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This week brings a full moon, with the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces. Having just finished a Level 3 where this Virgo/Pisces energy was in full swing, I have stories to share…

After completing Applied Astrology Levels 1 and 2, many of the students who are captured by the Astrological addiction (better known as a fascination with all things to do with stars and psychology) want to go deeper.

Level 3s happen at least once a month, and this time, ten women flew to Zurich to work with me. Because I always pay attention to the energy of the heavens when starting a Level 3, it did not go past me that we were in a Virgo cycle.

It was no surprise that as always, when allowed to expose our true selves in a circle that is safe and warm… there is often a vulnerable, naked revelation of our inner worlds shared. Once we were close enough, and the group was settled, I asked:

‘What is it that haunts you? What do you repeatedly struggle with that follows you around?’

One woman addressed her addictive nature to alcohol and drugs, and how that can distract her from her soul and take her down streets that have no goals and no purpose — it’s just a crazy avenue that has short-term fun for its own sake. She had her addiction under control, but she did call herself out.

One said she had an ambitious soul that never let her rest, and it was hard on her.

A couple women talked about the loneliness they felt as a constant.

The Gemini was concerned she was getting lost in social media, having not gone to bed the night before until 2am, because she was captured by a rabbit hole: a classic way to lose time and awareness of our soul.

These were simple issues addressed, yet while they all seemed to be a secret for each woman, the real secret was that almost all of us had some type of familiarity with many of them.

Virgo hears these stories and wants to criticize you, to throw you down into your secret trap door that too often has you feeling bad, less than, cheap, slippery or deceptive.

I am talking about the part of you who doesn’t do what you know would serve you: like meditate, do yoga, change your diet, or exercise, because the healthy actions don’t come easy.

Virgo longs for perfection and will criticize you for anything less than perfect. If you’re not careful, the full moon in Pisces can rationalize or justify any excuse at all to avoid, forget, skip your inner promise to do the ‘hard’ thing, the right thing, and instead just go for escapism.

I am always struck by how many of us suffer for having human nature impulses ruling your psyche. It amazes me how much the energy of Virgo can judge the shit out of your Pisces energy who just wants to sleep, take a nap, not clean up the mess and float.

We ALL have two sides to us. The part that is soulful and willing to do what will serve your higher self, and the lazy, fun part that says: ‘oh, who cares.’

Some of us find the discipline to call ourselves out: ‘hey you, go to bed. No more social media for you. We are getting up early to go to yoga. Stop eating that shit — it’s time for a cleanse.’

This full moon is a chance to call yourself out. What is the truth of your relationship with the critic who hurts you because you are not doing what you ‘should’ (Virgo)? And what’s your relationship with Pisces who longs for spiritual maturity?

Would you be willing — as the ladies did in Level 3 — to just name the qualities you wish you could stop — before you reach the point of no return?

During this full moon in Virgo/Pisces, let the critic appear and then ask for compassionate Pisces to show up and let you off the hook with a spiritual angle that will soothe the judgements.

In the wings of your psyche are your angels, who are willing to show you how whatever you are carrying that hurts or leaves you feeling like you are not ‘good’ enough, is just a story that needs revisiting.

If you are willing, please share in the comments below what haunts you — with a request to your angels to help you heal. Tell us your critical voice and then see if you can find the healing from the voice of compassion.

It sure happened in Level 3… wow, what a great weekend of healing that just occurred.

A really good Astrologer can identify the sticky part of your character, name it and show you how to heal it. If you want some help, ask one of our Astrologers to reframe what you think is awful — to what is possible for you to find true love with your soul.





  •' Becky says:

    I love this Debra! I have a pisces sun & t square that releases in Virgo. I always find this time of the year to be poignant for me (like your post!). What haunts me is the idea of not living up to my potential. I have a tendency to coast. I often jokingly say “I’m just a reed in the wind. ” while the critic needs to have order in my life, my grand trine in water (i.e. compassion!) always lets me off the hook. I look forward to attending a level 3 in person someday. It’s just my Gemini rising flitting off to do something else first. ?❤️? love & blessings!!!

    •' Win4life7 says:

      Procrastinating and making excuses for myself.
      Looking for my soulmate but I do nothing to find someone in my life. No more excuses, but I will have a kinder heart with a more focused mind to heal my heart and find the love of my life, Thank you Archangel Rafael and Jermeiel for helping me to forgive the past, the present, and to enjoy my live one day at a time.

  •' Tricia says:

    Money and self worth haunt me. I release my old stories and start new.

