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If the sun is in Pisces, and the Moon is full, any astrologer will know that this full moon is hanging out in the constellation called Virgo. The two are opposing—180 degrees apart—implying that they speak in opposite languages.

One is fluid, poetic—sounds like a rapper. Pisces speaks in broken rhythms, cryptic, small, bite-sized bits. It uses art, music, jewelry and great decorating as its specialty.

Virgo is its opposite: the analyst, organized accountant, nutritionist or student. Virgo is the scientist who memorizes details.

The Sun is 93 million miles away from our crazy blue-green planet. Virgo would know that the full moon this month falls at 1 degree for both the Sun and the Moon. They just ‘know’ little details—they remember or they write it down on 3×5 cards. Meanwhile, Pisces is dreaming, looking up at the night sky saying: “Wow, let’s write a poem to the Moon,” as they drift off into silence having a love affair with an image.

One dreams, the other brings the dream into form.

I love this combo. I have applied its influence. I dreamed that one day I would have a school. I didn’t understand the details: I just knew in my heart of hearts for years and years that I had a dream (that’s my MLK Pisces).

My Virgo just kept on working. I must have done at least one session every day of the week for years and years…thousands of sessions. Little did I know that all the hard work would pay off one day in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

You never know, do you Pisces, just how your dreams will come true. You can’t see details—you just know that your heart calls you to walk in the dark without looking back or even really knowing where you are going.

Virgo says: let’s make a plan Stan. Let’s have a schedule and structure in place to fulfill the dream. Write it down, ask for help. I can’t say that I manifested our school, by following a plan Stan. I followed my heart.

That’s been going on for a very long time. I trust so much that if I just keep giving, if I just keep serving, if I just keep loving, eventually there will be magic.

It gets exhausting on this planet to have faith when there is so little evidence that we are evolving. There are so many times it looks like we are stagnant or stuck—as a collective, as individuals, as a species.

Honestly, said the Pisces, never let go of the dream. I see a world where we can trust each other. I see a world where we know who our people are. We have friends and family that have our backs. I see a time that we will know how to let go when the cycle is over and the shelf life demands that we let go.

This full moon is a time to celebrate what we have. I’m celebrating that our school starts this week. Tell me what you are celebrating. Tell me what your dreams are…I love to read your feedback.



  •' Rebecca Gilhula says:

    That was beautiful! I might have a tear in my eye but I won’t admit it… I am celebrating that your school starts this week too! Very excited! xo

  • Hello Debra, so lovely words – just entered your school (Level 1) and I’m so so glad I followed my intuition (listening to your voice your words your Soul with my heart) everything seems to fall in places in my soul, in my heart, in my surroundings, . can’t use very much of “astrology terminology” describing this but my soul feels (water, stillness) I’m absolutely in the “right” place and I hope with strong faith that my dreams will reveal themselves, I’m open … . Blessings to you and everyone on this VIrgo Full Moon from Ellen (a Virgo-Sun, Aquarius-Moon+Rising), Hamburg, Germany

  •' Alejandra Rojas says:

    Hi Debra!
    I am changing to a new house. It’s the first time I have something that is mine…I am very exited! New begining….?

    •' QD says:

      My birthday was Feb. 22nd. I’m looking for a new place to live.
      Since my roommate had an emotional breakdown that started around the Jan. 2019 full moon (his divorce was finalized)
      and locked me out of my home I’ve had for the last 2 yrs.,
      I’ve had to get police, attorneys and courts involved to get my belongings out of his house.
      He, being a Scorpio, answered the never-before locked door with a shotgun cocked.
      My natal Moon in Cancer, conjunct by Saturn has been bombarded by Pluto for years.
      This will be my fourth or fifth move in the last 10 yrs.
      I’ve moved in and out with friends 4 different times since, Feb. 4th.
      Currently, I’m looking for a peaceful and protected place to call my own.
      May this Moon cycle bring me helpful closure.

