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Since we are under the influence of double Virgo, it seems like the time to talk about my perfect world…

In that world, everyone would listen deeply to one another. After some serious consideration, each would provide a reasonable answer, coming to a peaceful understanding. Conflict is always solved with ease.

It’s a world where money is shared within a fair structure. Those who came with extraordinary skills like being a doctor, an artist, a highly-skilled technician, or even an astrologer (just to mention a few) would be remunerated handsomely, in exchange for their willingness to then teach and share their wisdom and expertise to those next in line.

Education would be free. People would know their calling and begin studying with their mentors, teachers, and artisans from a very young age.

Every parent would know the destiny of their child and their natural interests before the age of 4, because the elders—the wise ones—could read the signs. They’d carry the responsibility to discern the interests of each child, revealed to them after knowing their charts and years of observing them play. Leadership and skill sets would be known and revealed, allowing the posturing and shared leadership in each community to show up without struggle.

The government would be an unveiling of power that occurred organically. We would know who the leaders were going to be from a very young age, so they could be trained and manicured to fit their natural roles.

In my perfect world, the Earth is worshiped. There is a natural law in place that says to give thanks for all that we are provided for. Everywhere, there is full abundant foliage, as described by the climates. We know how to produce gorgeous organic fruits, seeds, and vegetables that fall from the trees. It is obvious who was born to care for the world of agriculture; those same people know how to evolve, constantly evolving technology making us users of free energy, keeping in mind the balancing of the Earth herself.

Emotionally, people are trained at a young age how to argue, how to forgive, and most of all, how to accept the partners (relationships) that were meant for them. They can discern who is serving their growth and maturity. Even if a hard relationship arises (that you needed to go through), it would never end with abuse, abandonment or deception, because we all know that relationship is the greatest and most difficult facet of being human. Relationships end with consciousness and kindness. No one ever left a love affair with less love than what they came in with.

We would be trained at a young age to heal. Healing the heart is as easy as brushing your teeth. We all would know how and when to end an era with someone—it’s obvious—we learned that way back in elementary school.

In school, everyone would learn the basics. Children would learn according to their various learning styles, at different paces. Each student would grow up knowing their chart and how to be their unique self, from their point of view. Freedom of thought is encouraged and supported. Individuality is celebrated.

Everyone would grow up knowing that relationships have a shelf life—that is established right from the start of the relationship. Of course, if when the time comes that the contract was to end, if need be, you can renegotiate. It can continue–if you both agree there is more to learn and grow into. If you both don’t agree, it is called complete. No one feels sad when that time arrives. It is factual that everything is growing and shifting–we know that relationships change.

Love is always growing in this world. In fact, time ages love, just like a good wine. No matter what shape it turns into over time: intimate partners, friends, family, business, there is no jealousy or resistance.

Each year, your elders assess you. Until you became an elder (which is not determined by age—instead by wisdom), then you won’t need their feedback. Until then, they tell you: “Yes, you have had a great year, good job. You responded well to your assignments, with full commitment to all the destiny lines that were put in your wake.” Or if that is not true, they would provide the wisdom to change.

Follow through and consistency are the hallmarks of a life well lived. To stay the course is what Earth begs of humans.

The coolest thing is that the elders would teach that boredom—once at the level of mastery—does not exist. Nor does comparison. As you reach the highest realms of humanity, developed by your mentors, you can then smile, rest, and ultimately relax…enjoying a life that had produced meaning and fulfillment.

For those who were still struggling with the commitment to serve at the refined level they were seeking and couldn’t find yet, they would just keep moving on the karmic wheel, turning the corner toward higher and higher frequencies, guided by their elders.

This story occurs in my perfect life, where I live alone, inside my imagination. I have yet to find the address to this land of Utopia.

Do not let anyone tell you that Virgo does not have an imagination. Inside every sign is its opposite, waiting in the wings. Virgo meets and dances with Pisces. That was what inspired this newsletter: my imagination (Pisces) plus my ideas of perfection (Virgo).

During this new moon, stop time and go inside: What would perfect (double Virgo) mean to you?



  •' Daylan says:

    I love this Debra. Made my heart smile. Thank you.

  •' Lynne Kilcoyne says:

    Thank you Debra!
    Beautifully written from the heart, as always : )!

  •' Carole Duncan says:

    WOW! Profound!

  •' Danielle says:

    I have the very same understanding of a perfect world and I believe in its existence. While time will prevent me from touching it in the moment, I feel it living and breathing inside me. All at once we are complete and whole.