  •' Linda Lehman says:

    Procrastination, crazy logic on not now. I analyze toooo much, wasting my time, having to rush in the end, or missing out. Drives me crazy. I shout at myself, “Stop thinking and just do it!”. (Scorpio sun and rising with Leo moon)

  •' Hope says:

    Thank you for this!. What immediately came up for me was I sacrificed my whole life to save (perfect) my parents but of course it was never ‘enough’. North node in Pisces in the 4th house. I need to accept the perfection of their path exactly as it is, and bring Pisces compassion not Virgo Judgement and criticism.

  •' Lorissa says:

    My critical voice says I won’t be pretty enough or worthy enough. That my flaws outweigh my assets. And that life is going to take a lot of work to get healed.

  •' Ruth says:

    Ohhhh my inner critic (ego) and Virgo moon can take me out with criticisms, comparing myself to others and never measuring up! It is an endless cycle where there is no winning, yet I have accomplished and contributed so much in a 30 year nursing career, now studying to become a certified astrologer, with so much yet to live for. Perhaps this is because of the huge transition of retiring from health care to a new life but it has beeen a struggle I am navigating through!

  •' Hannah Hausman says:

    I ask for help and healing intervention with my shitty eating cravings late at night, wanting to feed my hungry soul, but with fulfilling foods abd actual nourishment and not empty fillers. I’d like help seeing more clearly on the resistance in my heart, to become aware when I’m closing off. Thank you

  •' Colleen O'Connor says:

    Love this share and your ability to weave the high road/low road choices we call have to accept and loved ourselves unconditionally.

  •' Rachel says:

    Mine is using food and exercise as a coping mechanism or way to avoid addressing what I’m really feeling. I’m a super Libra with 5 planets in Libra so I’m an air head quite literally! always in my head and make it hard for myself to just make a decision and go for it. My Rising sign is in Leo and the fire in me is the real deal. I’ve always wanted to be a professional athlete, and I have a burning desire to share my voice yet seem to always play small. This is an opportunity to call BS in many areas and just go for it already.

  •' Sylvie says:

    Self sabotage when it comes to eating properly
    I have had digestion issues brought on by stress for nearly 30 years. After a week or so of eating properly and in a way that soothes my body that little voice in my head says just one piece of this just one bowl of that.. you’ll be fine . Then I’m another three weeks of inflammation and pain ?‍♀️

  •' Barb Judd says:

    I feel completely stuck in a rut. I know what I should do, but don’t do it. I comfort myself with food, couch and cats. I tell myself tomorrow – but then find a new excuse. Loving myself comes with guilt, and I know I should forgive myself for being “human.” I surrender to this full moon.

  •' Kristin says:

    Very timely…..

    I am a Virgo Sun with a Pisces Rising/AC….So, I feel this energy every single day and a lot extra right now. Critical Virgo always in my ear telling me that I’m not doing enough or that I “SHOULD” be doing this or that….went for a walk today after a soul nudge and gentle Pisces came through to encourage, inspire and support me….

  •' Bonnie says:

    Thank you so much for this sharing! I am haunted by never being good enough, I see my potential soul self and somehow feel that I am the only person on this planet that will never reach this…I fail always…that I do not deserve God’s love. It hurts just to write this! Thank you for the encouragement…I long for wealth and can’t seem to receive. Why?

  •' Isabelle says:

    I talk the walk yet dent myself of true belief in source to its fullest magnitude. I believe until it becomes sticky- how can I trust what I cannot touch? Everyday is a constant reminder to trust it will all workout, and to be the one to excuse myself from low-vibing situations. Thank you Mom?

  •' Ilyse says:

    My Scorpio Sun is conjunct Saturn, square Moon in Leo. My Mars is in Virgo in the 12th house. I am feeling tortured during this time after discovering that I have always been subconsciously ruled by the idea that everyone else is better than me, that I can’t do anything right, and that I can never have what everyone else has. I have to overcome the fear, and procrastination that is a result of this, and to stop buying things to try to make myself feel better. I really want to change and move on. I was recently diagnosed with DCIS for the second time, almost seven years after my first diagnosis. This Saturn return is pushing me to make the best decisions for my healing and to not act out of fear. I guess I need to be thankful and embrace this opportunity to learn my lesson and move on.

