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When the new moon comes in the words of ‘Double Virgo,’ we must all stop, pause and reflect.

We do what we always do during a dark sky, because every time the Sun and Moon are together, they block the light for each other, so we may as well do it ourselves…reflect.

‘The unexamined life is not worth living,’ said Carl Jung. Time to go in.

In the tarot deck, Virgo is the Hermit. Virgos are the beings who love to be alone, and in that quiet voice, all too often comes the critic.

In my many years as a counselor, there is not one person who does not suffer from one or many of those kind of voices. You tell me: what kind of negative voices criticize you?

You are not alone. They work overtime. I always wonder who pays that incessant voice that never stops.

Hanging out in the back room of your house, downstairs in your mind, next to the cleaning cupboard is a long list of what you are NOT doing right: what body part needs changing, how much you should do to get ‘better’, how you ought to change your diet or your partner, etc.

Yes, everyone has the list. Whether conscious or not, we live with a low-grade annoying voice saying things that are not nice. I should be prettier, I could be stronger, I ought to eat differently, if only I had a better job… on and on it goes.

You know the voices too well until (this is why I love to to encourage you to study Astrology) you study Mercury and realize who is in charge. This one planet who rules this dark sky needs adult supervision. Never leave Mercury unaccompanied.

I recently went on a bike trip through Tuscany. Sounds awfully romantic—and it was. But I’ll tell you those voices came out to play (havoc). I want you think: long, uphill, curvy stretches—for 2.5 hours of a four-hour day. You are breathing hard and thinking—yes, thinking (here comes Mercury)—I can’t do this. Complaining. I caught the culprit red handed.

Time for a rewrite right now. Yes, Virgo at her best can be reconstructed. I found out my inner dialogue was totally mine to do with as I chose. I did not want or need Negative Nelly playing with my mindset. All I wanted was to find my center and speak from Truthful Terry—my alter ego who has my back. She said: You can do this. I listened.

It worked. I found my voice who had my back and gave her the power. And so we rode up those hills. Honestly by the end, I was in awe. Never had I seen nor felt the power of my own internal dialogue being governed by ME and my higher powers. My wisdom mind helped me to stay the course. DO NOT let Negative Nelly decide what or who you are.

It’s so easy to say. If I hear one more person say: Just be positive. Don’t let limits have their way with you… It’s so obvious. But the muscle required is the prayer for this dark moon:

Allow me the power of my mind to elect what and when I want to think. I am in charge—my higher self and me. I feel it now. I practice it daily and I am free of negativity with a solid practice. Give me the discipline to do what is good for me. Aho.

I celebrate evolution. When I was younger I had no off-button on my critic…now I do. I want the same for you. Studying Astrology really helped. Find out where your Mercury is. How is your Virgo treating you?

You will know when you catch the gremlin and say: I know your ways. I am in charge. Take your seatand the voice obeys.

Here’s to the right use of Virgo, brought to you by your muscular mind.

My muscular legs (from that long bike ride) are smiling at this topic, but it is truegetting Virgo in line is like one long uphill battle.

Good luck, I’m right with you.


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