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Zodiac Signs as Contrasts - Debra Silverman Astrology

Opposites attract, but they should also learn from each other. Throughout the Zodiac, the sign next to you is your teacher or your contrast. In astrology, it is always one extreme to the other as we move throughout the year.

We’re coming out of Aries, the sign ruled by impulsivity, and into Taurus, which is so steady and reliable. Instead of battling with your astrological counterpart, think about signs as contrasts of each other that are valuable teachers to help you become your best self.

Finding Astrological Balance

Thinking about signs as contrasts can inform your friendships, your relationship with your family and your romantic partnerships. Instead of wondering why your partner is so bullheaded, consider what that person can teach you about being steadfast in your beliefs and pursuits.

Right now, we’re moving from the risk-taking Aries to the reliable Taurus. Where Aries are impulsive people who hate routine and predictability, Taurus the Bull loves stability, practicality and consistency. The Taurus treasures a night at home in their old slippers, eating their favorite meal while Aries hates being bored. You can learn more about how Aries and Taurus contrast and complement each other.

Aries are ruled by the Fire element and, in addition to being enthusiastic and dramatic, are natural performers. Think about famous Aries Elton John and Lady Gaga. Looking at signs as contrasts, now think about Taurus, an Earth sign known for discipline, organization, dependability and perfectionism. The singers Adele and Bono are both Taureans.

Considering the fierce, impulsive, energetic nature of the Aries, it’s not surprising that we had the March for Our Lives movement during Aries. This fiery sign started the ball rolling, and now Taurus is left wondering, what are we going to do now? Looking at these signs as contrasts, Aries got the momentum going and fired people up while Taurus will get down to brass tacks and figure out how to address gun control from a practical standpoint. Aries made everyone aware there’s a problem, and its now Taurus’ job to solve it.

It’s Written in the Stars

To see signs as contrasts in action, you can look at the British royal family. The marriage of Queen Elizabeth II, a Taurus, and Prince Phillip, a Gemini, has lasted 70 years and has survived decades of controversy and global instability. The Queen’s grounded, practical nature perfectly balances Prince Phillip’s often outspoken, extroverted personality. Another royal couple that exemplifies signs as contrasts is Prince Harry and his fiancé, American Meghan Markle. He’s a Virgo, an Earth sign similar to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, and she’s a Leo, a Fire sign similar to the Aries. These two signs can balance each other and bring out the best in their partners.

As we moved from Aries and are now in Taurus, think about your own astrological makeup and people in your life who are your contrasts…especially those in the sign before and after yours. What can you learn from how your surrounding signs live and behave? How can the characteristics of your counterpoint help you grow, transform and live your best life? To learn more about signs as contrasts, contact Debra Silverman today.

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