  •' Marcia says:

    Oh my, this hits deeply. I’m getting ready for Level 3 after all kinds of detours and now doubting that I can be ‘ready’. But that’s just my low road Virgo moon fueling my doubt, right? Taurus Sun/Virgo moon here; stellium in Taurus 12th house. So… secrets… My Critic Voice has a tendency to point out my imperfections and to doubt and second-guess myself. I worry about love. But my angels are showing me that the most important love relationship is with myself!

  •' Jessy says:

    Overeating is a pattern that has been with me for over 25 years. And with a North Node in Virgo and a South Node in Pisces you basically described my inner dialogue that is non-stop present. I would love to experience a sense of peace in my body and in my mind.

  •' Leanne says:

    Ah ha! I’ve had a subtle nagging in my tummy these past couple of weeks with a feeling that I’ve done, or haven’t done, something which will cause negative evaluation. No basis to this and now I know it’s tricky Virgo getting under my skin. I release self doubt and procrastination. I let in self love and abundance. Blessings xx

  •' Nora R says:

    what haunts me is that I have not done enough for our world. I feel i got a late start on owning my life so i have not accomplished all that i want in the physical. I feel i should have several companies and be employing many many people. It haunts me that i have not done that. I am haunted by not being on top of my world on a bigger scale, and that i could be doing much more for our world on a grander scale.

  •' Brenda says:

    I have spent so much time enabling my 40 year old son not realizing I was doing it. Now he has a wife and 2 small children and has developed a drug and alcohol addiction. I am in the process of releasing and allowing him to take responsibility for himself. But the overwhelm I feel towards his family’s financial and mental health has me constantly trying to figure out how to help. I ask my guides, angels and spirit to guide me in my path through this mess. Guide me to assist where I can without compromising myself but to the degree that causes the least harm to the children. I thank them for this guidance.

  •' Linda says:

    My fear of abandonment and nor being enough. My inner wounded 5 year old kicks in causing self destructive behavior.

  •' Denise says:

    For a long time it’s been dreaming with no substance or action. I am happy I have been showing some actions towards goals in the last couple weeks. Feeling like energy is shifting but the little voice of self sabotage is trying to still take over. I pray for strength to not give up and faith to accomplish what I dream of.

  •' Jeri says:

    I’m Cancer Sun, Leo Moon, Taurus rising. Normally, I have no problem with self esteem but lately I’ve suffered from anxiety. I go from spurts of great creativity (writer), to bouts of extreme procrastination.. The critic calls me lazy but with the help of my angels, I will be gentler on myself and know productivity will come.

  • Capricorn w/Cap rising. I am always DOING. I have learned the hard way to slow down.
    Imposter syndrome is the ghost that haunts me. I am a writer, and although I am not yet widely published, I am successful.
    I specialize in memoir. My clients love me and refer me to their friends; I have several book projects lined up, waiting for me to finish the current project so I can move on to the next.
    I am paid well for what I do. And I absolutely love what I do. But…I don’t have degrees, I’m not famous, and it took me a long time to call myself a writer. Technically, since I am published, I’m an author, but I feel like that’s a lie. Like someone is going to come along and expose the truth – even though the truth is that I’m a working writer and a published author. I have finally gotten to the point where I accept that I’ve been given a talent and that it is my life purpose to help others tell their stories. I understand that my talent is innate and intuitive, and that it doesn’t require a degree to make it legitimate. My logical brain comprehends all these things as fact. My emotional side does not. So, I would ask my guides to continue presenting opportunities and opening doors of understanding so I can reconcile my emotions with the reality of my situation. And so, it shall be.

    I’m signed up for a Level 3 student reading later this month, and I can’t wait!!!

  •' Lisa says:

    I fear that I will be judged and not accepted by others if I step out and put myself out there and shine my light which I feel I am being called to do with a Taurus north node and share my unique spiritual gifts with others because while I was in school I feel like my classmates didn’t accept me or want me to be around and prefer I just go away and stay away from them…I am now seeing that it had to do with their own fears and insecurities that I basically shined a light on that they didn’t want to face and deal with.I like to instead with a scorpio south node hide in the back ground and stay hidden out of the spot light.

  •' Darlene Marshall says:

    I am calling myself out on my lack of conviction for my intentions. Pisces is where my Chiron wound is. I use to think it was about trust but I think it’s more about that I haven’t put a practise or routine into place for a spiritual practice in my life. Floating threw life is much easier then doing the work. I could see through the church’s lies pretty early in my life and knew there had to be more to this existence. My inner critic was my God. Shitty things happened in my life and I took the victim mentality. I know I can rely on myself to correct course because I’ve learnt that my God loves me and only wants the best for me.

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