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This Full Moon is all about how to make your fantasies real. This newsletter is an invitation into a dream, that one day there will be many who will speak a language of compassion and have a love for humanity based on the Four Elements and the stars; to have us each remember and understand who we are in view of the larger picture.

This is an invitation to gracefully dance with the timeless ingredients of creation: Water, Air, Earth and Fire consciously embody the wisdom therein. This is my goal to remind you because when we remember that we are demi-gods, angels in training, students of life in a school being stalked, live time, to create with kindness, power and creativity – then I will know I have done my job.

You probably didn’t know life is stalking you, with all your challenges, to find peace. It’s tricky isn’t it?

I am convinced that I am from the future working backwards. I remember a time when we all got along with ourselves and each other. We could articulate how we were each perfectly different and answer the call of collective peace. I knew your Saturn and you knew my Mercury. We would speak of distinctions, effortlessly allowing everyone to be exactly who they wanted to be, on their terms, with harmony and grace. We could wield the sword of creation, supporting the evolution of humanity and the manifestation of karma.

I feel like I figured it out. It took so long. Silly me, from a young age, I just kept saying “yes” to everything life handed me, even when I should have said “no.”

This openness meant the death of any sense of any normalcy to my life. I lived in a crazy household. Like all of us in dysfunctional families, I had no idea my life was strange – even though my dad was in the Jewish mafia, my eldest brother was on heroin, my other brother went to a psychiatrist as early as he could ask for it – and continually suggested I do the same. My grandfather was murdered when I was 1½ years-old. My father was sent to prison twice – and got out each time because of his brilliant mind that clearly knew how to defy law. He was a brilliant eccentric with a heart of gold. A crook with a heart.

You can see why I became a student of metaphysics and psychology at a young age.  I could not understand the people in my family. I sought out and received a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. As years went on, I found some answers.

I have studied you, and life itself. I watch parents with kids who don’t treat them well, and I want to yell. I hear stories of sexual abuse and I want to hurt someone. Yet when the perpetrator is in front of me, seeking healing, my heart opens as I enter their world. I am a healer. I have suffered with the pain of this human experience. I am sure it is because I feel so much that I cannot accept that the final stop on this journey is “pain city.” My lessons have taught me how to squeeze pain into wisdom.

I choose to feel the pain and pleasure without inhibition. I used to go numb. I learned that when I go numb it’s time to talk, move, change, seek help; to open yet again. My constant prayer in this life is: let my heart stay open. Let there be a reason for my breath. Let me serve. Provide me with the energy to give every chance I get. So far, so good.

By 20-years-old I was an Astrologer. I wanted to know: what is jealousy and greed? Can we change the human impulses to hurt and be self-destructive? Do we have to be violent with the word “war” as the constant, across all time? When will peace rule? I concluded that duality rules our universe. As Einstein said: “God is not playing with dice.” There is a design here. Sweet and sour sauce, hope and despair co-exist. Get used to it.

I am a wild and soft mixture of deep caring with a cut-off alien thought process. I love people yet there are very few I want to have dinner with. I love humans while fearing them. People often like me, they say I appear like the girl next door. Truthfully, I am from a place far, far away.

Detached as I am sensitive, compassionate as I am judgmental, I simply do not understand violence and maliciousness. I love being human, yet I am disconnected from my own family.  I am as impatient and arrogant as any well-to-do North American. I am aware that I am spoiled and take things for granted, yet practice gratitude every chance I get. I made a promise to myself to deal with this reality straight, up close and personal. I try to speak my truth with an open heart. My work demands I walk my talk or be a fraud – something I cannot tolerate. So I regularly confess to my employees that I do not know what I am doing. I want to be real.

I was taught fake from a young age. I had an ulcer, bad skin, and depression all through my young life – until I figured out how to be real. To live what I teach. Eventually I became healthy. Now I understand my nature better (hello, years of studying Astrology). I am okay with my tenderness. I am sensually comfortable in my skin and treat my body well.

I have learned to love being in a body. I work it out. I feed it well. I know how to stop indulging when I hear it whimper just before I get sick. I know how to cry. I allow myself to drop tears on a regular basis with a choice. I have promised myself not to fall into the trance of our society’s version of normalcy. Just like you, Life has challenged me every step of the way.