  •' Whitney Hughes says:

    Oh my gosh! This was beautiful!
    I have a Pisces North Node in the 6th house & south node in Virgo in 12th house. Never really know which direction I’m headed hahaha. Currently exploring my dharma and living my purpose. My dream is to live my mission & share my passion & gifts with the world – to create a business around fulfilling my purpose. This is the reality I choose to create. Sometimes I get lost in dream land & the reality of Virgo can be scary sometimes lol. Thank you for sharing!

  •' Dominique Laniel says:

    Thank you Debra, I am a pisce and a dreamer and with a plan and lots of?♥️❤️ I believe . It really felt good to read this and congratulations on your school I look forward to being a student soon. All the best and happy full moon.

  •' karen says:

    I am celebrating my up coming move to Indiana

  •' Jill says:

    My dreams are for a new world to begin very soon. I dont need to know the details, I just know that after the ending of a near 40 year marriage and spending my 60th birthday completely alone last year in November in another country facing my fears and demons, that I am strong enough and wise enough now to embark on my new life adventure. I have learned all the life lessons that my Libra Rising and Aries Moon have taught me and i’m about to ascend into happiness and abundance of life knowing myself like ive never known myself before…..
    and in 2020 when im financially able to I’ll be joining your astrology classes to learn more of your wisdom ???????
    You are inspirational.
    Thank goodness the Virgo and Pisces in you never gave up on your dream.
    You are an earth angel shining your light, love and humour onto us.
    Thank you Debra ??????????????

    •' Cynthia says:

      Hi Jill!
      I also have just ended a nearly 40 yr marriage, spent 5 months alone been in another country, and am on a journey to find my courage, strength and the deep wisdom I carry inside to continue on my amazing adventure a faith. I have faced many demons, my ego and still walk thru my fears. I am a Pisces. And I do not know how I will get through the Journey but I dream of the financial ability to also study and live an abundantly joyful life! I have discovered more than I ever dreamed possible! Thank you for your post it has encouraged me! I have two years till my 60th birthday! And I am dreaming of having a celebration beats all others!
      Thank you Debra for for introducing me to astrology and for following your Pisces dream!
      Love and light!

    •' Diane Derenzis says:

      That is beautiful! I too just ended a 30 year marriage and it is the best for me! I am able to find my true calling now . I am open spiritually ❤️ I wish you the best and remember we are never truly alone ?

    •' LaShawn McGee says:

      Hi Jill
      I don’t know what made me read your comment, but help me in more ways than you’ll ever know.

  •' Susan Ingram says:

    My dreams are to help veterans find their way back into society and help Make A wish foundation offer wishes to those in need….I am manifesting acreage to be able to house, train and support our men and women children that are in need; spiritually, mentally and physically; to be able to hunt, fish and spend time in nature, to be able to connect with the universe.

  •' Stephanie Laney says:

    I love this. 🙂

  •' Lauren Rose Wieczor says:

    Sunday I had a nightdream that I was on THE NEW EARTH. Everyone was kind to each other and even strangers greeted each other with a hug.
    This indeed is one of my most cherished dreams, to be on a planet where LUV prevails.

  •' Tyra Smith says:

    Mrs Debra I am celebrating the fact that I have overcome some diffucult obstacles (life lessons) through out my whole life and in the last year I have overcome the darkforces within. Most of all I am celebrating that I am clean of all the toxic people and things that were holding me back from living my life to the fullest. I have always been able to forgive so easily my whole life . for example: I forgave my step dad and step brother when I was about 17 although it did bother me still deep inside but I have also over come that in my late 20’s. I am finally free from all. I can tell you I have broken the pattern of abuse in my life. I am finally happy and thankful for everything the universe as giving me. Need I also say that I have learned more in the last year about myself and my spiritual side than I have learned my whole life. I want to thank you and all of astrology, numerologey, and my angels of my higherself for the knoweledge, wisdom and guidance. God bless you all. Much love going out into the world and to you guys as well.

    From me Tyra Lee.

  •' Linda says:

    Thank Debra for this inspiring g message. I am currently celebrating my birthday on February 24th. You write so succinctly and to the point.
    My friend is a Virgo and she is just exactly as you described. We are very opposite which causes some problems sometimes as I do not love to plan.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Much Love and gratitude to you!


  •' Charlene says:

    I’m ceebrating my wonderful secon born’s quarter of a CENTURY birthday today! WHOOP!