  •' Tonya Benton says:

    Dearest Debra,

    Your poetic style of sharing your inner wisdom is the “perfect” salve in these difficult Capricorn transits.Natal: June 1965 Pluto/ Uranus conjunction in Virgo 7th house opposite Saturn in Pisces. Moon, Jupiter, North Node in Gemini 4th house. Transiting Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter headed for my Ascendant! My learning curve for inner knowing is incredibly steep!
    Perfect world: I might add that the wisdom teachings you invite us to pursue would. include the habit of turning on our “curious observer.” I would also love to see earlier education in Ancient beliefs and spiritual practices to accompany human history of organized religion.

  •' Sharon Lucas says:

    That is the best description of what our present shift could look like. Not the worn out socialism offered by the politicians Thank you for that glimpse into what The future could hold!
    Thank you

  •' Cai says:

    In this perfect world, I hope you are on my elder wisdom advisory board, Debra!

  • What a beautiful world! Let’s dream, imagine and create it into existence!!

  •' Jaime Eifert says:

    That was absolutely beautiful. Oh how I yearn for a group of wise elders to support Me on my path. Debra, I believe you are one of them!

  •' Elizabeth Wolnak says:

    Wow Debra, This message literally made me cry (5 planets in water).. Scorpio, Sun, Pisces Moon. I am going to meditate on this beautiful story of your perfect world because I too feel deeply all that you poetically expressed. Thank you, namaste! ??✨

  •' Andrea Stafford says:

    I want to live in that world too! Beautiful.

  •' Holli says:

    Your description of your perfect world has brought me to tears! It’s as if you were able to read my soul’s longing desires! Maybe you can, my Chiron is Pisces 19 and asteroids Alma and Truth are Pisces 22!

  •' Diane Nelson says:


    •' Alicia says:

      I crave this perfect world! Fully supported and connected from birth thru to a completely conscious evolution of the soul’s ultimate experience for this incarnation. Not a drop of time lost. Honest. Mature. A fully engaged society. Very Atlantean…hmmmm… lets make it so ~~》》》☆☆♡♡

  •' Erica says:

    I loved this article ❤. You really took the edge of this Virgo energy.

  •' Jacki C. Shaw says:

    When you find the address… please share it with me!???

  • Wow, I loved reading this!! I enjoyed the aliveness of life I could feel which each beautiful thought. I’m in!! I support you and join you in this!!
    Blessings, Christine

  •' Paula says:

    Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  •' Michelle says:

    Wow. What incredible insight and wisdom. Thank you for all you are doing to help heal others and this planet. You have become one of my elders.

  •' Cyl Askins says:

    Love what you have written. You inspired me to pull out my old & rusty attempts at poetry.

    Utopia, Utopia
    Where art thou Utopia?

    Show me the path
    Drop me the seeds
    Guide me with faith
    So as to succeed

    My mind lifts knowing
    My body moves out
    My spirit rises floating
    My soul rests devout

    Ah, to find my Utopia
    Utopia my quest
    Where oh where will we meet
    Won’t rest til’ I’m blessed

  •' Marianne says:

    Oh my. I am a double Virgo, and this is my perfect life to. I loved it. Thank you.

  •' Marianne says:

    I share your vision. Well done! Thank you!

  •' Sheila says:

    I love this re-imagining the future. It sees as I too think it should be.

  •' Denise says:

    I love this world and will hold this vision also. Thanks

  •' Joyce says:

    I so love this world of Utopia ❤???, please tell me when the next flight✈? out is. As I WOULD be on it in a flash….Thank you For sharing Debra


  •' Kathleen says:

    This is a beautiful description of a perfect world, one I would be happy to inhabit. My question is, how to accommodate people at their different degrees of wisdom. Even as adults, some are functioning at a more basic level, others at a more refined level. If the people running the show are truly wise, that would be wonderful. But more often than not, those running the show are unwise. How to regulate that? Tx!

  •' Deborah says:

    Thank you for this delicious vision. My heart is aching a little bit feeling into it. I recently learned I am a double Virgo, as I’m pretty new to astrology. And here we are with a double Virgo New Moon. I wonder what that means for me and the way I match it. I guess I’ll find out. 🙂

  •' Bethann G. says:

    Dear Exquisite and full of Sageness Debra Silverman,

    Your Utopian world is one I couldn’t have described better. It is one we should all strive for and put all of our efforts into sustaining. A way of being that I instill or hope to in my children ” The art of being a good, loving, and receptive human.” Thank you for sharing your insight and gifts. In the last few years after the decision to stop denying my authentic self and walk away from that which was not serving me anymore ( a 22 year marriage), a lesson to call complete. I dove deep into the rabbit hole of Astrology, Numerology, and all that speaks to me spiritually. This openness to connection with the Divine has been enlightening and empowering. I am truly thankful for your willingness to share your Wisdom and your Gifts. You are an amazing teacher and human,
    Thank you…

    Sincerely, Bethann

  •' Becky says:

    Beautiful ! A world in which I too would love to reside.