I have an ego. Here I am writing about myself. I have noticed that I seek applause: tell me you like me; I am smart, I am pretty, a good mom, a successful Astrologer, a good writer.
Then by the next breath, I don’t care what you say. I am a rebel and I am individualistic. I know Debra, I am good at being me. I know from my chart I am an unusual thinker and a breaker of rules. I know that I will never fit into any group for very long; and that I am as human and broken as you.

I live half of my time in a spiritual mecca: Boulder, Colorado, where the word authentic is flown around like the snow in our mountains that never leaves…it’s just there. But what does it really mean to be real, human and authentic? To me authenticity is not pretty: we are an awkward species. Like you, I am human while being an animal, needy and selfish. Then there is the divinity and being too careful, all at the same time.

We are all scared and powerful, we are awake and sleepy, we are greedy and giving. We live on a circular planet and we are circular in our being: around and around we go.
I was sent here as a star gazer to take on a human experience and then report back to the mothership. My primary call to action in my journey was to stay childlike, innocent and to stay awake – in other words: face reality just as it is.

I know that I will have fulfilled a major part of my contract of being here when I can share the wisdom of the Four Elements and the stars. Coming soon, we will be speaking the language of the Gods.

When this happens, I will then know the future has arrived and I can go home. I have taken a vow to stay here until we are all done. While I am here I am continually compelled, with the help of many good friends, to share my school with you.

This Full Moon in Virgo during a Pisces Sun asks us the question: what are our dreams? Who can we support? You have a dream, too. What is it? Ask an Astrologer – what was I supposed to learn/do/be here? This is the fulfillment of a Full Moon during Pisces. I sincerely hope these Full Moon/New Moon newsletters touch you in a way you cannot resist and you, too, will want to study. This is how the future will show up in the now.  You be you, I’ll be me, we follow the stars and by doing so, we set the human condition free.


  • rachel.d.foster@gmail.com' Rachel Foster says:

    This is magic to my soul. I feel the depths of this post so much and it’s as if you Debra- spoke what my soul has been trying and longing to express. I have no words- unusual for a super Libra! I find myself lost in the writings of this post and feeling the awe and wonder of what the next step is. How do I contribute the collective and share in ways that help the collective and contribute to the thought leaders like yourself. Thank you for this. Thank you for paving the way. Thank you for all that you do. I appreciate every post and body of work that you create teaching me more about my human self.

  • Healinwithlove@outlook.com' Alesha says:

    You and I we are very similar my star friend ❤️🙏❤️ Love you and all your light! ❤️👌❤️⭐️

  • ckkragt@yahoo.com' Cindy says:

    This is brilliant. I often wondered how I can be in such duality with myself. You put in words something that I could not understand. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. Thank you for sharing 💖

  • wente.laura@gmail.com' Laura Wente says:

    Debra – Thank you for your beautifully written message. It resonated with me in a way, that is hard to articulate. I am broken, yet strong. I am ego, yet not. I don’t fit in the group long, or so I feel. I am on a journey and I hope to find my path— thank you for writing something that touched me.

  • reganmaryrose@gmail.com' MaryRose Regan says:

    So right on task Deborah!!!

  • Kendalees@aol.com' KendaLee says:


  • Kendalees@aol.com' KendaLee says:

    I think I need you

  • barbararose6@gmail.com' Barbara Russell says:

    “Healthy, wealth, happy.” I’m a woman is her early 70s and this has been my mantra since my 40s. Debra, your piece today prompted me to evaluate how this mantra has served me. You are so honest, forthcoming and deep about your own path and generous about sharing your story. Thank you.

    Healthy: Aside from my body just wearing out a bit, I’ve been blessed with very good health, both mentally and physically. Thanks to my drive to develop myself spiritually, I’ve found astrology to be the key to my awareness and growth. When younger I felt my Pisces moon was a detriment. Now I embrace it and I’m grateful I entered this world, waiting until my moon crossed over into 1 degree Pisces, 11th house, conjunct Jupiter. I have 2 planets in Virgo that ground me and I’m a Gemini sun with Arries ascendent.