  •' Barbara Kingsland says:

    I am in the process of leaving a situation that is over but has drained alot of my energy and emotions over 4 decades. I now seek to manifest who I want to be for the duration of my time on this planet. I too wish to be of service and celebrate life through art and music with love and freedom in my heart!

  •' Cheri Stevenson says:

    Wow, hard to reply through the tears. this speaks to my water, which covers me often, and my lovely Venus in Pisces, I’m truly a dreamer with faith. I was just about to lose hope, my faith teetering on the edge after a rough heartbreak when I found Level 1 and took the leap! I believe this is my move forward to finding and living my dreams!
    Thank you Debra! Blessings are coming my way thru your gift of following your heart and shining the light for so many others!

  •' Sue says:

    My dream is to be calm. The anxiety I’ve experienced for decades is rolling away like the fog. I am whole, I am calm. I am happy to be ME!!

  •' Tori Baze says:

    My dreams are to first and foremost be happy, healthy and stay clean. My partner of 6 years and I recently conquered our long time battle with heroin and other drugs. We are working so hard, but starting over from the very bottom is hard. No car yet, no place of our own yet but it’s all coming. Lately we have been growing impatient and tired of life and how hard it can be when you have to rely on others for help, rides etc. But I set my intentions every morning and last night under that beautiful super moon. I know blessings are on the way. I am so thankful for the people in our lives that are so helpful. My partner has asperger’s syndrome and it makes alot of things difficult between us. But I am very much an empath and try to nurture and understand him when no one else can. It can be very difficult, I am no saint. But I love him unconditionally and he has always been and always will be my very best friend and twin flame. My dreams are to become financially stable and have more than what we need. I dream of us traveling and seeing the world and all its beauty. I have always dreamt of being a teacher or some kind of healer. I want to be able to help people and make their lives better if I can. I’ve loved astrology since I was a little girl. It was the first book my mom ever gave me and I’ve been hooked every since. I want to learn so much more about it! I have been manifesting a good side job, something online, so that I can get a lap top to take all sorts of online courses. I dream that Jordan, my partner, and I continue to rise and stay strong and get so much stronger as a couple. I am so thankful for him and our precious fur baby. I have so many dreams and ambitions. I am so confident the universe is providing amazing things for my life. I love learning from you. Your a beautiful soul♡

  • I am celebrating a new beginning, but this beginning is far different from other beginnings…this beginning is the the honouring of my authentic self, finally all the clinging webs of my past indoctrination are silent, finally I can break through my hard crust of humanism and fly!! What does that feel like? For me it’s like stepping off the cliff. There’s nothing left to do but trust the Universe, trust my inner being, trust me….

  •' Tachi crisanti says:

    Hi Debra! I am Virgo, and my dreams are on becoming a better person every day.
    Becoming a better Yoga Teacher, and help others to keep peace and love in their hearts. I know It has to begin within ME.
    Love and peace my dear

  • My dream is to be one day be in your class of applied astrology. Where I look in your face. I know in my heart of hearts that your the one that is and will be my teacher. I’ve had that dream since I was a small child. I didn’t know when I would meet you or even that you were a teacher of all teacher. A teacher that can and will go to extreme to help her students. A teacher that is excited about what she teaches. I know that you teach with your heart and soul not your mind. This also I have dreamed. I will oneday be a student in your class this I know in my heart and body soul. It’s not been in the cards for me just yet. You can count on me being there as soon as the money comes to me. Thank you Debra Silverman for reminding me of this dream.

  •' Monique says:

    This sun Pisces with Capricorn in heaven will be celebrating good health and goals I’ve reached:)

  • I’m celebrating a new job, a new beginning and the amazing life I’ve begun!

  •' Peggy says:

    New beginnings retirement from job of 40 yrs what’s next living a dream of carefree days filled with fun , friends, and learning to life a. We lifestyle maybe try my hand at blogging/writing the vision today is how astrology and religion truly complement each other not oppose has some believe a project bigger than I at this moment just a passing thought that is lingering in my mind

  •' Kate says:

    I appreciate your posts, and the opportunity to continue to learn more from your generous givings.
    Thank you Debra. Namaste.

