Libra: You’re indecisive. You are both in and out of a relationship. You need space to be able to come back in with your sweet charming appeal.

Scorpio: Can you admit that sometimes you push someone away to see if they really love you? It’s a hard truth, but it is so refreshing when you speak of your depths.

Sagittarius: You want to be in love and loud. So take the freedom to suggest an adventure to do that will reunite the two of you.

Capricorns: Sometimes you forget to bring home flowers and a kiss as if there was nothing else on your mind–just your sweetie and you. No kids, no work just s/he.  You are so good when you try: give it an extra effort this Valentine’s Day.

Aquarius: You hate Valentine’s Day. No one tells you when or how to be romantic. Do it your own way, just remember to write a card—s/he’ll love it.

Pisces: You’re a little lovebird and get your feelings hurt so easily. Tell your partner that you just need a little more affection so you don’t feel so lonely. It’s so sweet when you open up without complaining.

The quickest way to turn your partner on is to speak to the unspeakable. Astrology helps you with intimacy. “Into me I see” = intimacy and Astrology helps us start those hard conversations.

Depth and eye contact are the aphrodisiacs. I know this part of my personality probably drives you crazy…let’s talk about it. Doing it under the moon and Jupiter sky this Valentine’s Day and let us know how it goes.

Practice before hand: what would you say?

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