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The full moon has arrived. It ought to be a time to celebrate; however, fear is in the air. The theme of this full moon: emotional intelligence.

This week, the Sun is in Pisces—while the moon is directly opposite in Virgo. It’s a clear example of how brilliant Astrology is, because this opposition is so vivid.

The Sun sign today (Pisces) is a highly sensitive, emotional dreamer—the Moon sign is super practical and almost judgmental of dreams, feelings and their whimsical nature.  Together, they create: a practical dreamer, a dynamic duo, two in rapport—no better way to manifest. Feel your feelings, intuit an idea, then apply practicality and manifest. Or as I like to say: womanfest.

I live in a Debra Silverman bubble: a world tightly bound by soft sheets, good food, fresh running water, security, safety and bushels of love brought in in a myriad of shapes.

However… if you sneak into the back room and walk down the dark streets of my mind, you will see bright neon signs flashing: Immigration! Refugees! Presidential campaigns! Politics! Viruses! 5G! The epidemic of anxiety and depression! And of course the headliner: the seemingly inevitable extinction we are supposedly headed for. Bye-bye neat, organized Virgo business as usual—we are now running down Chaos Lane headed to a Pisces bar.

I dance between these two worlds. We all do. Fear and trust. In fact, we are living in turbulent times of duality like never before, because we are being assaulted with information all day long. I want to be informed, carrying emotional wisdom, so I can stay in reality with an open heart.

None of this is new. Across time, we have been faced with health issues (think the plague), politics (assassinations), and people performing weird and curious acts that left us all puzzled and at times victimized (dictators). Yet, now more than ever, this kind of scary content becomes everyone’s story. Even if from a distance, fear is rampant.

All water signs inform the unconscious mind; however, Pisces specializes in secrets sourcing from the dark, twisted content that has us confused and scared. Virgo comes in with concrete steps to relieve the dark, scary world—with instructions, advice and research.

We are both logical and confused, both kind and cruel. The Sun comes up, then changes shifts with the Moon every day: our reality is steeped in duality.

This virus is real. And yet we are safe. Very contagious, but highly unlikely to kill you. The odds are in our favor, but then again, not in the emotional body. It’s just plain scary as a simple thought. If I say: coronavirus—we all get scared.

I am supposed to travel to go the Expo West with my partner, who loves the world of health food, science and new products; however, there is fear during this full moon. What to do?

Full moons increase emotional energy. Fear increases—but so does fun. It’s our challenge to ride the ups and down, the merry-go-round of life with wisdom and emotional intelligence.

I traveled. I took the risk. I invite all of us to live a life that has deep meaning, which implies walking straight into fear, carrying the light down the streets of despair. What is the alternative? To hide out, to give up, to surrender to fear? Not me.

I invite you during this full moon—with Mercury finally going direct—to go direct too: straight to awareness and calm. It’s a choice in every moment. What do we have to lose?

I choose to be safe—if nowhere else, than in my imagination—and then voila, it’s becomes true.

Safe/fear. Hope/despair. Light/dark. It’s all choice. What has distracted you these days? How do you stay in the center and hold tightly to faith?

Remember this full moon in Virgo asks us to serve. To use our worry wart energy to be soothed. This is our job—to bring hope, light, and safety to all those who come to us.

We know the stars have light even in the dark. I personally trust them completely. This is what I love most about Astrology: the Sun and Moon in perfect relationship! Steady and ever bright than dark across all time. How we love the trustworthy sky. This is my Virgo service: to inspire you to do that same.

Full moon: time to enjoy the duality at its best during a Pisces and Virgo dialogue. We can all choose love when fear tries to take you away. Just say: I trust life. Life works.

That’s the truth.

And the Moon and the Sun will continue the dance forever.

In service to you during this full moon in Virgo,

P.S. My personal project I am dreaming (Pisces) into form (Virgo) is a writing class that I am only inviting my list into. It’s starting in April, so stayed tuned. It’s my way of helping us clear out our fear to the light. You’ll see, stand by. I’ll be informing you soon!


  •' Carl says:

    Really? No one knows the true dangers of this virus with all the misleading information! and you tell people to roll the dice, take a chance but who suffers the consequences of this direction? Hmmm

  •' Dawn Clermont says:

    Thank you for your message about trust. I am very susceptible to the universe’s projections. I recently received notification my position is terminated as of April 28th… I have been living fear. I use every tool I have to keep trying to pull myself up and out.. I am 62 and struggling to stay on track to find a new position. I’m do not have healthy finances nothing that will carry me forward past termination date… I rent… I will practice trust.

  •' Jan Martino says:

    I love you , Debra Silverman❣️
    Your gift of painting pictures with eloquent words inspires and excites my mind, soul, and body.
    For me you make astrology click. I GET IT! Thank-you for you gift of teaching the Sun, Moon, and Stars….most importantly the tools you gift to create quality of life.

  •' Kathryn says:

    Just what I needed to hear today!

  •' Linda Ferland says:

    Great analysis. My sun sign is in the natural house of Virgo. Have a lot of Virgo energy as a Libra. Thanks for this message.

  •' Deborah says:

    Thank you so much for your commitment to your Virgo service. Aloha and namaste!

  •' Lina Trenhaile says:

    Thank you for sharing your insights and love of life with us. This is just what I needed before going out into the world and(hopefully) bring light, hope and love to the world.?

  •' Kathryn Keating Kay says:

    I liked the reassurance of I trust life. Life works. And also to bring hope, light & safety to all who come to you. The writing class has piqued my interest.