  •' Josh Garcia says:

    Thank you soo much for your wisdom in astrology. I’d love to take one of your classes.

  •' Nadia says:

    I absolutely love this Debra! You wrote such a beautiful piece here, and it is truly resonating with me during this magical time! I really love that you said, “I trust so much that if I just keep giving, if I just keep serving, if I just keep loving, eventually there will be magic.” That deeply resonates with me, and I feel I live my life in the same way and with the same perspective. I just keep trusting and believing it all will unfold and manifest before me, without me knowing the “how”. I’ve currently been working on an E-Workbook that I plan to release next week that is a guide for the upcoming New and Full Moons in March, and I’m really excited to share it with the world. I’m also making some shifts in my world as it relates to the classes I’m teaching as a yoga instructor, and I think it’s going to bring a fresh energy to my teaching. Definitely things to celebrate! I’ve also been working over the last several weeks to really clear space in my home and let go of items that are no longer serving me, and that feels so good. I’m moving into a receptive energy, and creating the space to let more of the new in!

    Thank you again for sharing your light and work with he world!

    With Love,

  • I love hearing your little tidbits. One of these days I am going to take one of your classes. Thank you for sharing you knowledge. Hugs from Montana, ~Krista

  • My dream is: to be a part of a community where I could nourish and bridge relationships that fulfill the present and nourish for future ‘success’, to perpetuate Hawaiian tradition, culture and heritage through its arts, beliefs, dance, language and agriculture. My lesson to evolve this lifetime is communication which this role would certainly support. I am Jennifer Marie Shehan, a trained chef and artist with years of experience in the food service industry. From a young age I knew I wanted to be of service and nourish. Food is one conduit to do just that. Last year I dreamt of using food as a platform to help people bridge connections with each other and the land, in unique natural settings, perhaps as a private chef and teaching cooking classes. September 2018 I joined a Hālau in Edmonds, WA. In 2019, when I discovered that Kumu Hula Keali‘i Reichel, his “Hālau Keʻalaokamaile and Hōkūnui Farms LLC are establishing the Hālau Keʻalaokamaile Resource Center, the first hālau facility to be permitted to operate on agricultural land on Maui”, I was so excited. I instantly applied to be operations support at Hōkūnui Maui as it has a restaurant, market, farm, and farm to table concept; a regenerative farming community that integrates community, culture, forestry, livestock, and soon they will be implementing live entertainment. From what I have gathered in my readings it seems to have much of what I respect and value. If not this, then something greater to fulfill my spiritual path and purpose.

  •' ND says:

    Change is coming in 2019! and it will only get better from here.
    P. S. Remember that things will get worse before they can get better 🙂

  •' Angel Pricer says:

    The Virgo/Pisces axis is the one I’m most familiar with. I love the way you’ve described how these two can present as their best selves by joining and yielding to the strengths of the other. I am a recovering Virgo List-Making Taskmaster ?.

    I am celebrating the opportunity to study with you and the welcoming community you have created!

  •' Kate says:

    Wow. This hits right where I live as a Pisces rising & a Virgo moon. I’ve been reeling emotionally lately, a lot of sorrow/sadness/fear rising up to be healed as Chiron moves out of Pisces. Yet, still my soul dreams and my moon organizes. I’m walking in the dark with my dreams but as yet no plan, Stan. Reading this today helps me feel I’m right where I’m supposed to be and it’s all good. Thank you, Debra!

  •' Michal says:

    I am celebrating my family and all those I love. In their wholeness. Ignoring their imperfection and ignoring the dwelling on how they affect ME, but just letting them be their whole selves. I take a break from the inner child and shadow work and transformational work for a moment to breath. To dance around a fire under the sun and moon. The just celebrat!

