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What do you get when you combine an ancient practice with modern media? Yoga Girl. Rachel Brathen is the New York Times best-selling author of Yoga Girl, a combination memoir and self-help book that chronicles her journey from her native Sweden to Costa Rica to her current home in Aruba.

This bohemian entrepreneur and yoga teacher has brought her message of “Yoga Every Damn Day,” to the world through her book, blog, Instagram account and podcasts. Her positive energy has made a profound impact on countless people, including me.

Take the Risk

Everything changed because of one interview. Rachel, aka Yoga Girl, invited me to come to Aruba to do an intensive with her. There were so many reasons for me to say “no.” I had no idea who Yoga Girl was, even though she has over two million followers on Instagram, and we made a financial agreement unlike any I’ve ever made before. Plus, I’m a creature of habit, so flying off to Aruba to meet someone I didn’t know in a place I’d never been was way outside my comfort zone.

Instead of holding myself back, I trusted my instinct and intuition and packed my bags for Aruba. My takeaway from this amazing experience is to take the risk. Yoga Girl showed me the importance of following the call of fire and leaping before you look. Staying in your comfort zone will mean you’ll be comfortable, but you may not grow.

For Yoga Girl, growing out of her comfort zone meant leaving her native Sweden and traveling to Costa Rica where she practiced yoga every single day. After that, Rachel moved to Central America where she spent years studying spirituality and yoga, eventually settling in Aruba and teaching yoga full-time.

In the past decade, Yoga Girl has opened a yoga studio in Aruba, has shared pieces of her life via social media and has founded, which is an online platform for yoga, meditation and healing. In addition, Yoga Girl runs two non-profit organizations, Sgt. Pepper’s Friends, an animal rescue foundation, and a global mission organization.

Learning the Lessons

In my 40 years of professional experience and private practice, I have taught so many lessons about the planets, the stars and finding your missing element. One of the most profound lessons I learned along the way, thanks to Yoga Girl, is to take a risk. At best, you’ll grow and evolve, and at worst, you’ll make a mistake or even fail. But so what? If you answer when fire calls your name or spontaneity invites you, take the risk!

When I answered, something amazing was created: This empowered podcast called Astrology: The Art of Aligning with Your Life’s Purpose. Listen to it. Read it. Repeat. Do. Act. Engage.

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