  •' Jessica says:

    Thank you Debra
    I think this is my favourite article. It was deeply felt and aligned with how I think and feel, and I didn’t even realize it.
    I love you ✰

  •' Julianne says:

    Thanks for the advice. It is good to hear a way to handle the panic and fear. I refuse to let the fear take me down. I acknowledge the dark. But, I look for the light that is in the world. Where there is light there is hope! I trust life. Life works!

  •' Shannon says:

    Thank you Debra, truly inspiring!I too will share Hope, Light and Safety with those that cross my path ?

  •' Jacki C. Shaw says:

    Beautiful and inspiring as always. Thanks for sharing your walk with us. ?

  •' Carol says:

    Well said. Thank you – once again for sharing your wisdom and practical advice. With appreciation.

  • Thank you ! We all need to be reminded to be more positive . To follow the light in the chaos.

  • Thank you ! We all need to be reminded to be more positive . To follow the light in the chaos.

  •' Veonica Carmosino says:

    Amen Debra and thank you!

  •' Mark says:

    I listen daily. Have observed that many ancient truths
    Are revealed in many different also ancient systems
    Of understanding. My interest in astrology started as a young boy reading horoscopes in the newspaper.,but over the years I’ve found it is more than that. I don’t have the interpretive knack but read yours with intent.

  •' David says:

    Oooh, l can’t wait for the writing class. I’ve been waiting for this very opportunity.

  •' Joch says:

    That deeply touched me Debra, I am at my most confident Pisces self during this full moon, knowing how quickly my Pisces self changes only holding on to this feeling as long as possible , amazing

  • Hi Debra,
    Thanks for your writing above about the Virgo full moon. I’d really love to join your writing class in April. I’ve signed up to your site a few months ago but I haven’t enrolled on any of your courses yet, am I able to still enrol on the writing course?
    Thank you,
    Sarah x

  •' Michelle says:

    Thank you for always being willing to share the little darker parts of yourself while showing us all how to shine in the midst of darkness. I appreciate you.
    I am a very dreamy Pisces that holds that bright light for the special people in my little world. You help me know how to explain things when my own words are too fluid for some of my more pragmatic friends>

  •' Susan Bransfield says:

    Once again Debra you write such inspiring words to remind us that we have the strength to battle our fears. We have an endless supply of love and light at our fingertips. It is exactly as you said we must choose it! Being free from worry is the most beautiful and powerful position to be in. Then we can serve fully. It is so good to be alive at this time and to choose love. Thank you!

  •' Barbara Brocchini says:

    Thank you Debra. Beautifully said.

  •' Jackie Roos says:

    So looking forward to this special class,! I love all things Debra Silverman! ❤️

    Thank you so much!

  •' Barbara Russell says:

    Perfect words of wisdom Debra! We all need to meet our challenges, not fear them. I had a Virgo mother & my dad was Pisces. They gave me a sense of perfect balance for which I am forever grateful. We humans will get through this. We always do…

  •' Holly Conte says:

    My Dear Debra, Since you know me from class while I was completing Levels 1, 2, 3, 4E, and Synastry Astrology you know that I am deeply invested in the science and art of astrology. One of my favorite ongoing study tasks is to listen to your Deep Dives and to your “Full Moon” reflections. My Soul drinks from your cup of words and thoughts as you continue to apply astrology to the current world events. Many of your Full Moon messages have moved me deeply, especially this message relating to the Pisces Virgo duo. This energy combo of highly sensitive, emotional dreaming and the practical manifest-er is also a constant energy within my being, – because of my Progressed Moon in Virgo (plus Mercury in Capricorn) and Neptune sitting on top of my Mid-Heaven. As I read your whimsical yet gripping descriptions of the dances between fear and trust, I continued to identify more and more deeply with your examples, feelings, and experiences. But when I reached a point approximately two/thirds the way through your essay, I burst into tears and sobbing. This was the place where you invited us to take risks and live a life of deep meaning. Yes, Debra, I know too well exactly what it means to “walk straight into fear, carrying the light down the streets of despair.” My streets of despair have included emotional and physical pain, and in some instances have meant the difference between life and death. Earlier in the essay you provided examples of thoughts you sometimes entertain as your mind walks down the streets of despair. One example that you gave is the “inevitable extinction we are supposedly headed for.” Yes, it is true that climate change and evolving diseases/viruses, etc. will plague our entire planet which will absolutely result in a radical reduction in the world’s population and extinction of some animal species, BUT NOT total extinction of human life. From many sources (earthly and spiritual) I understand that regardless of the type of disasters that will continue to occur around the globe, there will be survivors. Celestial powers will have something to do about the chosen survivors. Also, it is my understanding that human life will adjust and repopulate primarily under the guidance of the various tribes of indigenous peoples that exist around the world (for examples: the Inuit, Guarani, Algonquin, Maasai, Tupi, etc.). In conclusion, – to answer your question regarding how I stay centered… My belief is that the true Power that supports me during my walks down the streets of despair is from a Source more powerful than I can comprehend, and all I have to do is trust that that Source will always effect a good result, as long as I remember to ask.

  •' Janine Holtzhausen says:

    I would love to be included in your writing class over here in the UK. I am on such a journey. Just beginning and feel a strong push to write. Shared classes would be inspirational. Thank you for your insights in Pisces/Virgo Full Moon: I Trust Life. I have sent your words on to friends who are panicky.
    Fond wishes, janine

  •' Mindy says:

    I laughed out loud at womanfest ❣️Brilliant❣️❣️❣️
    Thank you fellow light worker!

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