  •' Alina Spiridonova says:

    Oh, dear Debra! Thank you so much for your marvelous mini articles you coincide with each Full moon!
    This one is a special for me! Suddenly, 1) I started sewing… 2) I finally wrote you (at least in comment way)
    1) It has been torture for years. I’ve been dreaming since 2015 to express my self through clothing art. I lived in Germany back then. Planned, thought through at least three collection lines, brand details, started finding sources of fabrics… It was just past Syria, wanted to organize some production there to give local woman chance to be cared of and be out of pressures they encounter each day. Out of a sudden, found myself paralyzed: fully, partially, slow etc. changing states through days and weeks span. German doctors haven’t found anything. Up to them – I was fine. Guess Pluto played in turning power off a bit… Last years, had three or four sewing machines somehow coming into my life.. No. Hasn’t gone anywhere.. so.. lots to say. To conclude, for four years I’ve just been looking through fashion images, collecting, dreaming trying to do a practical step forward.. facing a wall and in the end just agreeing to humbly awaiten the miracle to happen.

    And it happened today. I am here in the heart of Siberia sewing now at 1 a.m. and feeling enormously happy. Have no idea what great evolving it has in the nearest future but I believe GOD has the greatest plan for that.

    Debra… when would be the next one? *full moon like that? I’ve been writting you letters several times, proposing scientific astro ideas, wanting to study at your school, and not knowing how is the 3rd module (visiting US) organized for foreigners, once willing to even pack and take a flight to US, have been thinking a lot of seeing you and talking to you about astro and sophisticated spiritual topics. Back then had money to cover half or all the course.. and I haven’t had the pure enough heart to truly write you. Pride was prime. Now things’ve changed. You are my big and great teacher. I loved waking up at 4 am just to catch your webinar due to time difference. For me you are truly a big great woman figure that I keep at heart. I dream once to see you in person. And even bigger – invite you once to Russia – personally and as a astrology teacher and speaker. GOD bless and guide you, Debra!

    Love you greatly!
    Receive enormous quants of fiery-hot love from snowy Siberia (Tomsk-city)!

  •' Brittany says:

    Thank you for this! I too am starting a school! A music school. Hopefully it’s up and running by the end of the summer!

  •' Kali Moon says:

    This is so beautiful! and makes me feel as though everything is aligning as it should, as always!! I am so grateful to feel the call of my heart right now guiding me to STUDY again. I am currently enrolled in your astrology level 1, and have been feeling the call to sign up for Marie Foleo’s Bschool. I also am in the first year of business with a studio wellness center – I can’t explain this desire to keep saying YES to so many things all of a sudden but I can feel that they are all guiding me in the right direction. I am a pisces-moon and sag-sun, often doing a lot and feeling overwhelmed! But right now, it just feels like it’s all a part of my destiny!

  •' Gina says:

    I’m celebrating that the full moon in Virgo is conjunct my ascendant in late Leo and my Jupiter at 1 degree Virgo. Also, my hubby arrived home today after a month working out of state. We get a month at home together now. This full moon in Virgo is conjunct his natal Venus in late Leo in the fourth. Loving our home and togetherness said the watery Scorpio and Cancer mates.

  • Wow that was beautiful. You know I’m 66 (not that that means anything) but I don’t know what my dream is. Of course I would love to see love, peace & joy overflowing in our world. I keep on moving forward but not sure exactly where I am going to end up. I love being here & I love learning about applied astrology & oracle cards so that is what I am doing. I belong here & for a change I’m hanging out where I am comfortable & fit in.

  •' JoEllen Trueschler says:

    I am celebrating being alive and being able to feel absolutely everything!!!! To fully surrender in every moment is a beautiful thing about this human existence

  •' linda says:

    I am celebrating the blessing of your wisdom, as it sparks inspiration and joy and vision in me that I already know is there. My dream/vision is to continue me storycollecting/writing, and learn to monetize it gracefully on my website:

    Peace Debra — this particular entry of yours truly hit the spot for this Aries with tons of Pisces, Sag Moon and Libra Rising with a Cancer MC.


  •' Heidi Overton says:

    Everything here is just spot on. I’m starting to transition from a 17 yr career in massage to owning a vegan restaurant. My baby step into it is meal prep. I’m now selling selling meals to a handful of clients. And it’s growing! The first step is blossoming! Next step will be accessing a professional kitchen for catering events. Then, my restaurant.