    Wealthy: In a perfect world I would have the means to take off on a moment’s notice and set out on an adventure without hesitatitation. In my real world I need to prepare financially to be able to afford this dream. But lately I’ve realized that wealth isn’t purely financial. I’m blessed with a life filled with beautiful, loving family and friends and they bring me such joy. That is the true measure of wealth and I am a very wealthy woman.

    Happy: Life is filled with high points and low ones. I remember when I made my mantra I was at one of the lowest moments of my life. But now, I realize that happiness is achievable if you just seek it. Even In darker times being happy at any level can pull me through.

    My mantra has served me well. I’ve been following you Debra for 10 years and your wisdom has also served me. Thank you from the bottom of my Pisces moon heart.

  • noelle@noellenadeaukhoo.ca' Noëlle says:

    Thank you for sharing your truth here. It’s so refreshing to know that you’re willing to share so openly, the good, the bad, the ugly. I think this world will become more harmonious when people are willing to recognize, see with clear eyes, and share their stories, warts and all, without being shamed or disdained, or even disowned for sharing what’s real for them.
    We’re getting there…♥️🌟✨
    I just finished your TMAS course and found it so liberating and transformative. Thank you for designing and creating it. 🙏🏼♥️✨💫
    Similar to you (and so many of us here on this planet) , life growing up wasn’t easy – not sure why we expect it to be…?) We’re all such a big mixed up bag full of stars and wonderment. I’m grateful that you choose to remember where we all came from and that you teach and have trained a school full of teachers, and work with people to help them remember and see that we are al divine and human – here to experience life in an amazingly unique way through the incredible gift of a body on this beautiful planet called earth.
    I’m so grateful you’re here sharing your gifts Debra 🙏🏼♥️♥️✨

  • Omega101@telus.net' Judi MacGillivray says:

    Fascinating reading this “story of you”. I have followed you for awhile now, have not taken your courses but have been a student of Astrology since I was 25. I am now 76. I know enough to be “slightly dangerous”, as they say but not the nitty-gritty .
    There were so many nuances in your blog today that I a relate to and have not had anyone express the “truth”. About ‘loving all humans but wanting to have dinner with very few’, for example.
    Thank you for this, Debra. My connection to spirituality is strong but “life” seems to rob me of where I would really like to be. You are truly enlightened…

  • soudantk@mac.com' Kate Soudant says:

    Good post. Love the acknowledgment of contradictions that we all have. Once we can accept the multi-dimensionality of each other, the more we can accept and become whole and then become ‘one’. . THANK you.
    PS better prepare to live a long time…this is not an over-night delivery.

  • barbara20man@gmail.com' Barbara Twentyman says:

    Debra, you could have been describing me and with a few changes, my life. All the few people I have met a little like me have died. I am in my 80s and my body is whimpering and so I have taken to resting as much as possible but am still available to help when I can. I have loved ‘knowing’ you and your work. Thank you for all you do.

  • barbara20man@gmail.com' Barbara Twentyman says:

    Debra, you could have been describing me and with a few changes, my life. All the few people I have met a little like me have died. I am in my 80s and my body is whimpering and so I have taken to resting as much as possible but am still available to help when I can. I have loved ‘knowing’ you and your work. Thank you for all you do. I am not computer savvy,I may have sent this more then once by touching the submit button twice, sorry

  • wendeerae@hotmail.com' Wendee Yung says:

    Thank you for sharing this ecstatic wisdom and your personal truths. There is no better gift to receive than to see and feel oneself, lovingly–and with a gentle compassion, in the heart of another randomly purposeful soul such as yours! This Language of the Gods you hint at seems to be coming through loud and clear. I hear you. Inspired even more by finding you here! Again, thank you for sharing your words today. You sure made mine extra delightful!

  • This moved me to tears Debra.
    I feel as if I could have written this myself as if it was you speaking through me. Although my father wasn’t in the Jewish Mafia. Nor was my grandfather taken out.

    Your words feel like a prayer answered and that for another small snippet in my life, in the closet, behind closed doors, in other realms, I am seen, through inter dimensional space.

    Your prayer:
    Keep my heart open.

    I am doing my best to be.

    I love the ability you have to articulate your wisdom and experience/s of the planets, stars and the human duality of being, form/formless. Thank you

  • Gosiaslonko@yahoo.com' Malgorzata says:

    Thank you for sharing your story – can really relate to it.