  •' Amanda says:

    Wow I absolutely love this! This world seems so perfect to me! Our world will someday be like this…. many many generations ,hopefully with our help ♥️

    Touching One person at a time, we all make a change for the better, all we have to do is chose to do so !

    Blessings to everyone ?♥️?

  •' Erin Moore says:

    Wow wee with 3 Aries planets in the 12th House, I usually say there are no words….but you definately shifted that! LOL With my 4 planets in Virgo 5th House, my first feeling was imagining our next President reading this as he shares the love and hope of your message. When I finished reading, my next thot was that Paris Hilton would add this addendum to her new Documentary as it compliments her 3rd House Mars in Pisces!

  •' Celeste says:

    This warmed my heart. Imagine. ❤️❤️

  •' Patty says:

    I’d like to think this isn’t utopia but instead a normal, civilized, healthy functioning society, the type I hope we will someday come together to create.

  •' Susan Bransfield says:

    Thank you for writing this! Many changes begin in the imagination, right? It just reminded me of the song,
    “Imagine” by John Lennon.
    What stuck with me was,
    “Follow through and consistency are the hallmarks of a life well lived. To stay the course is what Earth begs of humans.
    The coolest thing is that the elders would teach that boredom-once at the level of mastery-does not exist. Nor does comparison.”
    Fascinating Debra, just what I needed to read!

  •' Claire N. says:

    awwww ~~ You made me cry. That’s Beautiful!. Thanks for sharing.

  •' Erica Anderson says:

    I am a Libra with both Virgo and Pisces in my chart, so naturally I can understand the perfect balance of your perfect world!
    What a beautiful description you have fed into my imagination. Our Earth is crying out for the necessary changes. It is hopeful that so many of us are in accord with your wise vision. Thank you. :))

  •' AnnMarie DeGrace says:

    Beautifully written. Personally, I need to do a lot more work before I can find that address ?

  •' Natasha Gastaudo says:

    I read and reread this so many times, with tears in my eyes. It’s so beautiful and how I wish this world existed, here and now. Thank you for the gorgeous vision you’ve shared.

  •' Lauren says:

    I look forward to your newsletter every moon day! Everytime it’s exactly the reassurance I needed to attune to the current energy. You are brilliant and you always make me smile!

  • Dear Debra,
    Beautifully written, I so long for this reality! Thank you for speaking right into my heart, tears running down my face, Love from me, Lina

  •' Hilde says:

    I completely agree with you. but keep on dreaming, cause that’s all it is ever going to be, a dream.

  •' Linda says:

    “Everyone would grow up knowing that relationships have a shelf life—that is established right from the start of the relationship. Of course, if when the time comes that the contract was to end” A friend of mine were discussing this very thing about dating. When you go on a date it is a contract. Know that at the end of the date the contract has ended unless you are called to renew it.

  •' Kristie says:

    ? I’m the birthday girl❣️
    (Hair flip)

  •' Tina says:

    I’m amazed at how close your imagined utopia is to mine. Being one with nature, learning according to each individuals needs, using technology in a natural setting, true equality because ego has no need for comparison. To explore our amazing abilities we possess. No need for money. To be a community, to come together as one. After all we are all brothers and sisters ?

  •' Paulin e says:

    The inner knowing to be ………. clarity, trust , and action to achieve the steps

  •' Vikki says:

    WOW!!! I too want to live within that world♡ Thank you for sharing

  • APRIL_ARRINGTON@YAHOO.COM' April Michelle says:

    Wow…as a Pisces, Virgo rising, this hit home! I love it! A perfect description of our perfect world, yes indeed! Namaste friend

  •' Cristina says:

    Incredibly thought provoking and moving. Thank you Debra!

  •' Leigh says:

    You nailed it Debra! i’ve been listening to your daily horoscopes on Astrology Answers for 2-3 years & just today decided to check out your website. As a Virgo, this link caught my eye. Please Please can we all create this world together? It seems so simple & common sense approach – why do we weird humans always make life more difficult than it is? I LOVE you Debra – you are a light, you are smart & funny too…we need to clone you and you can replace Trudeau here in ?? & Trump in the ?? ??

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