  •' Gale says:

    I’m leaving tomorrow with my boyfriend for Tybee Island, Ga to look for a house to live in and my dream is to start a gift shop with my artwork. I make clay mermaids, sea turtles, light houses and many other things.
    I can feel my intuition working I believe something good will come out of this. I hope so I’ve taken care of everybody my whole life it’s my time now. ?

  •' Kelli England says:

    Thankyou for sharing this, a reminder for me to manifest being a student in your class ❤️❤️

  •' Claudia says:

    I am making cornbread now, and I am loving it. I am a Virgo sun and a Pisces moon (I think). My adventure after cornbread and supper is up stairs in the back room to find in a tall pile of boxes my original birth certificate that includes the time I was born. I want to find out where my moon was for sure. Can’t wait! Love your post. And I am profoundly grateful for all the assistance I have had in solving my problems. I love this life I’m living.

  •' MaeLou says:

    <3 Heart of the Sun and Moon <3 Good capture of essence of both Debra. I am Pisces Moon in 9th House, Sag Sun 6th. So I'm a Dreamer hanging from Moon with feet running on Saturn/Virgo/3rd ground to stay connected to both. The Divine is my channel to Universal All That Is. And my purpose/dream is joining with light workers around the world to Awaken all Humanity. I asked Divine why this strange political nightmare of the worst of humanity rising to the surface just when so many are on verge of Awakening? Because, says Divine, you asked for ALL humanity to Awaken, so even the most wounded may see the Light, feel the Love, let go of Fear and live in a Safe Universe. Nameste' Pisces is holding the Light while gazing into the Virgo mirror of Humanity.

  •' Courtney says:

    “I trust so much that if I just keep giving, if I just keep serving, if I just keep loving, eventually there will be magic.“ Boom. That one sentence sums up my entire life and main belief. Thank you. I’m going to write this out and put it on my fridge! I dream of running my own bookstore—preferably on a beach in a warm climate. I just want to be surrounded by books—and people who are seeking these glorious gifts—all day long.

  •' Laurie says:

    Hi Debra,
    I dream of taking your astrology class in any form, dreams my Pisces.
    My 60 yr old Virgo, says you just adopted your 6 year old grandson
    With multiple disabilities so you must attend to all the many details of his life day to day.
    I catch all your invites that I possibly can. And apologize for signing up a time or two and then not actually making the viewing.
    I listen to your forecasts everyday. You shine
    So very brightly. I enjoy each and every one.
    They inform me of how to use my time, to give
    And serve with my heart
    Many Blessings,

  •' Wendy says:

    So happy for you and your success!! I am fairly new to astrology in depth and you give it to us real but in a genuinely kind way and I love that about you.
    I’m dreaming about making a living doing something creative….writing, making jewelry, painting, the sky is limitless.
    Thanks for sharing

  • Thank you for being you ?. I am me and grateful to be so ?. I did your applied astrology course and even your level two. I dream my dream at times with eyes closed and other times open. I know a Master plan is working it’s way through me. Again, ever grateful for living your dream and inspiring me to live mine. Mahalo!

  •' Katrina says:

    My mother was a Pisces and my father a Virgo. I’ve got a load of planets in the sixth house that includes a bit of Libra and Leo, but primarily Virgo. My dream ebbs arounf poetry and I need to work out how to use it to be of service to people. At the moment, my father has just moved into a care home, so visiting him in his lonely independence is part of the plan right now.

  •' matt duchaney says:

    I’m celebrating the eternal turning of the planets from this wonderful stage called earth and loving your astrology answers!

  •' Pat says:

    Trust has always been an issue for me, having been hurt so many times by individuals and circumstance. I built a wall, impenetrable by friends and even family. They called me complicated, to the point that I believed it. Sounds like a bad thing but as a Pisces/Aries cusp, I am proud to be my optimistic self, wandering through life without a real plan, soaking up each day as it comes. The Universe has my back. Always surviving, celebrating, dreaming. Three years ago I met a wonderful Leo/Virgo cusp who calls me the love of his life. The art of planning a future has never been my forte, and for him, commitment is not easy. We are at a crossroads, to be or not to be a couple. He says we’re too different; I say that’s a good thing. My goal is to not let this be another brick in my wall.

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