  • nicslifeflowyoga@gmail.com' Nicole Shields says:

    Deb, your words touched & hurt my heart all at once. Thankyou for being & doing YOU!!
    I relate so much to this raw & real passage.
    There are days I find it terribly overwhelming, & others where I feel ready to save everyone from the harsh reality of this world.
    Still I ask why? Who am I to believe I can make a difference? Who am I at all?
    My long term goal is to one day become an Astrologer & teach/guide others to their personal truth.
    I know it is a part of my calling.
    I have you to continue inspiring me toward my dreams.

  • jcmagick@yahoo.com' Jacki Shaw says:


  • Nancy1917@aol.com' Nancy says:

    Lovely story

  • bbjk57@wbhsi.net' Bernadette Kenny says:

    Thank you Debra. I keep following you and we need you!

  • dmurmade@gmail.com' Diana says:

    Thank you Debra for opening my eyes to the possibility of Peace, Divinity womanifested into the current reality. It is my dream also. Lead on Debra. I treasure your authenticity and as I move through the courses of the school, more is revealed. It is difficult living, no doubt. I am with you always in Spirit. Diana

  • lareedebusk@gmail.com' LaRee says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. This really opened my heart and made me think and feel in a more expansive way. Congratulations on becoming the successful beautiful authentic person that you are, and sharing yourself with the world.

  • daquino48dda@gmail.com' Denise says:

    I lovingly agree with your message. I can relate to a few of your experiences. I asked of our Father’s help from his helping power to help me preserve innocence inside my heart for I believe what he says we can be in his spiritual transformation being as his Son who is Savior of the world and through his saving blood which Jesus shed upon the cross for all who would give our lives to Jesus we can be born again and it’s a life as a new creation. He is the vine and we are the branches and as we remain in his spirit we get to live with him in eternity when Jesus calls me home to be with him in his kingdom with God this is when I will live with them forever and ever and it’s true no more sadness no more tears no more pain we will experience when we finally take our last breath here in this world we wake up in the presence of our Lord. It’s true I don’t know what this will be like when I get to meet my Savior face to face but I’m not afraid or scared because my Savior whom I believe and trust reminds me to not worry or fear and to keep treating others good in the world and to forgive and to serve whom I get to serve just as Jesus did. He washed his disciples feet as an example for his followers to treat our neighbors well and ask our Father in heaven to please heal people who may need healing in this world by because our Father has power to heal and turn a bad situation around into a good one. I have been born again in my life with Christ to reflect attribute of Christ and I ask Jesus to help me in fulfilling my assignment in being one of his spiritual ones to show other’s we can be like Jesus and forgive one another and love one another and ask our Father to please help us remain in his spiritual transformation and pray for his goodness to have precedence in our world one person at a time if this is what it takes in healing our world. Yes I felt some frustrations when I see or hear some people were still hurting or worse killing another person.
    When I hear and see this happening I am sad I am asking our father God above to please intervene and restore peace into our world so we can heal and be restored where we are in harmony with our Father God’s plans for our world of people to please not hurt each other and to please allow our fathers love to flow in us all so we can be his generation of people who are his generation of loving, kind he hearted people who says we love one another and yes l believe what was written that love covers a multitude of sin as our Father says it does.

  • ercocc5@gmail.com' Ernest Coccia says:

    Debra, you are right on the money with your description of our “humanness”. I have almost the exact outlook on life and people. Thank you for your knowledge and wisdom. I am also a healer (pharmacist), but after 40 years I somehow do not believe anymore with western medicine ( Big Pharma). Lastly, I cannot contemplate the state of our world with all the suffering and war. Thanks again.

  • rukmanikaur@protonmail.com' Rukmani says:

    Thank you Debra. As I am resting from such a powerful activation from a psilocybin journey your words deeply touch my soul. I resonate so much with your story and thank you so much for sharing it. You’re such a blessing to this planet. 💜🙏

  • dgromack2@gmail.com' Deborah says:

    Dear Debra; Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and words; there are points of resonance with my own experience here. I am grateful for and appreciate your sharing them here and I’m very glad that I decided to read them! Sincerely, Deborah

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