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Sun in Pisces, New Moon in Pisces – what is the bigger picture?

In honor of this double Pisces sky, I am going to ask you to use your imagination. Read this as though it was true. One of the highest gifts of Pisces – is that they don’t live in this world – they are busy beckoning a new world. I will throw some Astrological predictions at the end in honor of Pisces energy. They are both futuristic and nostalgic. Let’s start with a memory.

I remember a world where we all got along. The elders knew exactly how to hold our tender hearts. Upon each radical change in our world, there was solid leadership. Every time the winds blew hard, like they did for example during Covid – there would be directions from on high to settle us down. Wisdom was steeped into our consciousness at birth; like the blood that runs through our veins.

When the giant weather patterns were reported, the kind that would affect society in every way – we would know 1) that it was arriving and 2) who to turn to for support.

Because we were great students and we had great teachers, we were informed. That’s what could happen when you stay in school for your whole life. University did not have four walls, or require applications, it was free, it was a necessity, it never ended. Everyone enrolled at 21. We were taught to live with the constant question: what am I supposed to be learning now?

Your course load had specific assignments, determined for your soul. The color coded file with your name on it revealed the lessons you came to learn and the classes you were going to take. Almost all of us were enrolled: it was irresistible. Who doesn’t want to grow and learn? Those younger, immature souls did not live on the same planet with us so we all went. We were mature beings from the start.

Age 21 wasn’t the time to legally drink like it is now, quite the opposite. It was the time that wisdom arrived. Your assignments were in black and white. No specific names were mentioned – the mystery remained who your kids would be, or your partner – but you would recognize them upon arrival.

We were trained to read the signs, to speak the language of the dream time, to hear the voices from the other side. The karma of your lifetime was conscious and laid out for you.

That’s because we all spoke Astrology. We were trained in the mystic schools from a young age. The charts of children were honored at birth.

Those born with strong Aquarius and Pisces were asked to stand apart from the group, to keep us informed of the changes about to occur – because these people have a hard time following. They came in to bring the future, so they were often ahead of their time. This way the wild winds could never really take us out. They prepared us.

They were seers alright, beings who had practiced – for lifetimes – the magic of crystals, sound healing, all kinds of music, yoga, including wisdom about the movement of the stars and the power of meditation. This was our ABC ‘s – every kid in school learned these tools.

We knew how to work with the energetics of the planets in combo with the human dimension; just as a chef works with spices and ingredients. In perfect order, as he uses his alchemical gift to create foods to heal, to soothe, to give – so did the elders.

Some worked with color, with masterful timing as athletes, dancers, musicians and creativity builders. Everyone had their artform. Kismet was understood. Synchronicity was expected. Of course, the seers and the healers knew the seasons, so they knew when there was a large change about to happen just like now.

Let’s use Astrology to look at our present-day reality and predict.

Pluto enters Aquarius for the first time in over 240 years this March. We are being invited to revolutionize our relationship with those who are in need. No more denial. The hungry, refugees, homeless, poor, the disenfranchised. This topic is now showing up in our zeitgeist so strongly we cannot push it away. How dare we live in a world that is so off balance?

The question will be: How can we help? We will see a shift in our practices of socialism because so many of us will be in the same boat – the climate crisis levels the field. We all need water. And no amount of money will fix that if we don’t think globally.

Click here to read ‘The brink of disaster’: 2023 is a critical year for the Colorado River as reservoirs sink toward ‘dead pool’.

We will have to learn over the next 10 years how to be willing to help each other. The temperatures are not about to cool down. We are in a real heating season. We will have to know how to get along during a world wide crisis.

When Saturn enters Pisces on March 7th for the first time in 30 years, and stays there until February of 2026, we may be feeling scared. Even reading this you might feel scared. Sadness, depression, suicide can increase as we move through these changes, as well as the use of drugs, plant medicine and countless new healing modalities. We must learn how to be the elders (however old you are) – to provide faith for the ones who are suffering. Too much negativity could take us out.

One piece of good news: Jupiter is dancing with Aries for the first time in 12 years, which began at the Winter Solstice and will last till mid-May. We need to be prepared for loud evidence that we are in a crisis. Nothing will be vague with Aries around. Plus Aries provides powerful positive energy.

During this New Moon in Pisces, I want you to know: there are benevolent forces and energies who are watching us. This is not the first time change has come to move reality into its next rendition.

We are safe regardless of the changes. Why? Because the Earth will survive – that’s for sure.

During this dark sky, while it could feel scary – future pace to a time when our world will resemble what I started with: endless students willing to learn the lessons of life.

As we move into change remember this prayer:

Help me to hold my faith in God/dess
Give me evidence that magic is real
Remind me of the miracle of life each day as the sun comes up, instilling in my heart delight

With those three things: faith, a belief in magic and a delighted heart, we will make it through this transition.


P.S. If you need help with how to get yourself positioned as an elder, no matter how old/ young you are, all you have to do is ask. I’m available for readings and can also offer up the services of one of my incredible Certified Astrologers. Just click here to book!
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  • kddecho@gmail.com' Kathy DeCillis Decho says:

    Debra, that is a Really beautiful post. It really moved me. Thank you so much for the work you do.

  • patricia.hebert@live.com' Patricia Hebert says:

    Exceptional! Pearl-y words strung together, creating unusual beauty.

  • Love this, Debra. So beautiful, poetic and provocative! Thank you for the remembering!!

  • nina@noremac.ca' Nina Cameron ( Nina Sirle') says:

    Thank you Debra. Your words always have a timing about them for me and as I write my book… this was just what I needed to hear. Inner critic may finally be in the back seat. I think one of the hardest things for me to have finally done … ( hahahahaha four planets in Virgo… Sun, Uranus, Mercury and Pluto, in the 6th house with a Gemini moon in Gemini and Pisces rising at 29 degrees Thank you <3 <3 <3 ) Hahahahaha yup Uranus is stuck to my butt ( LOL and just to top it off Sag MC and north node in Gemini … hahahaha…. I finally get it…. all the signs yet it was still hard for me to believe I could write, let alone something important ). Thank you ,Thank you ,Thank you …. hahahaha from one Toy Store to another … giggle … so much love to you !!!! I thank the universe everyday for putting you into my life. <3

  • reganmaryrose@gmail.com' MaryRose Regan says:

    Thank you Deborah, you are an inspiration that I could not live without ❤️

  • kedy33@gmail.com' Trois says:

    With my sun in Pisces and Aquarius rising, I felt all of this so deeply. The time now 💖

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